12 Days of Anime #2: Steins;Gate

In case it wasn’t obvious, I am not writing these posts in order of increasing memorability, but rather, I am going to try my best to keep them as chronological as possible. I just realized that this 12 day business was meant to start on the 14th, whereas I started on the 15th. Oops.

I also realized that you are meant to write a post for one moment, and not several like I did last time.

Oh well, let’s continue on with my way!

In other news, today, them American congress people are voting on the SOPA bill.

If that bill passes, then well, there is a good chance that even blogs like this one could be in danger. Can you believe it? I am evil, and nasty, but neither me nor my blog have caused anyone harm…I think.



First of, let me apologize. My Steins;Gate anime collection is out of reach right now, so you will have to do with Pixiv pictures and stuff. I made an account just for this post, so be grateful. This is my first time Pixiv hunting, we shall see how it goes! At the end of this post, I have now concluded that I suck at choosing pictures, and am even worse at browsing pixiv. Next time, I might enlist the help of an expert, but for now, this will have to do.

After Madoka, this was probably the most talked about anime this past year, or maybe it was Mawaru Penguindrum, either way, it was one of the most talked about anime this past year.

Everyone was throwing out theories about what would happen and more importantly, theories about how stuff worked and what had happened. Many found time-travel quite distressing. I remember showing the first 2 episodes to my roommats, and both of them ended up super confused. I was confused because I did not understand how you could be so confused. It’s just elementary time-travel and parallel universes!

While all the regular joes traded arguments, the folk who had played the VN’s quietly looked down on us, evil grins plastered on their faces. They knew it all, and every now and then, they would let something slip, a little hint or a little spoiler here and there, and watch the ensuing chaos.

Most memorable moment

Hōōin Kyōma(Rintarō Okabe aka Okarin)

Hooin Kyoma will guide you.


What? WHAT IS THIS? Not only does Lord Reiseng break the sacred rules and traditions of the anime-blogging community, but he also breaks his own. Kyoma is a character, not a moment, what the hell is Lord Reiseng thinking?????

Yeah, sorry about that. But, you see, I am a Lord, and a Lord can do cool stuff like that. Oh, and for the record, all of the most memorable moments of this show involved Okarin. Or to be more exact, almost everything Okarin did was memorable.

He was just that cool of a character.

When people talk characters, they talk about several things. Normally, the three things that people care about the most are: personality (originality, likability etc..), characterization (how much they change over time and how smooth/believable is the transition) and appearance. The thing that made Okarin so memorable was that he excelled in all of those areas.

In terms of originality, he was one of the most original anime characters in a long time, which is even more surprising given his VN origins. I mean, the guy talks on his cellphone about stuff like an organisation, declares himself a mad scientist, has a wicked mad scientist laugh, think Dr.Pepper is a drink for geniuses and yet can still occasionally show affection when necessary. How on earth is that not cool?

Okarin also got a lot of characterization, there was a point where everyone had declared him mentally insane (The assault scene anyone?) and then he climbed back up. It was good to watch!

Lastly, his appearance. DAT COAT! Seriously, Okarin had mad style, we owe him one for re-popularizing the lab coat.

If you are still fussy over the whole non-moment thing (which is understandable as this read more like a review 😦 ), then here’s a great moment for you: BEST ENGRISH EVER

Forever we will remember you for your service Hooin Kyoma, but for now, El Psy Congroo

Other memorable moments

Dat Kiss


Seriously, it was sweet, and so kawairific. When I first started watching Steins;Gate, I was shipping OkarinxMayuri. Mostly because I have a sweetspot for innocent childhood friends, but as we saw more and more of Kurisu, I fell in love. Kurisu is awesome. One of the best female leads of 2011, and probably one of the best of the past 5 years as well. I could probably write a whole “other memorable moment section” on just her, but I will refrain. Just know that she was awesome with her tsundereness, intelligence and that hotness. Damn, Makise, you are one fine babe err…scientist.

Also, the back and forth relationship between Makise and Okarin was incredible. I loved how the two would argue in that fun, slightly intellectual manner of theirs. The sarcasm, the @chan jokes, the tsundereness, I loved all of it.


The assault scene

Not the Moeka we know.


The first time I watched it, I thought Okarin was forced into the kiss, but it was the other way around. That made it much worse. Never again. We do not talk about this scene here.

Mayuri Shiina’s death


Or rather, her many deaths. Other than the snide VN players, no one really saw Mayuri dying like that, but what was even more bizarre was how she kept on dying. She died so often that Okarin even grew cold to her death. The most memorable death? Mayushi’s demise at the will of a train by the hands of a little kid called Nae.

At first I was angry at everyone’s reaction to my poor Mayuri’s death, but god damn, in retrospect, everything was so very funny ,SO FUNNY,MORE FUNNY.

Suzuha Episode

The Suzuha episode was also really good, but I don’t feel like writing about it~

Merry Christmas Everyone!



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  1. #1 by Mushyrulez on December 16, 2011 - 1:07 am

    You’re too lazy, write more

    RE: Steins;Gate – of course people don’t understand the time travel seeing as 1) the time travel wasn’t time travel 2) the time travel was fake and false and fallacious and bad 3) I don’t know what I’m talking about and 4) the time travel was just a PLOT DEVICE to PLOT the DEVICES of PLOT and DEVICES. Steins;Gate was somewhat like Madoka, starting out with a seemingly innocent normal time-travel-drama plot, but eventually casting much aside and saying ‘hey guys, look at this guy HYOUMINI KYOUOUOUOMAMA, he’s pretty NOT COOL SORRY’

    tl;dr: sorry I’m not really drunk right now but Rintarou wasn’t original, he’s just the same semi-tsundere guy you find anywhere. It was just that he became insane and now everyone thinks he’s cool or something he’s totally not my favourite character alright

    don’t look at me like that

    I know you hate my comments


    • #2 by Reiseng on December 16, 2011 - 6:48 pm

      Sorry, about the short length, my next post will be even shorter! But, don’t worry, I know at least that you won’t criticize the anime next time.

      Eh,I liked Okarin. I didn’t necessarily like him because he was crazy, just because he wasn’t really normal. I like it when characters act in strange, quirky ways in public. I just found him amusing to watch, but I guess, I am easily amused so….

      Oh and don’t worry, I don’t hate critical comments. They uhh make me smarter or something. /Wise_Old_Man_Wisdom

      Besides, a Mushy comment is better than no comment!

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