12 Days of Christmas #7: The Idolm@ster

Darn, I am starting this post with 4 minutes until midnight. WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN! Oh well, at least I have an excuse today. You see, there is this game called Orcs Must Die! AND THAT GAME IS REALLY FUN! I tried it for the first time today and well, I was blown, like BLOWN away.

Anyway, on to idolm@ster. I am not quite sure if you are always meant to have the @ in there or not, wikipedia has it written as The Idolmaster in English, but the listed romanji is THE iDOLM@STER. Interesting, no?

The iDOLM@STER (let’s call it im@s, okay?)  took quite a few people by surprise. Most people on first sight(those who hadn’t played the games) were probably expecting some generic moe  focused anime, but nope! Others might have just expected a story about nice girls doing nice things, sort of, but nope!

I am not going to claim im@s was the best anime of 2011, but in my humble opinion, it was most certainly one of if not the most consistently good anime this year. Each episode was well made, most of them well animated, and all of them were fun episodes that showcased fun and interesting characters. When you see an anime like im@s with a large lineup of female characters, it’s pretty easy to be cynical, but it blew the cynics away. There was no overarching plot or story (well, there sort of is in the latest episodes), but the characters going about their daily lives with that endearing idol soul of theirs was enough to melt most peoples hearts.

Before I move on, a quick disclaimer:

I haven’t totally caught up with im@s, I am one episode behind, I might watch it right now actually.
I will try and keep this post for two reasons:

  1. It’s 12:32 in the night, not the best of times to write a long post.
  2. I have been missing sleep too much lately.
  3. I have a post dedicated to Haruka in the works, it is almost done, and I don’t feel like regurgitating anything (though it’s unlikely I will)


As I alluded earlier, im@s was consistently good, unfortunately, what this also meant was that not much stood out. But, well, I have somehow narrowed it down to the following:

Chihaya pulling herself up.

I hate to admit, but I did not like Chihaya as much as the other idols. I didn’t hate her or anything, but compared to the others, she always felt a bit forced, a bit rigid for my liking. I guess she must be sad I feel this way. Note that this is one of the good things about im@s, you have a variety of characters you can choose to like. Anyway, back to Chihaya, as I was saying, she wasn’t exactly my favorite, but episode 21 pulled quite a few heart strings.

Sure, it might have been a stereotypical sad background, okay well, it wasn’t all that stereotypical. Sad backgrounds normally involve parents, childhood friends or older siblings. This was one of the few “younger sibling” problems that I know of, and the only one I can recall right now.

Anyway, watching Chihaya regain her voice, overcome her trauma and put the other production agency in their place was sightly cheesy but very nice. It really goes to show you how much character development idolm@ster provided if you can enjoy this episode without feeling that it was unrealistic or something.


Chibi Haruka, no, as of this time, I did not finish ep.24....it was too hard to sit through the entire thing. TOMORROW or today because you know 2 AM and all.!

I really, really like Haruka, and that’s why I am writing a post on her. So, I am not going to say much, just that her breakdown after everything piling on top of her was really, really painful to watch. Heck, as we speak, I am struggling to get through episode 25 because it hurts to watch poor Haruka, the harbinger of optimism suffer so much.

If at the beginning of im@s, someone had told me that Haruka would have a breakdown, I probably would have been hesitant to believe it, but it happened, and more importantly, it didn’t feel like a twist or anything. No, little things kept building up until we finally got to the breaking point.

In short, this was memorable because of the excellent characterization leading up to it, and because I am a sucker for Haruka and her cheerfulness.

Other Memorable Moments

Yayoi  getting bullied. —Episode 10


Poor Yayoi, it was upsetting to see her  get bullied by that other idol team in the sports competition. I think pretty much everyone in the community was mad at those other idols, those bitches made Yayoi  cry, cute, innocent Yahiro of all people! Madness!

I am glad that Makoto showed them whose boss. It was also really cool to see Inori step up to the plate and reverse-blackmail the enemy producer.

Episode 8


This episode was funny as hell. Watching Makoto beat up those thugs, watching Azusa do so much good and finally watching Miki tackle the wedding dress was awesome. I really need to re-watch this episode, as well as most of idolM@ster.


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  1. #1 by Mushyrulez on December 21, 2011 - 8:54 pm

    So, you’d definitely recommend iDOLM@STER to someone who dropped it one episode in? Also, catch some sleep, ‘I have been too much lately’ doesn’t even make sense a a sense-tense anymore 😦

    Looking back, I realize that I dropped it not because it was bad, but because I thought it would be bad… eh, bad idea, I guess?

    • #2 by Reiseng on December 22, 2011 - 2:15 am

      Yeah, it’s great! It doesn’t get too much better though, except, you know the characters more and end up caring about them more. And I should really sleep now…. Thanks for caring!

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