Weekly Shonen: Bleach 474-475, Naruto 564-565, One Piece 647-648

Sorry, I am late, very late actually.

Bleach 474

I am not quite sure exactly what it is, but me and Bleach share an interesting relationship. By interesting, I am of course referring to my one-sided lack of trust, and Bleach’es total disregard for my feelings.

If there was anything proven by the last two chapters, it was that I am not as knowledgeable about manga as I claim to be. I thought Ichigo was going to go wimp mode, but as it turns out, he didn’t. I think, my problem is that I have become too conceited(Hey, I am a self-crowned Lord of Shonen and Shoujo). I probably need to start being more objective, OR totally subjective.

Anyway, back to the chapter. Despite what I said last time, I did not totally hate the “twist” this time around. I mean, I’d rather have Kubo find better ways of making the story continue, but this wasn’t too bad. I can’t say I was expecting Ukitake to be the bad guy, I mean, he seems so innocent! Normally, I would just accuse Kubo of pulling stuff out of his ass, and just making a totally nice guy evil because it would make for a great twist. However, I can’t totally say that this time, because at the very least, Kubo seemed to have had a notion of this direction way back, back when Ichigo heard voices from his badge. So, yeah, although, I am upset that Kubo has gone and tried to jeopardize another innocent character (Aizen, was the first, but I have no doubt that that twist had been planned for a long time before it happened).

It was nice to see Ichigo jump into his bankai without any long winded shots of him just standing there gathering energy or something. Although, I will say that this particular method of bankai execution felt a bit less elegant than some other times. Other than that, I am looking forward to seeing Ichigo’s bankai, hopefully it will look cool~!

Bleach 475



I laughed when I saw Ichigo’s bankai. After seeing Ginjou’s bankai I was all WTF, WHY DOES HE HAVE A BANKAI, DID HE EVEN HAVE A SHIKAI? And, then I laughed some more.

Ichigo’s bankai isn’t bad or anything, it’s just, uhh, a bit overdone, I guess? His original bankai was gorgeous because of its simplicity, just a black sword, and a black robe, that is all, Oh and that chain…the chain was awesome.  The new design has quite a few X’es and a lot of white, but oh well, I don’t hate it or anything. I still don’t know why Ginjou has a bankai, but it doesn’t look too bad. My biggest problem with it, is that it violates the specialness of Ichigo’s bankai. Back in the olden days, Ichigo’s bankai was special because it was so small, but now, we have ugly Ginjou who has a similar sized bankai, how upsetting~!

So, was this chapter a total flop?
No, not totally, there was one good thing, one very good thing about this chapter.
Ichigo was cool. See, this is the Ichigo I like. This Ichigo who is smarter than you would give him credit for, who doesn’t let stupid things like an opponent’s strength or an opponents words cloud his judgement. See, when one first saw Ichigo use his bankai, one might think that Ichigo is just ignoring Ginjou, that he is so steadfast in his resolve that nothing can change it.

Basically, we might think that Ichigo is a brute, but that is not true. Even though he swings a butcher’s blade, even though he cuts things and even though Ichigo isn’t the smart or scheming type, he is anything but a brute.
The Ichigo we all know and love has a bit more sense about him, he doesn’t always think things through, but he understands things, understands people and seems to have a knack for knowing what needs to be done.
Now, you might think that I am giving Kubo too much credit, but I think I am right. Ichigo has shown of this simple insight quite a few times. Like the first time he fought Ikakku, his encounter with Kenpachi (Credit to user kuroihikari ), and a few other times to, I think.
This insightful Ichigo is the one I like, so Kubo, I don’t care if you continue to include ridiculous powerups, useless boring fights, and plot points that make no sense, just keep this Ichigo, keep the core of his character intact, and I will be happy.

Naruto 564

Not too much to say about this chapter. It was a pretty good chapter. Fake Madara is quite the troll, his mask could have scratched revealing his face when Naruto hit him, or he could have pulled his mask of, but neither happened. NO, we still don’t know who he is, and on top of that, he claims to have no name or identity. Forum users have suggested that lines like that indicate that he might be a clone of the original Madara, this is possible, though, as likely as it is, I don’t like it. Clones are sooo last year.
The jinchuriku also have some interesting abilities, and it looks like they have at least some of their old beast chakra’s.

Naruto 565

Someday, I want to be a ninja so pro that I can dodge enemy attacks while checking out their racks.

Dead Boob Shot, the best kind of boob shot, also, I love the 8-tails face.

There isn’t much to say, but, this was a really fun chapter.
It was great to see Bee and Naruto try and work together and figure out how defeat the enemy. These two make a good team, well, they would if they didn’t just charge in head first one by one. The enemy Jinchurikyou have some pretty interesting and boss like abilities. Mostly boss-like abilities. I mean, what did you expect you’d get when you combined Jinchurikyou trats with Sharingan+Rinnegan+Immortality traits?

Obligatory 8-Tails wrecking stuff picture.

One Piece 647
Yes, so things have finally ended. I really liked the way Oda ended everything.
The first thing I liked was how everyone was OK with Noa being destroyed. By accepting the destruction of Noah, they were accepting the fact that their way of life needed to change, they needed to move forward. BUT THEN THE SEA KINGS CAME AND SAVED NOAH, this was also a GOOD thing.

I am happy that the sea monsters came and rescued the city. This makes it more like the Princess saved the city, and as such, they solved their own problem. Independence and a lack of reliance on other people was something that this arc was building towards, and it’s great to see it happen before the Straw Hats leave.

It was also nice how Luffy would have succeeded anyway, this means that he wasn’t saved, it was just advantageous for the monsters to come in.

Another advantage of the Sea Kings interference was that, even though the villagers had accepted they need to move on, they get to keep an old promise and an artifact which was part of their history. No doubt that more of the history surrounding this ship and that Joy Boy fellow will be explained soon. I guess a bad analogy for this would be something like this:
A city still uses bronze cutlery, but then one day, they figure out that they are behind the times, the bronze cutlery is not good for the economy, so, they switch to stainless steel and at first they were going to destroy the bronze to make room for the steel, but a nice man donated a museum, so now, they get to keep their history AND improve their economy~!

It was also cool to see how the Sea Kings, who had traditionally been thought of as mosnters who were dumb and couldn’t do a thing, were actually intelligent enough to speak. There really couldn’t have been a better arc to give these creatures some development. I mean, how else are you going to understand their speech if you don’t have fishmen to translate it?

One last thing that was also good about the Sea King appearance was that it was a throwback back to when the StrawHat’s when into the calm belt much earlier in the manga. Maybe I am gasping for straws here, but I think that Oda is basically trying to come full circle, trying to show us that the first half of the journey is over.

Do those monsters look familiar?

Oh my~!

One Piece 648
This chapter was great. Things we learnt from this chapter:

  • Only Luffy and Shirahoshi can understand the Sea Kings.
  • Luffy seems to have inherited Gold Rodger’s “Hear the voice of all things attribute”
  • Oda can be a master troll when he wants to be.
  • Jinbei may or may not join the Straw Hats, but now, Luffy wants him for real

I liked the way everything closed. I liked the fact that a fishman was willing to give blood to Luffy and I also liked how the King said the old rule was stupid. I was totally not expecting only Shirahoshi and Luffy to understand the Sea King’s. I thought all fishmen could listen to Sea Kings. Anyway, I guess it’s pretty important that Luffy has the same ability as the Rodger. Personally, I am not a huge fan of Luffy getting everything from Rodger. I mean, I understand that it’s a Shonen standard, the new inherit from the old etc, but still! One of the things I like about One Piece is that Luffy is not related by blood to Rodger (or most likely not), this adds a certain amount of authenticity to this quest.
Another interesting thing about the ability to hear the voice of all things is that, it was implied earlier on in the Skypeia arc that this ability allowed Rodger
to read the Pony-whatever tablet. Hmmm…..I hope Robin doesn’t die…..

Chopper was funny, as always. I guess, Monster Point has its limits to, eh.

Anyway, on to Jinbei. I wasn’t expecting that, well, I was expecting it, but only when Jinbei actually offered to donate blood. This “Become my nakama” incident has of course sent sparks flying in the community. People had been arguing about Jinbei’s eligibility for Nakamanship for a long time, and now, Oda just comes along and agrees with the Pro-Jinbei side! OH MY~! Still, the reaction is probably no where near the scale of the reaction that will no doubt be produced if Kishimoto said that Toby = Obito ( I don’t believe this, by the way).

As for my stance on the Jinbei thing, well, personally I would have wanted someone else, we already know Jinbei too well. A new character would have been nice, but I don’t mind Jinbei, he is kind of cool.

Note that nothing is final now, Jinbei might refuse just like Vivi did all those years ago.

Oh and it looks like Caribou left the mermaids and took treasure instead. He might get caught sometime in this arc, or it might turn into one of Oda’s mine cover page series. I do wonder why he left the mermaids? I thought he didn’t have a carrying capacity?

Dawww, could Jinbei be the final Straw Hat? (Note: Luffy implied way early on, that a crew of 10 was what he wanted.)



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  1. #1 by Mushyrulez on December 8, 2011 - 9:11 pm

    Bleach focuses too much on costume design! Fuck design, I want to see solid plot, not chapters and chapters drooling over nice clothes 😦

    The conclusion of the Fishman Island arc didn’t have the same emotional impact as the conclusion of the Sky Island arc for some reason. Maybe it was because I was watching Horizon at that time 😦

    • #2 by Reiseng on December 9, 2011 - 2:01 am

      The Sky Island arc was quite an emotional one, but I don’t remember much about it because I saw it so long ago. I think the whole ring the bell thing made many people shed manly tears. 😛

      As for Bleach, yeah, it would be nice if it actually thought about the plot…There is way too much exposition in Bleach. I mean, I enjoy badass poses and weapons, but no matter how cool of a design you make, it’s useless and UN-BADASS unless the situation calls for it.

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