12 Days of Christmas #10: Fate/Zero

Fate Zero- It has pretty much everything.

I never watched Fate/Night, nor did I play the VN, but it had a mixed, generally negative reputation amongst most anime viewers. I think people like the background setting and stuff, but were not pleased with the animation, and general presentation of the anime. I guess it had something to do with a lame director, but to be honest, I don’t know the difference between any of those casting jobs. What the hell is a director anyway?????!

Fate/Zero on the other hand got a totally different reception. Most people really like Fate-Zero. The animation is praised, and the presentation is liked a lot to, the story is talked about on occasion, but really, people overlook it because the characters are the main focus of this anime.

Fate/Zero really has everything, great characters, excellent animation and a most wondrous soundtrack.

I am really enjoying Zero, tough I will make note that I haven’t watched episode 12 yet. I liked Fate/Zero so much, I went ahead and downloaded Fate/Stay Night, but given what people say about it, I might just skip it and play the VN instead.

Short post this time, unfortunately, I think I put too many images compared to words, but Fate/Zero is too good for words, so it’s a-okay!

You should all kneel for Gilgamesh, the great archer/king person of our time.


I bet everyone knows exactly what I am going to put down.


Rider has the best facial expressions

I love Rider. I liked him since close to the beginning of Fate Zero, and after this episode, I liked him even more.


Seriously not only is Rider the best bro, but he is also a wise teacher and super supreme badass.

My reactions as this episode went on:

  1. What an entrance, Rider, you are awesome!
  2. Awesome attire Rider.
  3. Drinking instead of fighting, I like this.
  4. Rider is schooling Saber? You, tell her like it is, Rider!
  5. Rider’s Noble Phantasm….
  6. HOLY FRIGGING FUDGE, so badass


I liked how the assassin leader person, pretty much just gave up. It felt honourable and dignified. I guess it just shows that even assassins can have honour.

If Rider was my king, I would follow this man into battle and if he was my friend, I would hang out with him everyday. Watching Rider charge and kill the assassins with that entire army behind him has to be one of my most memorable moments in anime this year, well, if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be including it in this post, now would I. 😛

Make a bond with me to!

Other than the obvious reactions of “EPIC”, “SUPER COOL”, “I LOVE RIDER” and “RIDER BONE ME ALL THE WAY TO THE BASEMENT, PLEASE!”, the discussion about what it means to be a king also sparked some very interesting discussions. (EXAMPLE)

Yes, this episode is indeed splendid.

Other Memorable Moments

Rider and Waver enter Casters layer –Episode 9

Smart Kid

I think everyone liked this scene. Why? Because of the bromance.

Rider really looks out for Waver.


Rider first tells Waver not to look because he knows it’s too scary for Waver, and when Waver looks anyway, Rider lightly scolds him and then comforts him by telling him that anyone would be moved by that scene. Not missing a beat, Waver responds with “Why aren’t you moved”, and Rider’s answer while he BLOCKS a FREAKING knife from the FREAKING SHADOWS:  “Now is not the time for emotions, because I need to protect you”. (Paraphrased, by the way, not quoted).

Even in the dark, Rider shines like a bright something


This is probably the best conversation in the entire anime up to this point. No kidding. Rider is not only a great teacher but also a great bro. And even though I did not like Waiver at first (he seemed like an arrogant kid), I quickly came to really like him. Out of everyone in this battle, Waiver probably has the most innocent heart, though he did brainwash the old couple, but still! I also really liked Waiver’s intuition with the alchemy set, and Rider’s subsequent praise.

We need more characters like Waiver, characters who know their limits, who don’t try to be flashy with their UBER HAXOR POWER or try to be super smart with their UBER HAXOR BRAINS, but earnestly do their best with what they have.

We also need more characters like Rider, because face it, he is awesome and no one can deny it.

May the two never be separated.

Every Scene that involved Rider and Waiver

Pants, they are important.


Rin’s Adventure -Episode 10


I enjoyed episode 10. You’d think that a side story about Rin would not have been that enjoyable, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Rin was so cute running around, trying out magic and helping her friends. I loved how badass Rin was when she destroyed the bracelet, the compass switching directions towards her, made the scene that much more awesome. I also liked the Tohsaka scene with him teaching Rin, like Kiritsugu’s earlier interactions with Illyasviel, it showed a more soft side to the mysterious chap.

A legit smile from someone who probably fakes them most of the time.

As awesome as the rest of the episode was, the thing I really liked was Kariya’s appearance. I was so happy seeing Rin’s mother suffer when he showed up. Yes, I wish for her suffering, any parent who is okay with selling her child to another family deserves to suffer regardless of whether she has a say or not. I also dislike her because of the “you are no longer a mage so you have no right to know” crap she spouted at Kariya in the first episode.

Do I hate Tokoyoma just as much as I hate her? I don’t know… I should, but the guy is one classy badass. And, as a bonus he is also really good looking while the mother sports the standard anime “old fashioned classic noble woman” look. I don’t know why Kariya still likes her. He should just gut both her and his(Kariya’s) dad and subsequently look after both Rin and Sakura himself. Well, he wouldn’t last long, and the two would end up all alone, so, that’s probably a bad idea.


As for Kariya, I really like the guy. Sure he is creepy, but I have a great deal of respect for Kariya. In my honest opinion, out of all the people fighting for the grail, his goal is probably the most selfless/noble.

I feel so sorry for Kariya though, no one likes him(except for Sakura maybe) even though he tries so hard, and what’s even worse is that he will die soon. He has forsaken his life to save Sakura. I know that most likely he won’t succeed (I don’t think the anime will give the grail to the old man), and knowing that makes things even sadder.

Sniff, sniff

There aren’t many defined memorable moments, because the entire anime is pretty damn memorable, hence the short post. Okay, well, it ended up being not too short. I guess that’s a good thing, or it might be a bad thing. Oh well ~Life Goes On~


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  1. #1 by Bruno on December 27, 2011 - 5:06 pm

    really, I agreed with everything, but Sakura’s mother didin’t have much choice, mage wirld work with a medieval legal sistem setin, it is not like she throwed Sakura away, even Kirey may regret a little for sakura, only shiro would blow a build up and take her daughter away.

    • #2 by Reiseng on December 27, 2011 - 5:36 pm

      Heh, yeah, I kind of exaggerated my hate a little bit. I understand she probably didn’t have much choice. I guess, I just wanted to see her suffer a bit; I can be cruel like that.

      I haven’t seen or played Fate/Night, but from what I have read, this Shiro fellow seems like a noble good guy, so, yeah, I guess someone like him would never let Sakura be taken away.

      • #3 by Bruno on March 7, 2012 - 6:17 am

        Well, in the heaven’s feel rout in the game We see the result of Sakura’s childhood abuse, she kill the grany, the brother in law and prety much almost destroy the town. Since she was raped by bugs and those 2 bastards, sakura prety much deserved a happy ending, chame it isn’t canon.

      • #4 by reiseng on March 7, 2012 - 7:18 pm

        Yikes, dude, that sounds kind of crazy. Though, I guess it is good that Sakura finally gets revenge.

  2. #5 by Robert Tene on December 28, 2011 - 2:52 pm

    Rider is just awesome and Rin is just too cute! ❤

    • #6 by reiseng on December 28, 2011 - 4:39 pm

      Yup, Yup, thanks for commenting!

      • #7 by Robert Tene on January 2, 2012 - 6:29 pm

        Why are you thanking me? I am just showing my gratitude to you. Afterall you spent alot of time writing this post. It would’ve been sad if I would’ve not commented. Anyway, I like your writing style!

    • #8 by Reiseng on January 2, 2012 - 9:47 pm

      You are probably the first person who has actually complimented my writing style, so, now, instead of thanking you for commenting, I shall thanks you for the compliment. Thanks!

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