12 Days of Anime #11: Un-Go


Darn, I am typing this post late as well. ARGH, I was at my uncles for most of the day, and I was simply too lazy to take out my laptop and type out this post. So, I am writing this post on my laptop, which is on my legs, and my legs are currently in a vehicle travelling at 110Kph. PSSST: Don’t tell anyone that we are speeding.

Anyway, once more I apologize for being late, I had wanted to try and avoid publishing two 12 day posts on Christmas, but alas.

Now, onto Un-Go.

Un-Go got a lukewarm reception at first. The first two episodes were criticized for having mysteries solved in one episode (too short) and in general, the mysteries were not very exciting. Howevever, the following episodes changed everyones mind, and Un-Go quickly became a favorite from Fall 2011.

Un-Go does a lot of things right. It has great animation, great character design, some interesting characters and a great political/some sci-fi backdrop. Un-Go also brings up the topics of censorship or not. As in, is it good to protect the people by hiding information? Or, does the government only censor stuff it deems a threat to its own power? Who is right? Shinjurou with his pursuit of the truth or the Kaichou, who pursues the well-being of the state.

I brought this up in a comment somewhere before, but I think, the creators of the anime are sort of showing us what a country ruled by fear of terrorism is like. In other words, how things like censorship and manipulation of the truth are commonplace.

In addition to all of the above, Un-Go also has an incredible soundtrack, especially the opening and endings. In my opinion, the op and ed of Un-Go are probably the best this entire season, and one of the best this year. The ending is just so addicting, I love it very much! Actually, it’s interesting, but this year has had some fantastic music in anime.

Note: I have not yet seen episode 11, which might just prove to be the most memorable episode. Oh well, it’s fine. These following moments will have to do.



Yes, it was my most memorable moment --Kazamori, Fridge Edition

As I alluded earlier, people were having lukewarm reactions about Un-Go. These lukewark, reactions turned to super hot reactions after episodes 3 & 4. In episode 3. Un-Go decided to extend the mystery to two episodes, and since the mystery was extended, we had more time to become affluent with the intricacies of the mystery.

Suspense for the next episode!

Up until this point, the mysteries did not really have time to develop, and just as importantly, we honestly didn’t care. Since the mysteries did not develop much, the answer was obvious, had it not been obvious, the answer would have been totally un-obvious. That is to say, a mystery lasting only 1 episode long would be either devoid of some much needed information or simply be a mystery that required very little thinking to solve.

Episode 3 changed that. The mystery not only lasted 2 episodes, but it was also considerably harder to figure out. And yet, people did figure it out, or claimed to have anyway (I was not one of these “Super Smart” individuals). The characters in these episodes were far more interesting to watch as well. The episodes featured a typical, traditional japanese family, but the background motives and stuff was interesting.

Just as interesting was the idea of how these robots should be treated. “I mean, it’s just a robot, why can’t we have sex with the damn thing?” Things like that versus, “No, it’s naughty” and then there was the same overlying theme as every robot story. “Do, robots have a conciousness, and should they be treated nicely?”

Would this be a reasonable analogy: If I make children using my magic sperm torpedoes, can I destroy them to?

And, lastly, Kazamori is really cute. I want to pinch those cyborg cheeks! (FACE CHEEKS, YOU PERVERT!)

AWWWW, so cute~

Note: Following two images are from episode 5, just so you know illustrate how cute Kazamori is. 😛

I am quite pleased, urrr, no wait, no I am not, I am not pleased at all!

So cute~

Other memorable moments

Shinjuurou discovers the existence of gods other than Inga —Episode 6

Literary majors, they just can't stop meddling, can they?

After Shinjurou solves the case of the old man, he goes to the prison and there, he meets up with the guy who first started the mess. As it turns out, that man is assisted by a god(Bettenou), just like Shinjurou is assisted by Inga.

I find this moment to be quite memorable becaus of the “HOLY FRIGGIN SHIT” I thought as the goddess was revealed. I was stunned, I had not been expecting that, and the show had just thrown a massive curveball by throwing that plot point at us.

Granted, the curveball did make the show more supernatural. Up until that point it hadn’t been all that supernatural. It was true that Inga possessed magical powers, but they weren’t all that necessary and not really a big part of the show. For the most part, Shinjirou solved the mysteries on his own, and happened to toss a bone to Ingo who liked feeding on something.

Regardless of whether you feel the added supernaturality was important or not, the fact is, the appearance of the little girl behind the prisonaer gave everyone a fright. It was quite the unexpected twist, in my opinion, anyway.

Izumi bares all –Episode 10

This diet member is quite smart.

Yeah, all diet members went on a diet, but you don't need to.

The diet member was quite awesome, though also very sneaky, suspicious and she seemed pretty evil to, but oh well! Her quick wit and energy more than made up for her sneaky motives!

The scene where Inga paraded up to Izumi and got a confession of the truth from her was pretty painful to watch. I felt sorry for Izumi, she had tried so hard for Kaichou and now, she had condemned him.

At the same time, I was happy. I was happy that the Kaichou’s evil censorship and information manipulation had been revealed. I was happy to see all the lies, the truth they had worked so hard to fabricate, fall apart and crumble on national television. I would also like to mention that the Diet member was quite interesting and fun to watch, though she does seem kind of evil

This scene reminded me a bit of a far toned down “Nunaly kills every one” scene, though the policewoman’s confession was nowhere near as memorable.

Nothing good sweetie, nothing good sweetie. I like how the guy(Seigen Hayami?) comforting her is probably going to take this chance to get in her pants. You know it's true.

Rie Kaishou x Shinjuurou Yuuki

Rie Kaishou

More Rie Kaishou

I know that Un-Go is not really meant to be romantic, but I am shipping these two so hard. They are probably my favorite couple this season.

I really like Rie. I think it’s the combination of nice face, great hair, nice moderate attire and perfect boob size that draws me to her.

She also has a nice bum

That is why I was so sad to see Rie cry when Shinjuurou lost faith in her dad, and even worse when she confessed the truth to the television AND EVEN worse when she discovered the truth and started full on bawling. Oh, but then her dad “supposedly died”, that made me feel even worse. POOR RIE! It’s okay, uhh, after your dad comes back from the dead and is proven innocent (I think that will be the case), go hug Shinjuurou. The guy is really lonely, and needs some Rie(l) love (IT’s a PUN, GET IT!).

Oh, and given that there is only one episode left, I know this relationship will probably not happen, but a guy can dream, right? 😦

Don't cry Rie, Shinjuurou Yuuki will comfort you! I hope!

I want him to be fooled by you someday~!


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