12 Days of Anime #4: Usagi Drop

Usagi Drop was a good anime. It was also an anime that inspired much discussion, but unlike Madoka or Steins;Gate, the discussion around Usagi Drop revolved not around the plot, but rather the themes of parenting. Sometimes, the “discussion” was nothing more than a bunch of innocent fans going “kyaaaa” over the cuteness. These fans need not be criticised, for even, Lord Reiseng would often go “Kyaaaaa” over the interaction between Rin and Daikichi. Usagi Drop was cute, and it sparked some very interesting discussions.

Now, the only thing is, Usagi Drop was one of those “I relax and watch this anime and it feels the same all the time” anime’s. As in, it was all very nice, but it didn’t really have many “OH MY GOD, WHAT JUST HAPPENED” moments, but on occasion, it was more touching than usual, so, yeah, this post is still valid. Also, the previous line is my excuse for a short post. The short length of this post had nothing to do with laziness, nor the fast upcoming deadline (33 minutes as of this word).


Watching Usagi-Drop with my dad

It has been a long time, since I leaned on my dad's back. I wonder what that's like.

Okay, so, this is not exactly a moment in the show, but it was still memorable to me, so, it still counts! Shortly after reading the post on THAT, when Usagi-Drop had around 8 episodes aired, I figured that maybe I should try to get my dad to watch some Usagi-Drop with me. I wanted to see what a parent of almost 20 years thought of this show ( if we had finished it, I might have even written a post with my findings), or, maybe I just wanted to watch something with my dad. We only watched it once, and only watched 4 episodes, but it was still nice to watch an anime with my old-man. I have watched movies and other things with my dad, however when it comes to anime, we have watched a things, most of them english dubbed, a few Japanese episodes here and there courtesy of my younger brother, BUT, the two of us and just the two of us have never sat down and watched a series in Japanese from the beginning.

The first thing he mentioned was that the anime, referring to the beginning sequence(the watercolour part at the beginning of each episode), had “bad graphics”, but he seemed to enjoy the four episodes and was sort of looking forward to watching more. Unfortunately, we didn’t watch any more after that, but maybe sometime we can watch something else, or finish Usagi-Drop. Either way, thanks dad.

Other memorable moments

Daikichi setting aside his career for Rin

I really like how Daikichi grew. More often than not, in order to show of their incompetence, anime like this make the “father” a clumsy idiot at first, who has to learn from his mistakes and grow up. But, Daikichi isn’t like that. Sure, he wasn’t the best parent at first, but no one would be if they were suddenly put in charge of a child.

But, what separates Daikichi from other “oh damn I am a parent” types is the fact that he isn’t stupid. He understands at the very least, the basic desires of human beings, and he is good at putting himself in Rin’s shoes.

Daikichi is understanding.

This simple quality means that while others might take months or years to learn the basics of being a good parent, Daikichi did not take that long, and his actions made sense given his character. When Daikichi asked to me moved to an easier department, I had a moment of “Oh my, that’s such a nice thing to do”. Even though, this kind of thing was to be expected, it was really nice to see it happen, and what’s also nice is that it’s kind of realistic to.

I mean, my mother gave up a career as a doctor when I was born, and well, I guess, this moment made me appreciate her decision a bit more (but only a bit, I am already quite grateful to her for it, though she doesn’t know of course 😛 ).

Rin’s Fever


It was most interesting to see Daikichi so flustered over a  stomach cold(which well I guess is more serious than a regular cold). It was also really cool to see the relationship between Daikichi and Yukari (Kouki’s mom) develop.

Kouki’s Antics

I wish I was this energetic and fun as a child, unfortunately, I was kind of boring. 😦 BUT I AM EXCITING NOW! I SWEAR!!

He might have been a bit of a handful at times, but I loved this kid. He was really amusing to watch. I really like the episode where him and his mother went over to Daikichi’s for dinner.

The Woman on the Subway

You know you laughed, and you know....got a boner....maybe?


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  1. #1 by Mushyrulez on December 21, 2011 - 4:15 pm

    “the discussion around Steins;Gate revolved not around the plot, but rather the themes of parenting”?! I thought the discussion around Steins;Gate revolved around the themes of PSYCHOLOGICAL BREAKDOWN and WHAT IS RIGHT, whilst the discussion around Madoka revolved around the themes of MEDUKA MEGUCA and WOW HOMURA IS SO MOE?

    hmm for some reason caps don’t seem right here

    You’re lucky you have a dad who watches anime with you! All I watch with my dad are movies about the GLORIOUS MIDDLE KINGDOM, which, may I add, is far superior than whatever country you get your Turkish cartoons from

    or were they ukranian I don’t know

    usagi sounds like an azerbaijani word actually

    but drop is english… or is it arabic

    • #2 by Reiseng on December 21, 2011 - 6:16 pm

      Woops, typo…I was tired, okay….well, not really.

      My dad doesn’t really watch anime with me, I think Usagi was the only time, he actually sat down and watched something in Japanese, though he has watched Spirited Away and Summer Wars, thought both were in English. Wait, I already mentioned this…..

      Speaking of the GLORIOUS MIDDLE KINGDOM, the HOBBIT is coming soon, so, be sure to watch that with your dad~

      According to wikipedia, Usagi Drop means Rabbit Drop (Yes, I used to know that, but I forgot, so I had to check wikipedia 😦 ). So, I guess Usagi then probably originates from WonderLand. No wonder it’s all sparkly!

      • #3 by Mushyrulez on December 21, 2011 - 8:41 pm

        Actually, Usagi drop refers to the united states general infantry that were stated in the democratic republic of pakistan

        U.S.A. G.I. D.R.o.P.

  2. #4 by Ryan A on February 3, 2012 - 10:25 pm

    I can imagine the warm feeling of being able to watch Usagi Drop with your dad. And

    I mean, my mother gave up a career as a doctor when I was born, and well, I guess, this moment made me appreciate her decision a bit more

    It’s interesting to think about anime and stories allow us to reflect a little more on our own lives, or the people in them. Yields a broader perspective outside the “self.” Fun little thought.

    • #5 by Reiseng on February 5, 2012 - 2:42 am

      Sorry, for the late reply.

      Yeah, it is always cool when an anime or any piece of fiction resonates with you like that. It might make you feel lonely if you realize that special experience in your life was not all that special, or maybe, like it did for me, you might end up appreciating something more.

      Thanks for the comment. 😛

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