Courageous Quick impression: Nisemonogatari

It takes  a lot of courage to be so late with a quick impression post.

Just when you thought we were done spelling Bakemonogatari ( I still always spell that wrong), now, we have to suffer spelling Nisemonogatari. Sheesh!

I love Bakemonogatari. It has to be one of my all time favorite animes. The great cast, gorgeous visuals, incredible direction, super witty dialogue and various other reasons made it an awesome watch. Not to mention that the female(NON-LOLI) cast was exceptionally hot.

Note: I don’t think I am going to blog this series though. Well I don’t know if I have the right to shout and declare that. I don’t normally do episodic posts and I haven’t done any episodic posts since my brief venture with Guilty Crown, and we all know how that went. However, I do have two other reasons why I am not going to appease my thousands of fans with posts on this: School and Complexity. School is obvious, and if you think about, so, is complexity. I don’t think I could do the series justice by writing about it, not without trying to pick it apart, and that seems like too much work.

Anyway, let us courageously move on!

The Animation

Some people might think that while Nisemonogatari has some wicked animation, a lot of the animation is useless, and just there to detract the viewer. In other words, it serves no purpose. This is a common complaint with them Shaft people. Now, I do not know if it serves a purpose or not, but frankly I do not care. It looks cool, and that is all that matters!

This kind of thing is really cool.

The Dialogue

As pointed out by other blogging people, there were three main conversations:

  • Hitagi Senjōgahara and Koyomi Araragi
  • Tsukihi Araragi and Koyomi Araragi
  • Mayoi Hachikuji and Koyomi Araragi

The first conversation was obviously awesome, but that was to be expected. It’s Senjoghara, the girl speaks a lot, but damn does she speak well. There were a bunch of plot details hidden in there, from what I have read, it has been suggested that Karen (Araragi’s sister) seems to have gone rogue.

I want to set a picture of Senjōgahara as my wallpaper....Oh and this demonstrates some of the awesome stuff Senjōgahara says.

Episode 2 might shed more details on this, but I have not yet seen the episode, so, I cannot comment on that. Note: I beleive Araragi was kidnapped RIGHT after his conversation with Mayoi, so, the kidnapped conversation, chronologically speaking, was at the end of the rest of the episode’s events.

The second conversation was also kind of cool. Sure, it was not as witty as the first (though, Araragi’s sister seems to be able to hold her own), but it was nice to see the brother-sister convo.

My birthday is coming up soon, I DO NOT WANT TO GROW UP! I say that but at least one of my younger siblings is more mature than me....

Araragi seems to be a pretty good brother, he doesn’t fight his sisters anymore because he is worried he might kill them. Well, even if you weren’t a good older brother, you would probably refrain from trying to killing your sisters.

I like it when a _monogatari series lets a bit of Araragi’s past slip by. The series have in general focused on Araragi’s present and the pasts of others, so, it is nice to see a bit of his past come out. In this episode we learnt that Araragi and his sisters all learn martial arts at some point, so, even without his pseudo vampiric abilities, Araragi was still pretty able in a fight. I would love to watch a series or a few episodes that focus solely on the time when Araragi was a vampire. More info about his vampire mother(saviour?) Shinobu Oshino or even Meme Oshino would be nice. The fact that I care so much just goes to show how well crafted the characters in _monogatari are.

The third conversation was also most interesting.

If I made a post with the top smiles in anime, this image would certainly be included.

He might be dating Senjōgahara, but Mayoi seems to be his best friend. For one reason or another, Araragi confesses everything to her. And Mayoi in turn, despite being a little kid, has some surprisingly wise things to say. I (quite obviously) liked her talk about the word “courage”. I also particularly liked how scared Araragi was that Mayoi might leave him like Oshino did.

Back in Bakemonogatari, Araragi often complained about Oshino and his vileness, but the truth is, Araragi really liked the old chap. I remember when Araragi brought Senjōgahara to Oshino, and Araragi asked her to give up all of “her weapons” because he wanted no harm to come to Oshino. I think Araragi really looked up to Oshino, but maybe not really as a father or older brother figure. It’s actually kind of hard to categorize Araragi’s respect for Oshino. Araragi wanted to emulate Oshino (I think he wanted to go around helping others defeat supernatural stuff), but at the same time, he kind of did not want to be Oshino. I’d like to think that was because Araragi knew that only Oshino could be Oshino and copying him would not end well.

Poor Nadeko Sengoku, she missed out on having a conversation with Araragi. Umm, this is embarassing, but I actually don’t remember Nadeko, so, I cannot verify with the minor distaste that other bloggers have for her. Or, rather than distate, I’d say that everyone else just wants Araragi to spend time with Senjōgahara instead, and to be honest, I’d like that to. Although, I do not recall Nadeko, I will mention that she has been friendzoned HARD.


It’s always interesting to see people being friendzoned outside of the a harem ending (at the end of most harems, the girls that don’t get the guy, are almost always friendzoned). Well, this is the way Araragi has always been. He is  really nice to people who have spiritual problems, but he is sort of cold when it comes to other normal people like Nadeko(I think she had a spiritual problem, but whatever) and Tsukihi, or rather he prefers to spend time with people whose company he enjoys like Senjōgahara, Mayoi and Tsubasa Hanekawa.

General Awesomeness


Smiling is good for your health, so more smiley pictures can only be a good thing, right?


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