Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: End of Season Thoughts

I am a bit (read: very) late with this post, but I guess it’s good to have for the sake of completion? I think a better title for this post might have been: “Rant about Haganai, fanboyism over Rika”.

Can’t really think of a caption for this image…but it needs to be included…FOR SCIENCE!

Final Episode:

I couldn’t care less.

Not a very bad episode, but other than Rika’s reactions, there was nothing good here. Actually, Rika might have been the one that was carrying the anime all along. Well, since I started this post, I might as well talk a little bit more about this episode.

This episode felt like it was stretched way too much. They elongated 5 minutes into 20 minutes. That is never really a good thing. The only real thing that happened this episode was the conclusion of the Kodaka X Yozura childhood mishap, and it was not the greatest of conclusions either. “I was always a girl, but I was too shy to tell you. Now, you know the truth, and let’s forget all about it” was basically all it was, but the writers decided to make it seem smarter than it really was.

No, it’s not.

They added in the whole spcheel about nicknames and made it seem like the episode was about leaving your past behind and other needless stuff. No, there was no need for all of that. Haganai should have stuck with the only meritable thing about it: Comedy.

On the other hand, we got to see Yozura dress up as a guy and to be frank,  it was not as impressive as all the characters seemed to think, but I guess it was still something. A cool thing about this episode was how Sena recognized Yozura when no one else could. It kind of shows how Sena and Yozura actually understand each other, or something?

My dirty mind interpreted this in ways far more perverted then implied here, but I think that was the intended effect.

Opinions on the whole Show itself:

I already covered a good deal of what I thought about the show in my 12 Day post, but let’s write some stuff down for the sake of completeness.

Haganai for the most part was either overshadowed by the original source manga, mocked because of otaku pandering, or simply disliked for having nothing worth seeing. Now, other than the superiority of the manga, I can at least somewhat vouch for the other points.

Yes, there was some otaku pandering. We had the standard “strong” deep character, the well endowed Tsundere, the cute otokonoko, two lolis and a perverted scientist. The only thing we were missing was a not-so well endowed Tsundere.

Just breaking up the negative text a bit.

No overarching plot, only a meager attempt at character development and lack of any devoid meaning or theme meant that this show was also quite empty.

So, this show was just otaku pandering empty fluff? Well…it might have been, but I still liked it.

I liked some of the characters, heck the only character I truly disliked was the “Sister”. I hate lolis like her, they take the loli archetype, destroy the few entertaining traits and exaggerate the bad ones. I was also not the biggest fan of Yozura, especially her treatment of Sena. Sure, it was funny the first couple of times but it got old and boring.

Yukimura was okay, but really only because he used the word “Anike” to refer to Kodaka. Sena and Kobato were good and Rika was excellent. I also liked Kodaka, sure there was nothing super special about him, but at least he felt like-able and he was not an idiot. Other characters like Sena’s dad and his butler were great to.

–Sorry I just had to include the above scene somewhere. It just had to be included!

The combination if a decent cast and some great humor made this anime great to watch. I only wish that Yozura and Sena had some improvement in their relationship and that the anime had more closely stuck to its comedic roots in the last few episodes.

In conclusion this was a decent enough show, nothing I will remember for a long period of time, but Rika shall be missed.

Oh Rika

we shall miss thee!

Okay, that’s quite enough, Rika!


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  1. #1 by foshizzel on January 9, 2012 - 7:56 pm

    I fell in love with Rika! Seriously best character ever! Right next to Yozora and Kobato ❤ But I can see why a few people would hate it…nothing of a real plot ever happens besides Kodaka and Yozora and that felt weak…ah well season two? I sure hope so xD

    • #2 by Reiseng on January 10, 2012 - 9:21 pm

      Well, both the novel and the manga are still running, so, there is a chance of season two, but if you really like it, you might as well read just the manga and join the “THE MANGA IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE ANIME” club. 😛

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