Guilty Crown Episode 4: A Script Writer’s Perspective

Quick, someone get me my memo. We spent most of our budget on episodes 1-3, so, we need to plan this shit out!

SCRIPT PLAN 1: (Post Production Note: Due to motivation limitations, only one plan was written out, it was also the plan that was used.)

Plot holes Resolved

Plot Hole Why did Yahiro betray him?
Type of fix Family Member in Distress
Description Shu discovers that his Yahiro needed money, and that Yahiro is looking after Yahiro’s brother: Samukawa Jun.Jun is afflicted with the Apocalypse Virus and is on some high level stage of the disease. Let’s arbitrarily call this stage 4.
  • We solve a plot hole.
  • We make it look like Yahiro is a deep and complex character without much work. No one will know the difference.
  • We make this anime seem smarter by increasing the moral ambiguity of everything.
  • Some of the viewers might catch on to us.
  • Still no proper explanation for why betrayal was necessary, but no one will notice that.
Post Production User Feedback You should have made it an imouto instead.-ImoutoFanOsaka99
Post Production Thoughts We added much depth to Yahiro’s character, not that he wasn’t deep to begin with.This is a good thing, for a sad story for some other character, we might strongly consider using a sick imouto instead.


Conflict Name Shu at a crosroad.
Conflict Type Make a choice
Description Shu must choose between whether he wants to side with the GHQ orwith funeral parlour. This is an important, series changing decision, so we will focus exactly half an episode on his decision making progress.
  • Increases moral ambiguity of show.
  • Adds depth to Shu
  • We make it look like we actually want the characters to be human.
  • Cliche
  • Might make Shu look like a wimp.
  • Most real humans don’t encounter such dilema, less realism?.
Post Production Viewer Feed-back. No one cared enough to send feed-back.
Post-Production Thoughts People might not have recognized it this episode, but the idea that Shu is a regular human would have beenburnt into their heads. By the end of the show, the viewers will be questioning their own moral stands.Some might even question themselves so much, they will become depressed, and suicidal.

Luckily we have fanservice to cheer people up.

Conflict Resolvement

Resolved Conflict Name Shu at a crosroad.
Conflict Resolvement Type Let the Penis Decide
Description After thinking long and hard about his decision (~10 minutes or so), Shu decides to side with the Funeral Parlour simply becuase of his “love” for Inori.
  • Simple solution to our conflict.
  • Increases the love points between Shu and Inori, and therefore Otaku satisfaction as well.
  • Sets up the “Shu pull sword out of Inori” scene, which is very important.
  • Cliche
  • Some critics might dislike this, and wonder about the authencity of their feelings after such a short time togeter.
  • Might introduce questions about Inori’s ability to survive on a battlefield.
Post Production Viewer Feed-back. I really liked how Shu made this decision because of Inori. If I had a girl like Inori by my side, I would go whereever she went. I would always hold her hand, I would be sure to sleep with her every time and even accompany her to the washroom. And, while she sleeps, I would lick her hand.
Post-Production Thoughts People might not have recognized it this episode, but the idea that Shu is a regular human should have been burnt into their heads. By the end of the show, the viewers will be questioning their own moral stands.Some might even question themselves so much, they will become depressed, and suicidal.

Luckily we have fanservice to cheer people up.

Token Insane Character.

Insane Character Makoto Waltz Seiga
Type of insanity Only interested in his own affairs, will do anything to achieve his goals.
Description Characters who lack sanity are the new hot trending thing in anime right now. Thus, it is only natural that we properly convey one to. Although, Makoto was introduced in episode 3, this episode will provide him with some character development and showcase his desire to meet his goals. We will show his desire for beautiful/interesting things by shooting a guard. In a super, cool, ironic manner we will have Makoto ask the guard to not interfere when Makoto himself was asked not to interfere!
  • We make the animators draw clowns, I heard some of them are scared of clowns.
  • More insane characters are always a good thing.
  • Good arch-nemesis for Gai.
  • Some might claim it’s been done before, but I disagree. I mean, how many insane clown like people do you know?
  • Adds to uhh sanity ambiguity?
Post Production Viewer Feed-back. “I want to lick him and add him to my male harem”-ilikeguys
Post-Production Thoughts This character is very important, we will be sure to develop him further.

Surprising Twist of the episode: Gai is pretending to be Shu’s lawyer.

Twist Gai is the lawyer
Obviousness of Twist Totally not obvious.
Description Shu is in trouble,and as per usual international law, he gets to meet his lawyer. BUT, in a surprising twist, his lawyer actually ends up being Gai. WHAT A TWIST! I am practically M. Night Shyamalan.
  • Dressed up Gai
  • Twist keeps viewers on edge.
  • No one expects your lawyer to be this cool.
  • Some of the more intelligent viewers might see it coming.
  • In order to give a hint to our dumber viewers, we must have Shu recognize Gai straight away.
  • Apparently, most disguises consist of more than glasses and a hair tie, but that would require too much work, this much is more than sufficient to hide Gai’s identity.
Post Production Viewer Feed-back. “I saw the twist coming, but I doubt you did, twists like this are rare and so not mainstream.”RimmedMeganeOs1993.7
Post-Production Thoughts We should cover Gai’s glasses-collection some day.

Voids Used

Void 1

Void Anti-Gravity Gun
Owner of Void Conveniently Placed Criminal
Description Shu pulls out an anti-gravity gun from the murderer. This gun makes mechas and other stuff float in the air.
  • Simple, time tested weapon.
  • The animators with their “oh so big budget” get more work. SCREW YOU Production I.G.. The graphics people get to roll around in money, while us writers only get one meal a day.
  • Adds moral ambiguity. Criminals are useful to!
  • Shu can fly towards Inori.
  • Inevitable comparison to Half-Life/other Sci-Fi stuff.
  • No real combat value.
  • Some laws of physics that no one really cares about are being broken.
Post Production Viewer Feed-back. I liked the water. -Gamergirl99999
Post-Production Thoughts The Lazy animators did a good job, but they were complaining about the difficulty. I will show them, future scenes will be even more difficult! MUHAHAHAHAHA

Void 2

Void Blue Sword thing
Owner of Void Inori
Description Shu pulls out the sword from Inori in a mid-flight scene after an epic confession of some of their feelings..
  • Provides some Inori fanservice.
  • Good excuse to use the BGM.
  • Viewers once more get to see the lead stick his hand into a pretty girl’s chest. This should go well with the virgin crowd.
  • This develops the relationship.
  • Not really much of a relationship to develop.
  • Some might argue against the objectification of women or some other thing. Stupid feminists, as if they understand art.
Post Production Viewer Feed-back. OH MY GOD, this scene was awesome. It really showed the tight relationship between Shu and Inori. I really like their love, it feels so realistic. Please release some life size dolls with a hole in the same region. I uhh want to insert uhh my hand there to. -notCreepyOtakuTokyo99
Post-Production Thoughts This scene is a staple of this anime. We must capitalize it as much as we can. We already have people working on figurines with extractable swords and life sized models as well.


The theme for this episode is fan-service without fan-service. The idea is to appease the fans without showing skin.


FanService Character Ayase
Type Boob emphasis.
Description A quick shot of Ayase. Ayase will also get mad at Shu and threaten to kill him if he gets Gai killed. This will make her seem more like a woman.
  • Her love for Gai adds some femininity to her.
  • Her boobs turn people on and emphasize her womanhood, we want the viewers to know that woman can and do fight in battles.
  • We can use the cockpit harness to emphasize her bountiful chest.
  • Only one quick shot.
  • No effect on plot.
  • No skin shown.
Post Production Viewer Feed-back. “I really like Ayase, she has a nice rack. I also really like her because she can’t run away from me like other girls can, hehehe.”-WomenRunIChase2011
Post-Production Thoughts Just a quick scene to showcase Ayase, it would be nice to increase the frequency of these scenes.


FanService Character Tsugumi
Type Standing still, Neko-Neko
Description Tsugumi stands there, moves her hand around and acts like a cat.
  • Lack of skin means that people won’t complain about echiness.
  • We can appease the loli fans without incurring lawsuits (Tsugumi is 14).
  • Only one quick shot.
  • No skin shown.
Post Production Viewer Feed-back. “I like little lolis and I like cats, she is a perfect fit for me” -40yearoldotaku
Post-Production Thoughts Not enough bum bum action, more of that next time.


FanService Character Inori
Type Pull Otaku heartstring
Description Two important things happen concerning Inori this episode. We first showcase Inori hugging her upa robot and missing Shu. Later on in the episode, we have Inori come to Shu’s rescue, actually instead of rescue, it’s more about seeing Shu and resolving the conflict in her heart. We all know that when you are in a deep and meaningful relationship like these two high-schoolers, you need each other to resolve all of your problems.
  • Lack of skin means that people won’t complain about echiness.
  • Inori’s sadness and subsequent reunion with Shu should pull the heartstrings of many of our viewers. How touching is that? I am almost brought to tears just thinking about the possibilities.
  • We get some great character development for Inori and Shu.
  • We have an excuse to insert the “Why do we fight” song.
  • We were warned that “The Female society for realistic portrayal in anime” might consider a lawsuit after this episode. I have no idea why they would, or why it concerns us. Making the anime realistic is a responsibility for the graphics design department, it’s not our fault if they are being lazy.
  • Not much extra skin shown, only the amount shown by Inori’s regular clothing. This might make fans of episode 3 unhappy.
  • Some people might wonder about what Shu did to make Inori like him so much, well, he freaking pulled a sword out of her chest, if you can reach that deep inside a girl, then surely you have won her heart as well. Wait, what’s that? Shu pulled voids out of other people and some girls as well? Yeah, well they are all different, Inori’s void is closer to her heart or something. Note: This might be a plot hole, we need to hold a meeting and assess if it is or isn’t, it probably isn’t, but meetings have free food, so why not.
Post Production Viewer Feed-back. “Oh, my god, I love Inori. I am so glad that you folks are giving her such a nice realistic portrayal. I mean, it would be totally silly if Inori had feelings like this after only spending an hour or two with Shu, but after spending nearly two days together, this level of emotion over the loss of her man should be totally expected. I also like how you are portraying Inori. Most anime these days try and make female characters totally independent. That’s fine and all, but only as long as she hasn’t met her man. Once a girl meets her man, he is the only thing she should think about. Also, I attached a picture of myself because I wanted you to see my handsomeness and base characters of off me.”-i>3ubeminebaby99
Post-Production Thoughts Our portrayal of Inori is perfect and in line with the standards set by the Joint Anime Moe and Fanservice Committee. We will continue to develop the relationship between Inori and Shu, by the end, we hope that both Inori’s adoration of Shu and Shu’s desire to protect her will be apparent.
Picture of Feedback giver

We will forward this image to the animators, they might use him for future character models.

Final Note 1: To People raving about the animation and not caring about the writing. What the hell is wrong with you? Oh, I know, you guys are hipsters. Apparently, it’s cool for anime to have good writing, so you obviously don’t care about that. Yeah, well, screw you, you have no idea how hard it is to write stuff. Those animation people just press a few buttons on their fancy “gajillion core” computers and everything is done for them, but us writers, no, we have to do research and actually work. On top of that, we are hardly paid anything. Lower quality pictures were used in this post, to show that even without great animation, this show is great.

4th Wall Breaking note by Reiseng: I actually sort of liked this episode. I am sorry for the late post and lower quality pictures were used because the 720p file that I downloaded and the screencaps I took were on a different computer out of reach, so, I downloaded the lower res version and took the caps again. I am such a nice guy!

Now, If you like posts like this, please do let me know, it is a lot of working doing all the tables and stuff and the writing is also slightly annoying, so, I want to know if I should try this again or not. Thanks for your time.


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  1. #1 by draggle on November 10, 2011 - 2:16 pm

    I thought this post format was a great idea!

    There’s nothing like exhaustive enumeration to bring out the true nature of an episode. I liked some of the titles especially, like “Let the penis decide.” Pretty much sums up Shuu’s character.

    • #2 by Reiseng on November 11, 2011 - 1:51 am

      Yay! Thanks for reading, and thanks for the support.
      I used to think that Shu was just being portrayed as someone who has natural social anxiety (the kind that might need therapy), but I was wrong. He is just the straight up weakling who let’s his infatuation do all the talking.
      I guess, in his credit, he is just a high school student, and I guess they tend to be silly at times, though I do not recall ever being that silly back then even though I consider myself to be a pretty dumb fellow!

  2. #3 by Mushyrulez on December 20, 2011 - 6:41 pm

    fuck I haven’t laughed like this since I watched Majikoi 12

    keep on writing these type of posts! Just don’t make them too long, it sounded like you were trying too hard at the end.

    /i’m not one to talk

    • #4 by Reiseng on December 20, 2011 - 11:54 pm

      Haha, thanks. I will do my best to take your point to heart! I guess it is a pity that I am no longer watching Guilty Crown, so, it’s going to be hard to find something to make fun of. 😦

  3. #5 by Mushyrulez on December 21, 2011 - 1:35 pm

    Awww, you’ll find a show to nitpick soon enough! cough cough black rock shooter cough cough cough noitamina cough cough cough cough my coughing keeps increasing cough cough cough cough cough hack hack choke choke retch retch cough cough /falls over dead

  4. #6 by John Sato on May 14, 2012 - 6:16 pm

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! (<< that's 10 "ha"s!) This post is awesome! Definitely, definitely do more like this! Any and all work you put into this is so worth it, this is amazing! Keep it up!

    • #7 by reiseng on May 14, 2012 - 7:09 pm

      Aww, thanks John. Yeah, I want to do more posts like this one, but I haven’t quite encountered an episode that encouraged me to do so.

      But, when the right episode + brain inspiration + motivation comes along, I will be sure to do so!


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