Weekly Shonen: Bleach 478, Naruto 568, One Piece 651

Strange time of the week to publish a weekly Shonen, no? Well, this weeks Shonen came out on a strange date, so I guess it makes sense somehow.

Bleach 478

Aww, Yukio is going to grow up and look after them. He really does care!

So, no flashback eh? I was sort of looking forward to a flashback with a young, buckling Ginjou, but alas! I think a good deal of readers wanted that to. We all just wanted a bit more depth added to Ginjou, so that you know, his actions and motivations would become a bit more clear.


Oh well, it’s fine. I didn’t hate this chapter as much as some people did. I did not totally like this chapter either. It was a decent chapter, nothing special, though.

Things that were revealed in this chapter:

  • Ginjou is dead
  • All of the other Fullbringers are alive except for the old butler man(Giriko).
  • It would seem that at least some of the Fullbringers (Jackie, Yukio and probably Tsu-Kun as well) have lost their powers. There is no indication about the  others, especially Shishigawara-Kun.
  • Yukio will make a company and get the Fullbringers to work with him.
  • Shishigawara and Tsu-kun will continue to live together.
  • Ririko will probably become a Full-Time member of the Kurosaki Earth team, or team Kanonji (aka she will hang out with Kon, the other mod souls and the Kurosaki Sisters).
  • Tsu-kun was never alone.

Questions that were created or not answered:

  • Did any of the Fullbringers get to keep their powers, and if so, who were they? (My guess is Shishigawara, and Riruka if even).
  • Why was Jackie so nice to Yukio…he did try to kill her you know…or maybe she only survived because he didn’t really try…so she is grateful/doesn’t care….I am confused.
  • Why did Ginjou die? Ichigo does not kill people….this does not make sense to me….
  • Will we ever see the Fullbringers again? I was thinking that Shishigawara would join the good crew, but I guess I was wrong. Or, maybe he will join, but not any time soon.
  • Why was Riruka so sad over Tsu-kun being forgotten? Or was she crying over something else? I am confused again.

Questions I truly care about:

  • None

At first I thought the whole Ginjou knew loneliness thing was stupid, but when you think about it, it does sort of make sense. I mean, Ginjou wanted to help them get rid of their powers so that they could fit into society or at least, that’s how I have interpreted it. I guess, the only question that remains is why he insisted on following that route when he could have just told them they had friends and had no need of more. Well, I guess it was because of his own convictions and desires.

Now, say what you will about the chapter, but one thing I felt this chapter did well, and one thing I feel that Kubo does well in general was create atmosphere. Sure, the text and sequence of events might not have made much sense, but this chapter truly felt sad. It felt like a bitter-sweet goodbye from characters that were hated but they never really deserved the hate. I guess that just goes to show you how good of an artist Kubo really is. His art is truly amazing. I would love to read a manga where Kubo paired up with a gifted story teller.

This page is really sad and bitter sweet. This page and the preceding ones really speak volumes about Kubo's art.

Naruto 568

At first, I was dismayed when I saw the title. “The Four Tails: The Sage King of The Apes”, what the hell man; I don’t care about the 4-Tails’s abilities. I want to see Naruto do cool stuff. Oh wait, the first few pages are about Naruto, maybe we will get to see Naruto do some cool stuff in order to ward of the 4-Tails. Okay, that’s not so bad. Naruto has been eaten, I guess he will do something from inside.

Let's have some tea, shall we?

I really enjoyed the conversation between Naruto and the 4-Tails. It was most amusing, and the 4-Tails is quite the character. The first thing I thought when I discovered that the 4-Tails was related to Apes, was if he had any connection to the Monkey Sarutubi (the Third Hokage) summoned, but that was a monkey, this is an ape, so probably not related.

The whole back and forth about not picking up a name was kind of cool. As always, Kishi sticks to his Japanese mythology (An interesting contrast to his twin brother), but not only does he keep up with his myths, he also makes a sort of reference to the all popular DRAGON FREAKING BALL Z.

It looks like the Tailed beasts are pretty cool after all, you just gotta know them a bit. Finding out the Nine Tails real name was also most interesting. “Kurama” eh. MOST INTERESTING.

Note: Apparently Kurama is a horrible name because it is not mythologically correct. I think Kurama was meant to be a bird or something, not sure. I am no japanese myth expert, or any cultures for that matter.

Oh, and I enjoyed Naruto’s little talk about the importance of having a name. I guess having your identity (part of which is your own ninja way) was something the manga had been hinting at for a long time.
While Naruto grew up, learned to make friends using his own ninja way, using his own morals and standing for those morals regardless of opposition; Sasuke did the exact opposite. Sasuke kept giving in, becoming the person others wanted him to become. First he was the genius his parents wanted, then the avenger Itachi wanted, and now, the destroyer that fake Madara wanted. An interesting contrast! I hope Naruto can punch this simple idea in Sasuke’s face.

He be serious, yo

One Piece 651

Awesome Cover Page

Before I begin, I must ask the question: “What can a mangaka do to beat OP chapter 650?”. The answer? Not much, that was a hard chapter to top. I honestly don’t know what you would need to top it. What I do know though is that whatever was necessary, it was there in Chapter 651.

This chapter was incredible.

Let’s see what happened:

  • Luffy’s punch finished of Caribou. I was glad to see that.
  • Some of the Big Mom crew members have very interesting designs. A Cute talking Lion, an egg,teapot, baron thing? Lol
  • Luffy blunders and reveals that he ate all the candy.
  • Big Mom likes candy more than anything else.
  • Big Mom is going to have a tea party in 4 days.
  • Big Mom eats people when she is hungry.
  • There are other strange members in her crew, like a girl with three eye slots…
  • Big Mom likes her candy so much, that she burns islands that don’t feed her.
  • Big Mom is the stuff of nightmares, and she most likely possess an ability related to stomach acids or just stomachs in general.
  • Luffy knows how to sweet talk on the Den Den Mushi.
  • Luffy has gotten smarter, he offered treasure after all. The old Luffy would have declared an ultimatum right away.
  • Captain Kid has been quite naughty lately, sinking two of Big Mom’s ships and all.
  • Big Mom is a true pirate. She doesn’t stand for compromises because pirates take whatever they want.
  • Most likely, Big Mom is not Lola’s mother. It just doesn’t seem right now.
  • Luffy vs Big Mom, it’s on now!

Big Mom is scary yo~ Also, the three eyed girl is hot~!

A good while before I read this chapter, I saw a tweet by someone (can’t remember who!), who simply said “Oh, Luffy”. I didn’t understand it then, but after this chapter, I understood. Luffy really likes to jump head first and do super reckless things. He takes the reckless stereotypical shonen character and exaggerates it ten fold.

Oh Luffy

The comedy in this chapter was incredible. Everything from the character designs, to Luffy’s reckless actions, to the actions/speech of the Big Mom crew was funny.

Such comedy!

Then there were the revelations which I went over above and also some implications. It looks like the Straw Hats are on a head on collision with the Big Mom pirates. Sure, it won’t happen right away, they will probably explore at least an island or two in the New World, but still, a collision is inevitable at this rate.

Let us drive this point a bit more, shall we? Luffy is now, not only a super wanted enemy of the World Government, but he is also an enemy of one of the 4 Emperors. Oh, maybe 2 Emperors with BlackBeard there to.  THIS IS FREAKING INSANE! I’d wager that Big Mom is probably not the strongest of Emperors, but she is still an emperor!

I guess, in some ways, it’s a bit like back before the Straw Hats entered the Grand Line. Zoro became enemies with a Schibukai, and now Luffy is an enemy of an emperor.

Speaking of forming enemies, Luffy’s declaration of Ass-kickery and the subsequent Big Mom rage was awesome. I love how Luffy said that he wants to make the island his turf. He really is thinking big now. Well, he sort of always was.

I find the behaviour of big pirates interesting. Both Shanks and Big Mom have been shown to act by proxy. They send out messengers and stuff, Whitebeard was similar to that. I guess when you have so many ships and people, it’s hard to get going anywhere. I wonder how the Straw Hats will behave at the end of their journey. I doubt Luffy will act in proxy like this other captains, especially given the small size of the crew, but it will be interesting to see what happens!

Oh, and that female Big Mom crew member? I get the feeling that she will be important some day.


edit: I just realized, but the Straw Hats might not actually know that Big Mom is one of the Emperors. I bet the rest of the crew will not be happy when they hear the news!


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