Weekly Shonen: Bleach 479, Naruto 569-571, One Piece 652-654

Hi, uhh, sorry I did not post anything weekly Shonen’s for like, you know….a long time (3 weeks to be exact). But you see, I was busy either working, or procrastinating on work. No kidding, I have been genuinely occupied these past few weeks, and will continue to be occupied for a few months. So, yeah, sorry, just when I was pulling this blog out of the muk, it is now going to slide straight back in.

Bleach 479

Oh, Ichigo.

I honestly thought the Xcution stuff was already taken care of, but whatever, with this, I guess, it is final. It was nice to see Kensei, Rose and Hirako as captains. I guess, Kubo really wanted to show us that Soul Society is back at full strength, though, I will admit that I sort of wanted new captains with their own mysteriousness and stuff. I still don’t totally understand why Ichigo would kill Ginjou, maybe because there was no hope for him or something. Still, I sort of like the bond that Ichigo formed with him, Ichigo trying to honour Ginjou despite everything was a testament to who Ichigo is: an honorable warrior who does his best to understand his friends and foes.

It’s nice to see Soul Soceity respect Ichigo, I guess, in many ways he has grown a bit, I just hope Kubo  keeps it like that and does not repeat the “Ichigo gets weak->Need Reason to Become Strong->Becomes strong again” cycle.  The comment about old men being dazzled ties in to the old Shonen “the young take over the old” theme. A theme which hadn’t really been talked about much in Bleach. It is a major theme in Naruto and I guess other Shonen to.

I don’t care much for Riruka, though I did fanboy over her quite a bit a long time ago. I will however note that I am pretty sure she just disappeared and did not die. I bet all of the members of Xcution will come back someday and save Ichigo and his friends from some perilous situation.

Once again, I must emphasize just how good Kubo’s art is at creating atmosphere. The scene with Ukitake and Shunsui Kyōraku felt nice and serene, and well, there was something sad about Riruka’s departure. Not related to the art, but I liked Riruka’s comment about Ichigo never forgetting, yeah, that just seems to be the kind of guy he is.


I hope Kubo writes a fun arc when Bleach comes back, uhh, next week, I think?

Kubo likes to try and throw in some drama, doesn't he? I hope he doesn't try to teleport of a railing sometime. The break required after that would be far longer than 3 weeks.


Naruto 569-570

Not going to say much because, well, these were both just buildup chapters, and I don’t have that much spare time anyway. There was an excessive use of flashbacks, especially in chapter 569, and looking back on it, both chapters did not feel that important, though I guess incapacitating the 4-Tails, and making friends with the 9-Tails was pretty important. Very important even. I guess, the flashbacks just sort of dragged it out a bit more than it should have been. I really liked how Naruto was thinking and left a clone behind in Sage Mode. It was also cool to see how Naruto can now use both Kyubi mode and Sage mode at the same time.

Oh, Shit!


I liked how Naruto was to the Nine Tails what Iruka was to him. Now, the execution of the Naruto-Kurama friendship was well executed but, the execution was not that greaaat (the best part was the slightly witty exchange between the two about the chakra tug of war and boredom and all that shnaz), however, it felt like a most important thing. Why did it feel so important? Because, we have been waiting for this moment since the very beginning of the manga. If Naruto becoming hokage is the moment that will finally bring everything to a complete close, then this is the precursor to that moment.  [WARNING CHEESY LINE]: The fact that we care so much about this moment, despite the not excellent execution is a testament to the bond that we, the readers, have made with Naruto and by extension, the manga. Ladies, and gentlemen, the manga will be ending soon(an year or two:P), I hope all of you can be there to witness it with me.

One of the most important moments in this manga, a moment we have been waiting for since we were first introduced to the nine-tail fox.

Naruto 571

Wohoo! Awesome-sauce!

Freaking awesome chapter, man, like super awesome, man.

Not much else to say really, it looks like Naruto’s new Kyuubi mode is awesome, though he is still learning, so, it doesn’t last long. It would be cool to see what he can do when he gets more practise in. I know other people liked the Minato comparison, but it’s been done so many times now, it didn’t feel all that special, still nice, but you know, not all that special.

That clone was in Sage Mode, so, yeah Naruto can use both Kyuubi mode and Sage Mode at the same time, though in separate bodies. I was wondering how Kishi was going to implement full Kyuubi mode, I am glad he did not make Naruto literally turn into a Kyuubi like Bee or the other Jinchurikyou’s.

Lastly, some people are thinking that Sasuke is going to need another upgrade before he can face Naruto. I don’t necessarily agree with that, Sasuke is already quite overpowered as it is, and the Sharingan does have some 9-Tail controlling powers, though I am not sure if that is applicable in this case. People are thinking that Sasuke is going to get the Rinnegan. I really hope that does not happen. Kishi and most other Shonen authors have this habit of taking a “legendary power” and running it to the ground making it quite ordinary. I don’t like that.

Oh, and I do wonder just a bit about how Naruto + Kyuubi > All other Jinchurikyou + Tailed Beast. Oh well, we will just say it’s his charm as the main character.

One Piece

One Piece 652-653

One Piece is awesome, it always has been, and hopefully it always will be.

I love this line, and Haki is kind of important, isn't it!

I was happy to see Jinbei not going with them, just yet, hopefully we will see him sometime in the future, and everything will be all dandy. I will however note that I was sad Shirahoshi did not go along with the crew. I wanted a big, hot, mermaid as well 😦 Seriously speaking, I want the next crew member to be female, the crew needs another female character.

It looks like the Straw Hats might encounter Smoker soon, and oh boy, I am looking forward to that encounter.

Smoker, forever badass!

It looks like the Straw Hats will definitely be coming back to this island. Oda does not do things willy nilly, sometime in the future, something very important is going to happen, most likely concerning Shirahoshi and the uber weapons, and the Straw Hats are going to get involved. SO EXCITING! I like how in One Piece, no one arc is ever concluded permanently, but rather just placed aside, to be talked about later, either through those awesome cover art pages, or even as part of the main story (like here).

Very important, this promise is.

The new Log Pose is interesting to, I really want to see Nami show off her awesome nagivatorness.

Only Luffy could get away with touching Nami like that...also, he seems to be a lot more flexible now...reminds me more of Mr.Fantastic than he did before.

And with that, my friends, we have now officially concluded the first half of the Grand-Line. Chapter 654 should involve the New World, and a new beginning for the manga.

Time for some adventure!

One Piece 654

I wish my dreams were creative enough to involve warp holes.

I was not expecting a transitional chapter, and to be honest, I sort of did not want one either, but this is One Piece we are talking about. Oda does not jump between stuff (well, with the exception of the timeskip), so of course we would see a bit of the journey up but that also means that this transitional chapter has to meet One Piece transitional chapter requirements. Did it meet those steep requirements?

God, I love One Piece humor.

YES! Of course it did. We got to see more of the crew day to day life, and you know what, I have been wanting more of that for a long time. I love seeing the crew just doing their own stuff on the ship. I love it when the crew just talks to each other and try to fish stuff together. It shows a bond of comradery, which given the central One Piece idea of “nakama” is most glorious to bathe in.

Oda is such a troll. I was so sure that the crew would encounter Smoker, but nope! Oda makes them meet up with a strange current that lands them who knows where. Dammit, Oda, why are you so smart. Not only did you create suspense by introducing smoker, you delayed their meeting with him in order to make a flashier entrance into the New World. And, what an entrance it was. This, my friends is adventure! And, only the Straw Hats could enjoy it so much!

What an entrance!


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  1. #1 by paper on January 29, 2012 - 5:46 pm

    The Naruto chapter just made my day. It was such an epic moment to see Naruto and Kurama work together. It’s been such a long wait. They only had five minutes since it was their first transformation. I can’t wait to see what they’re actually capable of when they’re totally in sync with one another.

    • #2 by Reiseng on January 30, 2012 - 12:35 am

      Woah, Paper, it’s been a while! How have you been?

      I agree that chapter was quite epic! I to am looking forward to seeing what Naruto can do with some more practise.

      • #3 by paper on January 30, 2012 - 7:04 pm

        It has. Hopefully I’ll be around more often now. I dont see any myself getting much free time until summer but I’ll try to check up on your posts. Good, good just busy with school. and, how have you been?

        As for One Piece, I love how Luffy is so excited about the danger of the island.
        Another thing, did you expect for Luffy to ask Jimbei to join the crew? Are you liking the idea that he’s going to part of the strawhats?

      • #4 by Reiseng on January 31, 2012 - 12:40 am

        Yeah, I have been pretty busy with school to (which is why this post is made up of 3 separate posts). Other than being tired from school, I have been quite well.

        As for Jinbei, well…
        The One Piece community had been arguing over whether he would join or not for a long time, so, I can’t say it was unexpected, but I did not think that Oda would actually make Jinbei join.

        Personally, as much as I like Jinbei, for some reason, I am not really looking forward to seeing him join. I don’t know…something just feels off.

        I might grow to like him though, like I did for Brook, but for the time being, I am happy he isn’t joining right this instant. I would like to see a different member join right now, hopefully a girl, the Straw Hats need another female member.

        Thanks for popping in. I appreciate it, good luck with school.

  2. #5 by paper on January 31, 2012 - 1:34 am

    It’s almost, emphasis on almost, summer so hang in there.

    Good, because I feel that way too. For some reason, I’m just really dont like the idea of Jimbei joining. Personally, I would’ve liked it better if it was an entirely new member. I just can’t imagine him as being part of the crew.
    Haha, another female member for Sanji to fawn over.

    I am determined this time to stick to blogging and go around reading others’ posts.
    Thanks, good luck to you too~

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