Quick Impressions: Guilty Crown

I haz teh big sword. I are teh cut you!

So, it’s finally here. This is the most hyped show of the season, how will it fare? Will it live up to the strict expectations of otaku worldwide? Will it become the next Code Gease? Will it be able to move those figurines and DVD’s and subsequently be the savior of the anime industry? Or, will it flop, fall flat, and disappoint like a Chinese kid with an A-?

So, how did it go, did it meet the hype?
Meh, I will answer that later, for now, I am just going to go and shpeel about stuff.

First, let’s talk about originality.

Yay, more female tools, just what the industry needs!

Don’t get confused, Guilty Crown isn’t original, or at least not that original. It has clearly taken a few cues from a bunch of places. Code Gease being an obvious one, though, the main character’s charisma and battle bravado don’t even hold a candle to Lelouch’es. Surprisingly enough, I felt that it had a bit of a Stars Wars feel to it to. You know, with the whole “this robot will show you the way” kind of thing. The whole key on hand stabbing into chest thing reminds me of Dantalian, though the two anime probably couldn’t be less alike otherwise.

I guess they decided to release Dantalian season 2 a bit earlier than expected.

In general, the idea of a guy getting some power with the assistance of a special girl isn’t really that new or revolutionary. BUT, a lack of originality isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As long as the presentation is good and the characters work, that’s all that matters.

So, is the presentation good here?

Hell, yeah. I mean, things like scene transitions felt just right, the main character, though a wimp, didn’t feel too generic (mainly because his social awkwardness seems to be some sort of social disorder and not necessarily the social awkwardness of most main characters), and the girl, well, we didn’t get to know her much, but she pulled of the “I am not human, I do not belong here” archetype quite well. AND SHE IS HOT.

like seriously...

Cool leader is cool.

We didn’t get much of a feel for the other characters, but the leader seems like a badass, and for now that is enough, the bad guys do look like they are totally evil(which could either be really boring or refreshing), except for the commander, he seems like a good guy. I guess, eventually, this is going to turn into a “who is really good and who is bad” kind of anime, but for now, it’s fine.

Going back to originality for a second, I would like to point out that, although Guilty Crown borrowed some ideas from famous archetypes, it combined them in a relatively original manner, and for that to, it should be credited.

I also found it interesting that the main character didn’t enter super confidence mode after gaining his power. I think, I have become to accustomed to Shonen’s and their all encompassing powerups, so it is easy for me to forget that sometimes the characters don’t really know much about their power, and that they might even fear it to some degree. How fascinating.

I haven't seen this type of power-gain scene for some time.

SO, was it worth the hype?
Let’s see, I already talked about the characters a bit, so no need to talk about them again. Let’s see, what else did I like? Oh, yeah, the animation.

Now, I know very little about animation, to me, shiny = good animation, and this show was very shiny, so basically, yeah, the animation was brilliant. The action scenes were action-tastic, the characters never seemed deformed, the backgrounds were alright, kind of bland to be honest, but I think the rest of the animation was pretty good. I also really liked the fire effects, like the blowing fire particles and stuff.

I don't know recall what real fire sparks look like, but this looks mighty nice to me.

Also if you take a closer look at the above picture, you will notice the blurriness of the dude, and the faint highlight the light gives him. When it came to lighting and effects, they really went all the way.

The same could be said for the battle scenes.

Badass-Mode engage

So, the animation made it worth the hype, right, RIGHT?

Let’s see, what else did I like, oh yeah the opening. Say, what you will about the rest of the episode, but the opening was great, the gorgeous melody accompanied by the sound of battle. Definitely one of the better anime introductions in recent memory.

I really liked how the first thing you see is a prison spotlight like thing. It really gives a desolate impression of control and despair.

So, So, the hyp-

It was the sound that really did it, the soundtrack was really good, that song made the opening.

I really liked the overlay of a musical video,a chase scene and a stare out at space bit, not to mention the great song in the background. Very well done!

And, the rest of the episode also had a fantastic soundtrack except for the ending song, I didn’t like that song too much, but it wasn’t bad. Overall though, the glorious sound, and the bright visuals came together to form a very, nice stylish package.

The ending song was O.K.

Lastly, I would like to mention that the gain of power was also really well executed. The flashbacks, even if they are stereotypical (it looks like a childhood friend from a forgotten past kind of thing), were exceptionally well executed. They weren’t there just for the prestige factor, it gave a very nice, mysterious, “HOLY SHIT BALLS, THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET SERIOUS” kind of feeling.

I bet his mother is important, somehow, if only because she gave birth to him.

I can’t tell if this is going to be a brilliant anime or not, but it’s probably worth keeping an eye on, at least for a little bit.

Eh, go figure that out for self, and if you can’t do that, then go wait until someone super cool like Master Scamp writes a post on it. Sorry, I am not the best judge of anime, I tend to go easy on everything, so you wouldn’t want me to increase your hype only to have it crushed, now would you?

Yes, you must form a bond if you are to see this anime for what it truly is. Also, I can't tell if this picture is cheesy or not.


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