Weekly Shonen: Bleach 471, Naruto 562, One Piece 645



Note: I originally had quite a bit of stuff written out, but then WordPress destroyed it, so I had to rewrite everything about Naruto, and a good chunk about Bleach. I obviously wrote less, because you know, I am lazy like that.


Now, how do I talk about this chapter. First, let me clarify that it wasn’t a bad chapter or anything, but in my humble opinion, it wasn’t playing to Bleach’es strengths.

Wait, Bleach has strengths? What the hell are you smoking?

Well, regardless of whether Bleach has good things or not, I felt that this approach of a sad past was not really effective. Let me elaborate.

I have often felt that Kubo tries to make Bleach a bit smarter, he often (very often actually) tries to incorporate some psychology, some science and a lot of philosophy into Bleach. Now, I am not going to claim that he does a good job of it or anything of the sort, but at least he tries.

And, he tried it again here. He tried to do that here to.

He was obviously going for a bit of the age old bio principle of “fittest of the survival”(which by the way, many people don’t really seem to understand properly) and some human psychology stuff.

It doesn’t work here.

I am sorry Kubo, but flashbacks like this are not how you make Bleach a “smarter” manga. These kinds of flashbacks should only be used if we:

  • Have a better understanding of the characters and actually know their motives.
  • The flashbacks further our understanding of the characters.

Notice how I said further? That implies that we already have an understanding of the characters, but in this case, we don’t. We don’t know much about the FullBringers, and to be honest, we don’t really care.

Basically flashbacks should not be used to make a deep character, they should be used to add depth to an already deep character.

Bleach is best when it focuses on the characters being themselves, but those characters being themselves can only be shown after you have demonstrated what they are like, and you don’t demonstrate that via half-assed fights and flashbacks, there is no fun in that.

By the way, most people liked this chapter, I didn’t hate it either. I just wanted to note that sad flashbacks that seem to hint at some philosophy/psychology/science stuff don’t really add to the manga, there are better ways to make this manga seem smarter.

Instead of the past, Kubo should focus more on the now, and more on the characters. There is no need to stuff your ideologies or philosophies down the readers throat, instead, it’s better to show them a plate, and let them choose what they want to eat.

I originally had a bunch  of other stuff written, but it was pretty in-coherent anyway, so let us forget about that. Also, what will happen to Rukia now?

Oh, and the clock guy was a sadistic bastard, to kill his wife as a test, oh my. Also, I think I ranted about nothing above, the flashbacks were kind of sad though.

I wonder, when will Rukia win a fight without nearly dying first? She needs to up her badassery.

Naruto 562

So, Madara made Oonoki into the cynical asshole of yesterday? Well, Madara really is a bad influence, and quite influential to! Someone compared Madara to Danzo of the olden days, and  it’s actually a pretty reasonable comparison. Oonoki is kinda silly though. He gave up his ninja way just because of that? Well, he was dealing with Madara who is arguably one of the strongest ninjas of all time, but still, Naruto wouldn’t have done that!

The third Raikage’s skin was really convenient, I’d like some of  his skin lotion.  Glad to see Tsunade did not get butchered too badly.

What did Tsunade mean when she said: “Save the flying Thunder God technique for him”? Was she referring to the Mizukage, Madara, Toby, or someone else?

Well, they used it on the Mizukage though, so, yeah, a bit confusing.

About the flying thunder god technique.  Although, it’s cool that they used it, and that they required 3 people to use it (more glory to the third), it still felt like a bit of a cop-out. I mean: “Hey, look at us, we were the 4th’s guards so we can use his ultimate technique and we never alluded to this until we actually use it one arbitrary chapter, herp, derp”.

The Choujiro kid was pretty cool. The ending was also great, hopefully Tsunade will heal Oonoki and then we will in for a great chapter next time.

Tun, Tun Tun, some major badassery is about to go down here.

Two inconsitencies about the last scene:

  1. Why does the Raikage have his left arm?
  2. Why is Oonoki only wearing his ninja stockings on one leg?
  3. Why is the Mizukage so sexy? Them thighs. Yum~!

Hey, I said two inconsistencies.

Hhhhnnnnnnnggggg~~~!!! I normally don't like older women, but I will make an exception here.

Now, the only two questions that remain are: Where is Sasuke? And, how is Naruto going to recuperate for his fight with Sasuke?

One Piece 645

I would so go this amusement park, I mean it's Usopp~!

Luffy’s techniques were cool. Brook was really cool to. Zoro looked like a boss just standing there, glaring at the drunk octopus.

Gatling guns were first used during the American Civil War -Source: Wikipedia. I guess this arc is sort of a civil war to, but more of an uprising really.

Looks like Luffy has got gear 3+ Gatling now. Looks like, he will just destroy the ship, we were all expecting that, I was hoping for a different approach, but this makes sense. Destroy the past, and the past ideologies and all that shnaz.

The fishmen killing their own comrades was kinda interesting, they want to spread the hate so much, that they will go so far. Well, it wasn’t that interesting.

Arlong’s sister making the kids look at what was happening was kind of important I suppose, kids need to know the truth and stuff.

Sanji and Jinbei will do something cool next chapter.

Chopper showcasing his full form was pretty cool, but totally unnecessary, he should have saved it for some other scenario when it felt more necessary. I hope he gets more forms as the manga progresses.

Brook really took the show this chapter.  I am sure, that death is a pretty big deal to Brook (he died once, you know), so it was great to see him get angry.

Brook's infinite wisdom

I like Brook, but I also like Zoro....

Nothing else to say about this chapter, it wasn’t a bad chapter or anything though, just not that great. I can’t wait for this arc to finish.

I didn't really want to include this, but it felt obligatory...


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