Guilty Crown episodes 2-3

Why am I writing this post? I do not know, I am sure the fact that my last post about Guilty Crown got me lots of views has nothing to do with it. Yup, yup, nothing at all! On that same note, lurkers are encouraged to comment, even if you say something mocking my intelligence, I will let it go (mocking my beauty on the other hand, well that is a totally different matter).

This pretty much sums the show quite well...also, this screen-cap was hard to capture!

Episode 2

This episode shall be known as the rise and fall(mostly fall) of the blond haired "Papa's Boy"

First things first, the revelation that he can pull out a different thing from different people. This is kind of important, because in a way, it differentiates the anime from Code Gease, but it also means that Inori isn’t as much of a tool as we initially thought. This is a good thing.

This is actually kind of important...

Uhh, nice toy, I guess?

You know, I did not enjoy the action scenes. Despite the anime thinking that it did a great job, it really didn’t. The action scenes were corny, not at all strategic, and the presentation was far worse than episode one. Oh well.

Evolution does not work like that!...

…although new research might suggest otherwise…

HE SAW HER BUM! and so did we, hehe...

All in all, episode 2 was not that special, and most of the anime-blogging community felt the same, though many people were going on about “how it will get better”.

Just a cute picture

Episode 3

So, did it get better?

A bit.

The first improvement was that the Gai plothole (how did he know about the daddy’s boy’s void) got resolved, though it wasn’t done in the most interesting of manners. I mean, “You can see voids, can’t you?”, “You are very sharp, aren’t you?”…there is nothing special about that conversation whatsoever. It’s quite, well, boring.

Now, let’s do some more originality checks!

This reminds me of FF7, and you know, also the whole gene thing, though I will admit, I haven't played FF7!

The same line was mentioned in another anime, just a few weeks back, shock!

Note: I am not implying plagiarism or anything, just gently poking fun or something.

Sassy Gay Leader moments

How Sassy!




So, our lead has good friends, eh?

Minor daww moment.

Oh, but what’s this!


followed by a lame apology!

Okay, you know what. BOO-FUCKING-HOO. The friends fighting and making up scene was stupid. I mean, who the hell says something like “Better than going with Funeral Parlor” just like that. WHO DOES THAT? AND THEN, what was up with the whole appearances are different than reality bullcrap?

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? I was willing to forgive it. I was willing to cast it all aside because quite simply, I wanted them to be friends. I FUCKING WANTED A GOOD PAIR OF MALE FRIENDS. Do you have any idea how rare a good bromance is in ANIME? DO you have any idea?


it was ruined for one hell of a stupid twist!

The twist was predictable, it was obvious who Sugar was, and the final twist might not have been too obvious, but that doesn’t make it any less stupid. It was stupid, really stupid.

In other news, it was also a semi-twist how Shu’s mother is working for the bad guys, but it doesn’t feel like an important one, especially given how evil everyone else is, so she won’t affect the evil-ambiguity thing that everyone is ranting about (basically how the villains are truly evil), which isn’t all that bad, totally evil villains might be better than villains with a non-nonsensical sad past.

Hot mama in lab coat is a hot mama ~!

In other news, the comedy also fell flat. It felt forced, I am all for serious anime having comic relief, but this not how it’s done. This felt more like they were trying for a horrid mixture of seriousness and school-life comedy. It just, didn’t work.

though I did find a fridge being the representation of someones heart to be quite funny...

Okay, enough ranting time for the good parts.

No, seriously, I liked the fanservice, Inori is hot.-2nd best scene in the episode.

The absolute best scene this episode.

The above scene was awesome. I don’t think the comedy here was intentional, but it doesn’t matter. The fact that Shu cares about his feelings had me laughing quite a bit. I like that part of his personality, the whole, “I am a sensitive little flower, be nice to me” archetype isn’t used very commonly for boys these days.

I could say more, but that’s all, have a good night!
Also, no promises on whether or not, I will blog it again next week.

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  1. #1 by draggle on October 28, 2011 - 8:54 am

    Haha, that first screenshot is perfect. You don’t even need to watch the show anymore.

    Painful all around. I guess the fanservice is decent, but I just see no redeeming features of Inori personality-wise. She has become utterly dependent on the useless male lead for no conceivable reason.

    • #2 by Reiseng on October 28, 2011 - 11:42 pm

      Yeah, I know what you mean, in that regard, it just seems to be another show designed to appeal to lonely anime watchers.
      Though, I suppose, it is possible the show can explain her dependence by pointing out that she is actually an alien/genetically modified being who cannot be separated from the one who pulls out her void, that might also explain why she seemed so reliant on Gai in the first episode (she was under the impression that he was going to pull out her void). I don’t know if that will happen though, I’d laugh if every episode Guilty Crown introduced some glaring plot/character development hole and then the next promptly cleared it up. Then, it would become the Master Troll of anime.

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