Weekly Shonen: Bleach 468-469, Naruto 559-560, One Piece 642-643

So.. yeah. Sorry, I didn’t post this last week. I was tired/lazy on Friday, then on Saturday, my dad make me and my siblings work on renovating stuff, and then subsequently, I was in a screw everything mood on Sunday.

Normally, when I make posts like this, I cover the previous chapters in decent detail, but not this week. I am not going to bother getting images for last week.

Bleach 468

Ikaku is still pretty damn cool. I wasn’t expecting Tsu-kun’s ability to work on objects as well, oh my, what a twist ~!

Hopefully, Byakuya is just playing around, and won’t suffer anything major, I really hope he doesn’t.

But god damnit, I love Byakuya

Bleach 469

NO, Byakuya don’t die!
See, this fight is kind of getting silly. I don’t quite understand Tsu-kun’s power anymore. I mean, I know he has the ability to insert himself into others pasts, but this, this is more like figuring out other peoples pasts by fighting them. I mean, yeah, he mentioned that thing about “you trained with me”, but byakuya did not really register it. And, I mean, if he slashed Byakuya, then he could have just made Byakuya like him, and as such not fight him at all. I guess, Tsu-kun just wanted to kill Byakuya and make Byakuya die with regret or something.

I didn’t care too much about Rukia’s fight, but I don’t like how Kubo is making Riruka into a total villain, I was hoping she would become a good guy. Though, I guess seeing a cabinet being launched from a gun was kind of interesting, though nothing to spend too much time fan-boying over.

See, I don’t like this type of Bleach THAT much, right now, I am more interested in the characters. I want to know if there any new captains. I want to know the squads Rukia and Ikakku are vice captains for. My guess is that two of the previous lieutenants became captains. That would probably be Hisagi and Kira. I doubt Hinagiku would be captain.

See, I love the Bleach cast, but we don’t really get to see much of them interacting with one another, only fights with evil enemies. I also think that Kubo should reveal more cool history like past captains and stuff. Heck, I’d be all up for a spin off series that chronicles the rise of Kisuke, or even a series centred around Isshin and his meeting of Ichigo’s mother.

I actually wouldn’t mind reading a manga where Ichigo is captain, hmm, make it happen, Kubo!

Riruka have you forgotten how to be nice? I am sure you could learn a thing or two from Inoue.

Naruto 559

Only two things need to be said:
-Who the hell is the Toby mask guy.
-I really hope Naruto and Hinata get together, or well at least that Naruto and Sakura DON’t get together.

Ok, so that was more than two.
I would also like to point out that I wasn’t exactly expecting Madara to be the corpse, partly because it seems like an obvious twist, and also because I am silly like that. Still, we shall see where this takes us.

Oh, and Sai has a pretty cool sealing technique, glad to see Kakashi Sensei is doing fine.

I know I said no pictures, but you know, it's mother f-ing Madara...

Naruto 560

The moment I saw this, I knew that shit was about to hit the fan, the Uchiha fan that is. Awww, Yeaaaaaa!

No freaking duh...

Ok, so the sharingan turns into a Rinnegan when it reaches the final stage of evolution? Bullcrap.

Sorry, I am put of by this. Why, the sharingan is over powered enough, as it is. But now, this? Jeez, I wonder if Kishi thought everything through or does this just sound good in his head.

I hope Sasuke doesn’t get to this stage. Also, we still don’t know why Nagato had the Rinnegan, though I guess this Madara seems to know. I guess Kabuto and Orochimaru knew more than we thought they did, or you know, Kubo decided on that because it was convenient.

edit:-Apparently, there were many signs and stuff that pointed to this conclusion, so I am probably over reacting in my hate, just so you know…

I'm a hit you with my rock...

One Piece 642

This is an example of great development. You don't see this often in Shonen.

This chapter was better than the previous one, simply because I do not like underwater fights (even in video games, I hate that sort of thing).
I really liked Sanji’s manipulation of the giant. The rest of the chapter was also pretty cool, especially Chopper’s admittance to his monster-hood. This might seem trivial but there is a lot of character development right there. For his entire life, Chopper tried to fit in, but now, he realizes that is no longer important what he is, as long as he has his nakama. This development is really, really cool.

And, well, I think the public consensus is that, this form of Chopper’s is no longer called Human Point but rather monster point.

How the hell could I not include something as badass this.

And, lastly, Zoro is Zoro, an eternal badass. Some people speculate that Zoro might have that sensory haki thing because he seems to imply that there is a stronger swordsman on the island, this would be cool if it’s true.

One Piece 643

She can double clutch me whenever she wants....

Action Shot!

Robin was pretty cool this chapter, the whole free the slaves and then destroying some guy whose name I can no longer recall. Robin’s double clutch was pretty cool, but what’s really cool, and what we were introduced to earlier, is the notion that Robin can make full copies of her full body.

Brook seems to have finally understood what his true powers are, I guess this sort of means, that he is a ghost inhabiting a body. His whole spcheel about soul was also really cool, because you know he plays soul music, get it, get it? LOL BROOK.

Usupp was manly.

Usopp reminisces about his past, he has gained much wisdom.

The announcements were meh, and I guess Hodi is just a pure, plain monster. This is kind of surprising for Oda, normally, he gives some depth to his villains, I wonder why he chose to go with a total monster this time. Maybe he was just giving Luffy the green light to literally kill Hodi, I do not know. Maybe he just wanted us, the readers to hate Hodi and feel no pity or sympathy for him, again, I do not know.

Okay, upon reading the One Piece wiki, I have come to think that, maybe it isn’t quite like Hodi is just a pure monster. He grew up in an environment where hatred of humans was bred, which when you think about it, is a lot like how racism in real life is propagated. Hmm, an exaggerated version of real racism? Ok, I will give Oda credit for that. Hodi also seems to think that heaven has chosen him and his crew to pass judgement, a bit silly if you ask me. I do wonder about the fish-men definition of heaven, particularly the location. Humans seem to think that heaven is somewhere in the sky, do fishmen think the same?


Regardless, I still want to be done with Hodi soon, and then deal with Caribou quickly, and then I want our crew to enter the New World, and do cool stuff there.

Oh, and, it’s funny how fast time flies, it’s been more than a year (in real life) since the Straw Hats landed on Sabaody Archipelago. Did I just make you feel old? Oops.



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  1. #1 by Mushyrulez on October 23, 2011 - 3:06 am

    Wow, shit, an entire year? Man, it’s already been so long since I started watching anime… it’s been…
    …uh, less than two years


    Yes, I’d love for Bleach to stop introducing enemy after enemy after enemy, though maybe the writer’s just caring for Jump ratings now, as going back to develop character will definitely make their ratings plummet. Ichigo’s also not dead yet, so he can’t be a Shinigami… (also, when he dies for real, I’ll bet the writer’s going to say ‘well, he’s dead… SO HE’S A SHINIGAMI NOW HUEHEUEHUEHUEHUEHUE HAHAHAHA MAN THAT’S FUNNY’)

    My translation said ‘Now I’ll fight the strongest swordsman on the island’, which implies that the swordsman is the octopus, and that Zoro thinks the swordsmen on the island are weak? Finally, I really don’t understand why Brook’s bones are so strong. Normal bones still crack, y’know…

    P.S. I also renovated stuff! Are you my sibling?

    • #2 by reiseng on October 23, 2011 - 3:41 pm

      Heh, so you haven’t been watching anime for long, well, I can’t say that I have been watching anime for too long, either, but longer than you. HAH!

      Yeah, I can just see Kubo killing of Ichigo, though I’d bet that Inoue or Chad might die first, and become some super funky Shinigami thing in the afterlife. I am not sure if the manga properly addressed this or not, but I am not 100% sure if souls keep their human memories or not. I know that kid at the beginning (with Chad) did, but the Bleach movie suggested differently.

      Brook drinks a lot of milk…or something…

      Huh, damn scanlators with their different translations, if only I knew Japanese.

      Oh and, I am not your sibling, but if I recall correctly, didn’t flomu declare me as your son? If so, you really shouldn’t make me work so hard on renovating stuff…

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