12 Days of Christmas #9: Retro Anime

I am starting this post with about 3 minutes left until 2, scratch that, now it’s two minutes. At least, today I have a reasonable excuse. I was packing and moving my stuff. So, yeah, I am tired, but using the power of raw determination as befitting of a Lord like myself, I shall write this post. That, and well, I don’t have work tomorrow either, so, I can chillax a bit and can afford to wake up late.

Anyway, this post is a bit different from my other posts. I am not going to focus on only one anime this time, but rather a collection, and while I will be breaking my own “only talk about anime that aired this season rule”, I will be in keeping with the original guidelines of “talk about anime you watched this year”. Also, I won’t bother with a “most memorable moment” bit. Also, in keeping part with breaking my own rules, I will write about anime that I have not yet finished, but this isn’t the first time, I have broken this rule.

Note: It is now 5:02 AM. Yeah, such is the power of my determination, but I am finally done. Good Morning!

In case you are wondering why I always seem to be bending my own rules, well, I will let you know that I had most of this planned out before the first post. Yes, I made rules I knew I would be breaking, but it’s okay, I am a badass like that.

ANYWAY, on to retro anime we go.

Now, when I say retro, I just mean anime that did not air in 2011, it doesn’t mean the anime aired in the 80’s or something. Wait, I got the definition wrong? Or, did I? I am too lazy to look it up and frankly my dear, I couldn’t care less. [Though if you write a comment explaining the correct definition to me and whether I met it or not,. I will appreciate it!].

Squid Girl Season 1

Back when Squid Girl was released in 2010, I only watched 1 episode of it, but I didn’t hate it or anything. I just didn’t watch any more, that’s all.

So, with everyone going all crazy for season 2, I decided to watch Season 1. I had been meaning to watch some squid Girl, and now, I finally had an excuse.

Unfortunately, I only watched the first 5 or six episodes, I think before I got sidetracked by other stuff, however I really enjoyed those episodes, especially episode 5.

Yes, I realize that people have probably already talked extensively about that episode, but I will like sharing my thoughts to.

Episode 5 was incredible, or at least the mini squid girl part was anyway. I was deeply touched and saddened by the ending. Us humans lead such short, insignificant lives, sniff, sniff.



Last Exile

Me and my brother are a bit like this actually, except I am not a red-haired girl.


A while back I bought Last Exile season 1 on DVD, and I watched a few episodes with my brother. We only watched like 8 or 9 episodes, but it was still quite enjoyable. I can see why this anime is very liked, it has a unique style, probably some deep underlying themes, great visual design and likeable characters.

It really is one of those, “Yeah, I don’t need to read or write blog posts about this to realize that it’s a good anime” anime.


Ginko is pretty awesome, but so is the anime he is featured in.

I have only seen 9 episods of Mushishi, and that’s mostly because other stuff came up (like watching currently airing series), but also because Mushishi isn’t really that suspenseful or gripping (gripping in between episodes, once you start an episode, it’s hard to let go), however, Mushishi is incredible.

Forgive me for constantly using the same adjectives, but Mushishi is an anime that simply must not be mocked. I am not saying that everyone will like Mushishi, but I honestly think that any anime fan upon seeing Mushishi would say something along the lines of: “Yeah, this is well made”, whether they follow that with a “I love it” or “it’s not my type” depends on the anime fan.

I also really like how Mushishi isn’t all happy and cheesy. Bad things happen, tragedies sometimes, actually, but that’s the way it should be. For that is the cost of messing with supernatural beings like the Mushi.

Oh, and as an aside, I really liked episode 2, that was an absolutely fantastic episode.

I really like how soothing Mushishi is, it doesn’t try to run ahead and bombard you. It just simply floats there, like a Mushi that slowly guides you towards the river of light.

This is a very powerful anime, but it isn’t one you try to rush through, no, you can take your time, because Mushishi will wait for you.

Let Mushishi guide you to The River of Light

Haruhi Suzumiyah-Second Season

It didn't take you very long to catch me, or my attention anyway.

I LOVE HARUHI SUZUMIYAH. No, seriously, I am a die hard fanboy. A while after I watched the first season a few years back, I even read some of the translated novels. When season2 came out, I started watching it of course, only to realize that it was more like season 1+ bonus, and more importantly, the repeating episodes were kind of grating. So, I stopped watching it.

Earlier, this year, during my school term a short while before exams (oh boy), I start watching Haruhi again (it started of with just an innocent click, but turned into something more devious). Haruhi was as glorious as I remembered. I watched all of the episodes except for the repeating ones, and I enjoyed all of them.

I really like the Haruhi franchise, the novels are great (hence I ordered all 10! Note: I haven’t even read all 10 yet…) and the anime is brilliant as well. I love Kon, his sense of sarcasm, and his affection for Haruhi. I love all the other characters, and I love Haruhi with her wicked sense of energy. I really love the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and marathoning through the second season brought me much joy and happiness, but also resulted in less sleep and shoddy school work. Oh well, it WAS WORTH IT.

I also watched The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, which was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed reading the novel and the movie did not dissapoint at all. I honestly think that even though all of the SOS brigade members are trustworthy, Yuki is probably the most trustworthy. Yes, I realize that she did try to destroy everything in this movie, but still!

Writing about Haruhi has made me really want to rewatch the series again! There are few series for which,  I get such a strong desire to rewatch. This anime has high class re-watch value!

You know what else I really liked about some of the later episodes? The notion that perhaps Koizumi’s perspective of God-Haruhi might be wrong, and that other possibilities exist. That is such a fascinating thing! Throughout season 1, we had been made to look at everything from that perspective, but now, we realize that perhaps the truth is no longer so obvious. The author of the novels is a true genius.

Skimming through the final episode to get screen-shots has just made me realize, that I skipped watching it. YES! I will now watching this after I wake up in the afternoon (It’s 4:08 AM right now).

Haruhi, for both us real life people and Kon, she shall forever remain a tease.


She beckons for you

Now, I am a HUGE FAN OF THE MANGA, so,I decided to try out the anime. I only watched 7 episodes, partly because of time constraints but also because it was really hard to find subs past episode 8.

You know, unlike most manga-fags who automatically hate it when a manga gets adopted, I normally give things a fair chance. So, I gave the anime a fair chance.

How did it do?

Well, it’s in this post, so what do you think? The anime brought a whole new different perspective to the manga. It presented the same story ( up to a point though because it ended early), but it presented it through a very different filter. It felt more childish and more fun, but that might only be the case because I had a more serious interpretation of the manga. The anime showed me that you can only look at stuff through different a lens, and though it might seem obvious to some, this was quite the revelation to me. The Mahoraba anime is what all adaptation should aspire to be, no, I don’t mean they should be childish versions of the manga, but they should pick a lens and go with it.

Another thing the anime did right was capture the Mahoraba feel. Just like the manga, while watching the anime, I felt at peace, and I felt like I was home (which I was, but still! ).

It’s good to know that no matter what changes and stuff happens in my life, Mahoraba will always be there for me, a constant in this fast paced forever chaning world of ours.

Yes, Mahoraba will forever hold my soul.

School Rumble

If you think that this year was my first experience with School Rumble, well, then you are WRONG!

I read the manga a long, long time ago. Back before many of you kids even knew what anime was. Yes, I started reading the manga back when it was still running. Yeah, it was close to finishing, but, that was still a long time ago, and it was also one of my earlier mangas. Okay, well, the manga only ended in July 2008, which is three, no, with 2012 almost here, 3.5 years ago.

I really like School Rumble. I was a bit inexperienced back when I read it, but I still laughed and cried a lot. This series is powerful.

I was still in high school when I read the manga, so I just thought it was a great comedy with great characters who were also in high school and occasionally some very emotional scenes.

So, what do I think now? Now, that I am not longer a blessed high school student, but am rather cursed with the day to day life of a boring uni student?

I think that this series is about adolescence. The anime made me nostalgia, hard. But, it wasn’t the nostalgia of watching something from your childhood, no, it was the nostalgia you get from re-experiencing your childhood. Yes, my high school life was no where near as dynamic as the one in School Rumble, but I was still high school student once.

High School is a Race

Watching this anime made me realize how much I want to go back and lead a different high school life.  A life full of energy and funny antics, a life I was not able to lead because of shyness/silliness/social expectations.

Sorry, it’s hard to explain my old man feelings for this anime. But, it gave me a very special feeling in the pit of my stomach (no, not Diarrhea, though that is a feeling in your intestines, so, maybe heartburn is a more accurate comparison?).

Leaving aside how this anime made me feel, it made me love Yakumo. I blame my lack of experience for not being head over heels for her back in high school (though, I still liked her very much), but now, I totally love Yakumo. No, I don’t love her with the maiWaifu kind of love, but a maiWaifu can never compare kind of love. LISTEN TO HER CHARACTER SONG, DOES IT NOT SOOTHE ALL YOUR WORRIES AND PAIN JUST LIKE YAKUMO.



The other character I obviously liked was Haruma. One of the best male leads of all time, seriously.

So, it’s pretty obvious who I shipped.

But, I don’t mind HarukaxEri either, they make a great couple, it’s just not Yakumo though.

I like this option to...

The rest of the cast was as I remember them, magnificent. My least favourite character is probably Tenma, but even she is quite likeable.

Now, you know what ticked me of? I did not like how Studio Comet fucked up the third season. Sorry, I know I have been swearing quite a bit lately ( I almost never swear in public), but I had to use the f-word there. I am really, really angry at School Rumble Season 3.

How could they have planned out everything, but then just release the last two episodes? It made me really upset when I found that out. I was even more said when I watched the two episodes, not because they were bad, but because we did not get the awesome lead up to those episodes. Still, I guess, releasing two OVA’s is better than nothing. Someone should remake and re-release School Rumble Season 3 and this time, include the ending from School Rumble Z.

But damn, man, these characters, they are all so awesome, I just,ugh, I love this show so much. Taking screen-caps made me fanboy really hard.

Oh, and Season 2 Episode 6 is so good, like super, so good, hence, all the screen-caps from that episode~ it’s just too good.

Thank you School Rumble.

Others: Neon Genesis Evangelian, Elfen Lied, A Certain Specific Magical Index and Blood +.

Only watched the firs few episodes of Evangelian, it seemed interesting, but it felt too scary. I will go back and finish it sometime. I watched about 4 episodes of Elfen Lied (wrote a post on episodes 1 & 2) . I watched quite a few episodes of Blood +, it had it’s moments, but I guess, I never really got into the grit of things, though I will mention that some parts made me quite emotional.

Lastly (as best as I can recall), I watched the entire first season plus a little bit of the second season of Index. I need to finish the second season, and then watch Railgun, which everyone seems to like.

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  1. #1 by Mushyrulez on December 24, 2011 - 12:45 am

    Eh, I watched less than half (read: two, and they all are airing this season; guess what they are) the anime you’re talking about, so :||||||||

    I like my text the way I like my sandwiches – between images.


    • #2 by Reiseng on December 24, 2011 - 1:44 am

      Oh, it would seem that we have a similar image to text policy going on!

      I am sure that you are deeply enjoying the deep complexities behind Squid Girl S2 and Last Exile (FAP FAP edition) very much (if you are still watching them that is), but you should definitely watch School Rumble. You are a hard man to please, but I think you will like it. 😛

      • #3 by Mushyrulez on December 24, 2011 - 1:28 pm

        I’ll watch them, I swear! I haven’t even watched penguindrum yet, my backlog is huuuuuuge 😦

      • #4 by Reiseng on December 25, 2011 - 10:26 pm

        Penguindrum is great, or well, it was for as far as I watched it. I need to run through episodes 16 until the final. Sigh, I should get to it as well.

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