Bleach 472, Naruto 563

Not going to say much this week, partly because there is not much to say, but also because I want to get this over with, so, I can go start Skyrim.
No One Piece this week.

Byaku made Tsu-kun's back puke!

Bleach 472

First of, let me start by saying that I really don’t care much about what is happening around and to Rukia. She can go hide in a trashcan for all I care. Why all the hate? No, reason, I just don’t care, and also because you know, this chapter had Byakuya. I will make note of this here: Some people think that Riruka went and hid herself inside Rukia. If she did hide herself, then it means she can escape easily or maybe destroy Rukia from the inside. OOh, an exploding Rukia? I guess this method could also ease Riruka’s transition into becoming a good guy after the fights are over, in theory anyway.

So, does the inclusion of Byakuya alone make this chapter worthy? Yeah, pretty much. I mean, it has Byakuya, what more could you want? Oh, you want Byakuya to act less like his cold hearted and more like a badass crazy person (i.e. Kenpachi)? Silly you, that will never happen, you and I both know that.

Oh wait, it did happen.

Oh my, I can’t say I was expecting that. I mean, I thought Byakuya would use Kidou or something, but I guess Tsu-kun disqualified that possibility pretty quickly, and even Byakuya’s bankai cold do little against the long-haired, skinny human.

I can’t say this was a super excellent chapter, the Rukia part was alright, and the chapter felt short to, but damn, it was nice to see Byakuya like that. I also really liked how Rukia would not acknowledge Riruka, but Byakuya, despite his elitism acknowledged a human. It just goes to show you, that even though sometimes Byakuya does not act like it, he really does have respect for those worthy of it.

You know, I kinda feel sorry for the Fullbringers now. They were just humans, cocky humans who did not fit in anywhere. But now, at least one person is confirmed dead, and it looks like Tsu-kun might be dead to.

Oh, Byakuya, how I love thee.

Naruto 563

I really felt that Naruto was acting like a spoilt brat. I mean, seriously, punk, I know you are kind of strong now, but no need to be so arrogant about it. Did you not listen to a word Itachi said? I also didn’t like how easily they decided to shove the “other Madara” onto Naruto. Umm, hello, he might not be the real Madara, but he is still a beastly ninja who has the Sharingan, the Rinnegan and 6 Jinchūriki. Granted, the good guys probably don’t know about the Rinnegan or the Jinchūriki, but still!

Anyway, other than Naruto’s silliness, the rest of the chapter was great. The Mizukage and the Raikage held up really well against Madara. I was not expecting them to do so well, I guess it’s easy to forget that they are all Kage’s to. Theoretically, the kage’s are in the same playing field as Madara. It was also really cool how Madara seemed to acknowledge them. It’s easy to forget that although Madara is thought of a super villain, in his own twisted way, he is trying to do good. As a former Ninja leader(yeah, I know he wasn’t a Kage), it would make sense for him to take an interest in the current generations leaders and their abilities. I like that aspect of him, he feels far more genuine than the fake Madara who is running around.

I'd like to be there, then I could be a ninja and be a badass~!

Someone noted that Madara does not seem to be very efficient at using his Rinnegan. Had this fight involved Pain, he would have used his gravity technique thingy to repel the jutsu’s or that other technique to cancel them, but Madara is still reliant on his Susano, which by the way, seems to have some interesting (according to some people Sasuke like) abilities.

I was not expecting the ending though. I most certainly did not see Naruto and fake Madara clashing like that. I guess Naruto will hold his own, but will the Madara’s be defeated here? If both Madaras get defeated, and Itachi defeats Kabuto, then does that leave Sasuke as the end villain? I had always thought that Sasuke and Naruto would fight Madara together.

Oh and I wonder where the fourth hokages guards went of to. It looked like they went after Muu, but clearly, they didn’t do much.

Naruto should play soccer, then again, I don't like soccer, so maybe he shouldn't...


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