Weekly Shonen: Bleach 470, Naruto 561, One Piece 644

Sorry, I am late!
Not going to write much today.

Okay, I lied, like always…
Note: I intend to not write much, but yeah, I always end up taking too much time on these silly posts.

Bleach 470

So, Ginjou has all of Ichigo’s powers and Rukia is an idiot. Alright, that should sum up everything. Note that when I first saw Rukia about to use Kidou, I figured that both Rukia and Byakuya would win their fights because of kidou, but I guess I was wrong. NEXT CHAPTER WE WILL GET SOME SAD, SAPPY BACKSTORY! SO BRACE YOURSELVES, ACCORDINGLY.

The Starks have been warning of this for a long time.

Naruto 561

I simply cannot get over how much Madara looks like Nagato. Sigh, I want to see a full strength Nagato. Also, I feel sorry for the old man's back.

So, let us get this straight? Madara has all of the abilities of an Uchiha. He has all of the abilities of a Rinnegan, and he also possesses some/all of the first hokage’s abilities as well? HOLY SHIT BALLS.

BUT, unlike his masked imposter/self, the real Madara is such a freaking badass. Like seriously, I also really like how he actually MOTHER FUCKING ACTS LIKE A NINJA WITH THE POSES AND THE HAND SIGNS AND STUFF. In short, even though he is super overpowered, he doesn’t come across as being super overpowered. Uhh, well, kind of….maybe.

Aww, poor Mr.Fox doesn’t like Madara. Then again, I doubt anyone who was mind-controlled does. I especially liked how the fox was all: “I don’t like you, but I hate Madara even more, so take all of my chackra! And then he was all “Go, Naruto!”.
This chapter –for me anyway– finalized the notion that Naruto is still not in total control of the fox. Though, it is possible that after this incident he will be able to get full access to the fox’es chakra sometime soon. I also liked the whole super rasengan festival Naruto had going on, though it isn’t that stylish, it got the job done, and he earned Madara’s respect.

We also found out a little bit more about Madara, the guy is quite the boss, he did survive the fight with the first, but now, I must wonder, when/how did he actually die? Did he die of old age? And, the question is still up in the air about the identity of the mask guy. It looks like both Kabuto and the original Madara know a bit about him, and that the masked guy might not be acting according to Madara’s original plan.

I also wonder about what it is that Madara looked at on his chest, my best guess is that it is somehow related to the powers of the first.

The notion that names are important was also an interesting one. After a while, you don’t expect anything deeper than “He are teh tricked us, now we must kill him” from Shonen, but it’s nice when mangas surprise you. 😛

It looks like the Tsuchikage is about to go and do his best, the guy really wants to be a hero, doesn’t he. Oh, and Tsunade is heading out, this should be fun, heck it will be a bit like Madara vs the First, after all Tsunade is the first’s granddaughter. 😛 (Seriously, they should make a movie out of the relationship between the first and Madara, written by the Kishi of course.)

Obligatory double page spread of Naruto being Naruto and the Tsuchikage being an old hero wannabe!

One Piece 644

Chibi Hodi, basking in vengeance like only a chibi can.

Yeah, this was a slow chapter, but it was quite the chapter nonetheless. I would hesitate to call this an emotional chapter, but rather how do I say it. It was excellent social commentary. I was an idiot in my last post, I didn’t truly realize where Oda was going with the whole “Hodi hasn’t experienced any hate” thing, but now, I know. Oda-sensei is a genius like always.

The portrayal of Hodi’s past, as corny as it might have seemed was pretty much exactly how racism is cultivated. Granted, the racism is a bit different here, because in this case, the humans really did (and to an extent, still do) hurt the fishmen, so, it is based on vengeance, and not a sense of superiority. Although, I guess in some ways, racism against white people (it does happen) might be more close to what is being depicted here and it might be worth mentioning that feeling superior is part of Hodi’s motivation as well.

The end of the chapter with everyone asking for the StrawHats was nice, but a bit cheesy, I would argue that the Straw Hats shouldn’t be so detrimental in protecting the Fishmen (they are pirates after all), but the Alabasta arc was a similar thing, so, it’s okay.

I also really liked the whole grudge festering thing. The idea of first fixing their own problems before they can fix the human/fishman relations was an important and really cool theme.

I know I am posting way too many pictures, but the above two need all that text to get the emotions right.
The quote:
“The regrets of the dead belong to the dead alone! Grudge is an illusion that the living create and feed on their own!”-Prince Fukaboshi
should be added to everyone’s repertoire of anime/manga quotes, it really is a good quote.

Only one more picture, I promise:

Ace, you aren't forgotten.


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