The World God Only Knows Chapter 165: A cliffhanger amongst cliffhangers.

Oh shit, yeah, that's really bad.

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This chapter was intense.

Normally, cliffhangers are created by interrupting something important. Since you obviously want to see the conclusion of the aforementioned something, you will anxiously await the next chapter.

TWGOK chapter 165 not only interrupts something important, it also sets up a huge, huge, HUGE dilemma.

This is a huge problem...

What will Keima do? Will he continue on and kiss Chihiro, or will he not kiss her. And, if he doesn’t kiss her, what then? Will he make an excuse and run after Ayumi? Will he run away without an excuse? Will he not run after her at all? How will Chihiro react in any of the above? How will Ayumi react if Keima runs after her? How hurt will Chihiro be? The thing to remember is, Chihiro has neither a goddess nor a spirit inside her. SHE WILL REMEMBER EVERYTHING!

Oh god, this is going to be painful

You see, even though she is so full of confidence and energy, if Keima breaks her heart, who knows what will happen! This is a lose-lose situation.

Sorry sweetie, no matter how close you get, he will leave you....he has no choice....

Oh, the dilemma! It’s so delicious and awesome! It’s saddening isn’t it? Chihiro is trying so hard, she grabs his shirt, acts far more embarrassed than usual, and in general just really wants to be with Keima, but now, now she will suffer.

Awwwww, look at how hard she is trying

At the same time, Ayumi is suffering to and how will she feel when Keima ditches her best bud for her? What will she think of Keima who so cheaply ditches someone? Well, then again, he sort of already did that with the whole Kanon fiasco. How will she feel when she discovers the truth about the goddesses?

There is suffering here to! Also, the goddess is cute, I like how she doesn't have the typical, pale skin color.

The conclusion will most likely be very painful, I do not know how I am going to be deal with the pain. And,to top it all of, we also have a villain who is getting really close to the goddess inside Ayumi.

Keep the emo neko away~!

Listen up kids, this is how you build suspense. Granted, this chapter alone is not responsible for everything. The previous chapters focused on Chihiro and Ayumi, without the focus, we really wouldn’t care who got hurt and how they got hurt, but still, this chapter was masterful in it’s execution.

I hope no one is daft enough to think that Keima just won’t care if he hurts Chihiro. That might have been true at the beginning of the manga (I doubt it, but it might have been true), but it’s most definitely not true now. Keima isn’t a cold hearted bastard. Sure, he doesn’t love any of the girls he is “conquering”, but he still cares for them. In my honest opinion, Keima is one of the best developed characters out there, at least in Shonen. He really does care about the girls he wins over.

What do I think will happen?

I do not know at all. Seriously, it’s really hard to predict what the author is doing. I mean, sure we could get a deus ex like Haqua popping out of nowhere and wiping Chiharo’s memory, but I doubt that will happen(Keima does not seem like the sort of guy who would accept that), and if it does, Ayumi would not be happy at all.
It is also possible that Keima has already planned for this. I do not know how, but if he has, then no doubt, it is going to be exceptionally badass.

A minor, minor possibility is that Keima has actually fallen for Chiharo and will start going out with her, but I seriously doubt that will happen. Maybe he will pretend to go out with her? I doubt that to, Keima might deceive girls often, but only when it is necessary to save them, I don’t think he likes to toy with people’s feelings.

I am looking forward to the next chapter, but at the same time, I am also really, really scared!

I don't think that implies what you think it implies.

Thanks for reading, hopefully you folk are enjoying this manga as much as I am.
Engage hipster Mode: I have been reading this manga for a long, long time, since close to its beginning actually, so yeah, I just wanted to let you folk know how cool I am.


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