Weekly Shonen: Bleach 477, Naruto 567, One Piece 650

What, did you think that my recent spree into anime-blogger tradition had meant that I had forgotten about writing weekly Shonen posts? Well, this post is really late though, just like my latest 12 Day post. ūüė¶ I blame stuff/procrastination/Skyrim.

Well, you were wrong! As, for this week’s Shonen. Well, it wasn’t that bad. But, mostly because of One Piece. Yes, One Piece was awesome.


Activate Riruka shield. Error: Logical Fallacy detected, shield not deployed. SUDO Activate shield -Ignore Errors

I am happy to see the fight is over, though it sort of looked like it was over last chapter. Thank god, Ginjou did not use some contrived Hollow-Like ability. I would have been upset had this fight dragged on for a bit longer.

So, Rukia jumped to protect Ichigo, who couldn’t react fast enough (despite his bankai only giving him speed…), and then Riruka jumped out to protect Rukia, or did Riruka try to protect Ichigo instead? Hmm, well, I will assume Rukia.

I pretty much knew that Riruka was hiding inside Rukia, but I did not expect her to jump out like that. Also, one must wonder about her motivation to do so. I mean, sure you could argue that Riruka might have been worried about her own life had Rukia died, but it didn’t really seem like that to me. To me, it looked more like Riruka was trying to protect Rukia because she cared about her or something.

I just found that a bit strange. I mean, why would you be protecting someone you were an enemy of just a short while back? To begin with, it was silly that Riruka even had to resort to hiding in Rukia, I mean, Rukia was weak! Okay, so what if Riruka was trying to prevent Tsu-Kun from killing people because she didn’t want him to be a murderer? BEEEP! These guys have pretty much demonstrated that they are capable of killing people, and as such, they should hold no such moral obligation.

The whole “you used your other sword” line was also a bit contrived. OH WELL~! I still didn’t hate this chapter though.

I don’t know exactly why, but it felt kind of sad, in the good kind of way. I felt a bit sorry for Ginjou. He had fought hard for Soul Society, but then they had betrayed him, and just when he thought he had found a comrade, he hadn’t. Ginjou’s lines of “Would it have been different had Ichigo gotten to Soul Society” were kind of touching. Sniff, Sniff.

The last page also made me sad, the¬†story-line¬†wasn’t well executed, but a story about poor kids being saved by someone always gets to me for some reason.

The notion that only Ichigo can save Ginjou despite having cut him up real bad was also a bit silly, but oh well, it sort of made sense since they are both Shinigami Representatives, so only they can truly understand one another.

I guess we can expect a semi-interesting flashback next chapter. The thing is, whenever Bleach throws a flashback from the past that involves Shinigami (so, not like the Fullbring flashbacks a few chapters back), I enjoy the flashbacks. Hopefully, I will enjoy this one to.

Let's go to flashback land. This page makes me sad for some reason. I am a sentimental nub-cake. ūüė¶

Naruto 567

A squad consisting of just these guys would probably be the strongest squad in the ninja kingdom....

I am glad that Kishi has taken this manga in the direction where the tailed beast hosts are proud of their powers, and not still mad at them like it was implied at the beginning of the manga. Anyway, on to the chapter.

Hoh, so Fake Madara does not have the beasts under full control, and what’s just as¬†significant¬†is the fact that he does not have the ability to properly use the six paths of pain. Okay, I am glad he is only super overpowered and not uber-overpowered.

I will like to not here, that watching all 6 of the bad bijou run around and do stuff is confusing, so I have given on identifying them or their individual traits/powers (well, I was never trying to anyway). All, I care about is how Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Gai react to those little buggers.

I liked the telepathy between the 8 and 9 tails. It’s nice to see the 9 tails develop a sort of soft spot for Naruto. I would argue that the 9 tails always had a sort of soft spot for Naruto. Didn’t the 9 Tails say something along the lines of “I like you kid” when Naruto first met him? Well, regardless, it looks like the two are about to get a whole lot closer.

I wonder what could this mean? Will Naruto enter full beast mode, or will his current mode improve? WE SHALL SEE!

I have always felt a bit sorry for the Tailed beasts, them all seemed like intelligent beasts, but they were chained up as pets. I was write in my suspicions that the tailed beasts did not enjoy being locked up and treated like pets(You think?).

Fro-Mance Time. GET IT, it's like Bro-Mance but with a FOX!

One Piece 650

I want to see this fight in it's complete glory in 1080p or higher. Make it happen, Oda!



This is One Piece, people.

Let’s go over what we learnt:

  1. There are a total of 3 Weapons of Mass Destruction ( Judging from forum comments, I think this might have been alluded to before somewhere).
  2. The weapons are called Pluton,¬†Poseidon¬†and Uranus. They are the Greek Gods of the UnderWorld, the Sea and the Sky. Fascinating! I think people were expecting the third one to be Zeus, but well, I guess, this makes more sense. Given that we have now gone into the sky and into the sea as well, is there going to be an arc where we go underground? Or, since Franky, the last man with Pluton’s plans is with the SH’s, that is no longer necessary. Hmm!
  3. Caribou was listening to Robin and the King talking.
  4. We knew Aokiji and Akainu were both candidates for the feel admiral position, but we did not know that Aokiji was so against Akainu. It makes sense, Akainu would kill his own innocent children if it was for the betterment of the marines.
  5. Aokiji and Akainu had a massive fight that lasted for 10 days. Apparently, it’s the second longest fight of all time.
  6. Akainu is now the fleet admiral, and Aokiji is no longer a marine and is living in an unknown location. Possible rebellion from Aokiji?Maybe he even joined forces with Dragon, but I don’t think that will happen. Well, you know bad stuff is going to happen when Akainu controls the marines.
  7. Luffy is still pained by Akainu’s existence.
  8. The marines now have “un-precedented” power. I guess that’s a bit like SOPA and the other evil bills, the US congress is cooking, like that “we can arrest whenever we want” bill. Whatever it’s called.
  9. BlackBeard, the bastard is going around taking over WhiteBeard’s old territories. He is also one of the 4 emperors (SCREW HIM!), and is on a hunt to gather abilities. It looks like Luffy is going to have a hard time facing BlackBeard, if he faces him, that is.
  10. Luffy does not seem particularly concerned about BlackBeard, the strange thing is, he was concerned about the Aokiji-Akainu thing, but not BlackBeard. I don’t know if he hates BlackBeard or not, but his statement about fighting without plans suggests that he would fight Teach if they ever met.
  11. ZORO AND SANJI CAN SENSE PEOPLE! Does this mean that they also know a bit of Haki??? Or, is it just that when you are pro enough, you can sense people? I would go with the whole know a bit of Haki idea. I am guessing that Oda will probably make them fight a Logia sometime to prove this for sure.
  12. Zoro cut the prison tower in half. –>I think we already knew this, but it was funny!
  13. Nami still likes money.
  14. Hodi and his gang are suffering from the side-effects of the steroids. It looks like they will never be re-appearing as villains.
  15. The Steroids were a Royal Treasure that had some strange stories associated with it.
  16. Royal Treasures are dangerous. A bit of a parallel to the Arabasta arc.
  17. Big Mom really likes candy, and it looks like the Straw-Hats have just put the island in danger. IT WOULD BE SO FUNNY IF Big Mom destroyed the island because the Straw-Hats ate the candy. THE PROPHECY WOULD COME TRUE!

Haki? Oh and funny stuff!

LOL, I love how casual Luffy is about everything. Lucky guy got some nice face-hand-time. I sympathize with Sanji, I want in on that action.

As you can clearly see, a lot, A LOT of important stuff was revealed this chapter. See, I love it when we get so much information. It just goes to show you how much we care about the One Piece world. AWESOME-NESS.

Now, I would like to divert your attention to one little detail about how smart Oda is. This is what I predict he was thinking:

I need to get the Straw-Hats to encounter an event (possibly relating to Poseidon). Hmm, how can I do this? How can I get them to the event location? Oh, I know, I will make them chase someone there? But, who? Oh, right we still have Caribou around. So, we need to get the Straw Hats to meet up with Caribou, but how will that meetup happen? I know, Caribou will eavesdrop on a conversation discussing Shirahoshi’s nature, and try to kidnap her. The Straw Hats will want to save her. Oh, but wait, how will I justify them chasing him and not just beating him? I KNOW, NAMI! I will have Caribou drop his mermaids, steal the treasure, the king ignore the theft and then Nami will lust after the treasure and no doubt send someone after him.

See, Oda FREAKING PLANS HIS STUFF OUT!  Knowing Oda, it is possible that he had all this planned out when Caribou was first introduced, the only question that remains is why did Caribou give up on the mermaids? I guess, he just figured the treasure was either more profitable, or easier to profit of of.

I wonder if maybe the vive card gotten from Lola will help with Big Mom like a lot of people are predicting. Who knows. Either way, shit is about to get real, fast! Oh and Big Mom is scary for willing to destroy an island for candy. Even I wouldn’t do that, and I love candy. Especially chocolates. YUM.

Anyway, minor mermaid theft question aside, this chapter was fantastic. Brilliant, I know my fanboyism gets out of hand sometimes, but I truly do love One Piece.

Oh oh. This can't be good.


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