Weekly Shonen: Bleach 476, Naruto (666-100) One Piece 6(4)9

This week’s Shonen was quite fun!

This week's Shonen brought to you by the I am part hollow agency. Join today, and you can be part hollow to!

Bleach 476

Such dreamy eyes.

The whole “I am part hollow thing” felt iffy. It makes sense, but it’s iffy. I guess, given that he was also a substitute Shinigami, it would make sense for Ginjou to have a bankai and a sword, but it is all so confusing! Where do his Shinigami powers end, and where do his fullbring powers begin? At first, we thought that sword was just his necklace, but is it actually his Zanpaktou? SO VERY CONFUSING! Or, maybe I am just stupid. I think Kubo kind of messed up with all of the different power factions. I mean, it’s fine to have Shinigami, Hollows and Fullbring people, but it’s very difficult to integrate them. Or rather, it requires a great deal of differentiation or a great deal of similarity in the use of the individual powers. Fullbringers and Shinigami have a lot of differences, but if you are going to make someone use a sword his Fullbring ability and give him Shinigami powers as well, then it becomes really difficult to see through the haze.

The Shinigami->Hollow(Vaizard) integration was done a lot better. One second, you are a Shinigami, and the you put on your mask, and boom! You now have access to some hollow like abilities. And, since hollows do stuff a lot differently, the integration works. You can tell where the one faction ends, and the other starts. Well, there are overall increases to speed and strength to, but that’s beside the point.

The Hollow->Shinigami(Arrancar) integration wasn’t as well done as the Vaizards, but it was still pretty good. It was slightly harder to tell where the Hollow ended, and where the Shinigami began, but the blend felt natural enough so it worked quite well. It would have been hard to do anything else, if only because Kubo needed to make the Hollows more Shinigami (Human) like in order to have likeable, interesting villains.

Okay, so I went off topic a bit, but it’s interesting, so it’s okay!

What I liked about this chapter:

  1. Ichigo’s eyes of understanding. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but in my opinion one of the key things that Bleach explores is the notion that warriors understand one another through combat. This is a commonly expressed idea in battle manga. Badass men stake their honor and their lives on these fights, but after the fight, they grow and understand their opponent. Even in real life, this is sort of true. Some disputes are best resolved with a good old fist fight, and apparently you can understand one another through your fists (or so I have heard. I have never been in a fist fight).  Anyway, I have always liked this par of Ichigo, this try to understand your opponent thing. He has demonstrated it quite a few times in the past.
  2. Soul Society’s appreciation of Ichigo. In an earlier post, I might have wondered why Byakuya was so caring about Ichigo. Well, it looks like I sort of have my answer now. Ichigo did a lot for soul society. It was nice to see them admit that the old society sucked, and that Ichigo brought along a lot of necessary change.

Obligatory slash pic

Naruto 566


Oh boy, the other Jinchurikou are scary! And, mask guy is also scary because he is controlling them. A minor gripe if I will: Kishi why must you make Naruto seem so strong one moment, and then so weak the next? Granted, this is common amongst a lot of battle manga, but still! I just hope that by the end of the manga, we can all safely say that Naruto is a badass.

Anyway, on to more pleasant things, I knew that Kakashi and Gai would be somehow involved (from twitter and stuff), but I thought they would be fighting their own battle, and not helping out Naruto and Bee. I am glad I was wrong. Now, with Kakashi and Gai on the scene, hopefully Naruto and Bee will fare better, though, it still won’t be an easy win.


Kakashi x Gai...you know you want that.

One Piece 649

Oh Sanji, never change

My train of thought as I was reading this chapter:
Oh Jinbei refused joining right now, that’s alright, heck I prefer it. Hero jokes? Oh, that’s funny! Oh, they are celebrating now. They are still celebrating, well, it’s fine. Chapters like this are a welcome break now and then, and it fits the story line just fine. No worries, I am please. Oh wait, a reveal! Oda is going to reveal some info about Jolly boy! Yes, I knew Oda wouldn’t have just a celebration chapter! Ok, time to get some cool info, looks like Robin read something interesting on that ponyglyph. Then I got to the last page. I then logged onto twitter and said this:

Okay, well, in this case, Poseidon has not balls, so err…Holy whatever mermaids have done there. Seriously, I was not expecting that twist.
It’s so cool how Oda tied together the Skypeia arc and this arc (Poseidon was the weapon mentioned on the Ponyglyph in Skypea). It’s also really interesting how one polyglyph was found way above the sea, while another was found several thousand leagues under the sea. It’s also interesting to note how the Straw Hats have sort of made contact with two of the ancient weapons. One being the plans supposedly stored in Franky’s head, and the other Shirahoshi. This incident also increases the likelihood of Shirahoshi joining the crew. Next chapter shall be most interesting.

This was truly shocking!

You know, I can’t safely say that Oda is the most creative person on the planet, but I am pretty sure that he’s up there. He really is very creative, and most intelligent.


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