Un-Go: End of Season Thoughts

I am late with this post as well, and well, I will make this short because I already covered why I liked Un-Go in my 12 Day Post.

Warning: This post like most of my anime posts is picture spam. I apologize for that. I really should cut back on the screens, they make posts take several magnitudes longer to write. As for why I use so many, it’s because I wish to have an accurate record of anime that I have seen.

The Last Episode:

The last episode was fantastic. I did not see the ending coming; I am sure some people did, but I did not. We knew that Kaishou was still alive, we knew that Kaishou had somehow brought them together, and we knew the identity of the mysterious technician. We knew that Bettenou was being used when Kaishou appeared in front of us, and yet, despite knowing all that, or perhaps because we knew all that, this episode was awesome.

How did I not see him as the bad guy, he even has a villainous face.

You see,(I am slightly plagiarising the opinion of other people now) Un-Go was probably less about the mystery and more about overly controlling governments and whether censorship is good or not. And, that is why Un-Go despite having mediocre mysteries was such a fun anime!

As for the episode itself, I first of liked how Shinjuurou comforted Inga. The flashback was interesting. I had always wanted to see more of the origin of their relationship. I wonder if the prequel film will satisfy that quench.

Old Friendships are best friendships

Coincidently, thanks to this episode, it was pretty much proven (to me anyway) that the man with the long hair in the opening was Shinjuurou.

The Inga/Bettenou fight was pretty well choreographed, a bit too much for my tastes, but I guess that was to be expected given that it was a fight between two monster-y things. I had thought Bettenou and Inga were both gods, but that was wrong. Neither of the two were gods.

Un-Go did whet my appetite quite a bit and it would have been nice if it had lasted a bit longer.

I knew Shingen was suspicious, but I didn’t really think that he was the main culprit, however, I did guess his reasoning!

Remember this:

Nothing good sweetie, nothing good sweetie. I like how the guy(Seigen Hayami?) comforting her is probably going to take this chance to get in her pants. You know it's true.

She has self-esteem issues so she did not see that coming.

BWAHAHAHA, I am the Mystery Lord! Not really….Seigen’s desire to get in her pants could be seen a mile away, and well, the show made it obvious to, but it’s not important. What’s important is that the ending felt right, and another reason why the ending felt right was because Kaishou was not a total good guy. He had been keeping secrets and hatching some evil plan all along. Of course, he had been doing it for a good cause, as he had been doing the entire anime, which is exactly why the whole premise of this anime is so interesting. Should the governments censor and gain more power in order to protect the citizens and to get things done faster? Who knows, though I still say “No”, and frankly speaking, the anime was also saying “No”. We did see everything from  Shinjuurou’s perspective after-all, and that man only wants to expose souls (the truth and stuff).

Sneaky Kaishou

I liked how, despite everything, Shinjuurou still stuck to his own version of the truth, and yet, he choose to not reveal the truth because he did not want to hurt Rie. It was a dawwwTastic moment.

Then he had the talk with Rie, and being the Shinjuurou x Rie shipper that I am, I was very happy.

Rie must always smile. KISS HIM WOMAN, I DEMAND IT.

That butterfly at the very end probably had some significant meaning, but I can’t think of what it was.

Some Butterfly

As for the series in general?

Well, my 12 day post probably covered everything, but once more I’d like to iterate that Un-Go was a fantastic series. It might not have had the most enticing of starts (though I still liked the beginning), but it turned into a great series.

The only unfortunate thing is that 2011 was a great year for anime, and because of that, Un-Go will probably not be remembered as well as it would have been had it aired in a lacklustre year.

I would like it if more well thought out series like Un-Go were released, and preferably in high-definition, because you know, I am an elitist like that.

Bonus Kazamori shot, because Kazamori is cute~


Me to!



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