Weekly Shonen: Bleach 480, Naruto 572-573, One Piece 655-656

Sorry, for the late bi-weekly post once more.

In other non-manga related news, I had my birthday on Januaray 31st. I was going to write a cheesy post about it, but then I changed my mind/got lazy (even though I had written most of the post), so, I won’t be bothering with that. Yeah, I just felt like mentioning that.

I did not mention this before, but on January 24th, a legendary blogger (no seriously, he was one of the best bloggers on the internet) by the name of 2DTeleidoscope (I call him Master 2DT) retired. A pity I only discovered this 4 days later on the 28th. I did not read enough of his posts, but what I did read was magnificent, and more importantly, 2DT was one of the most authentic and genuinely nice bloggers on the internet. He is also exceptionally classy. His writing will be sorely missed and he was an influence to all who knew him. Well, at least, he is still on Twitter.

In other bad news, MangaStream stopped their work on Some Jump Series courtesy of evil Viz. This is really heart breaking. I had been reading their stuff for a long time, and now, now I am sad. It’s even worse because even though they released this weeks jump, I did not get the chance to read it until Sunday, and now, I can no longer read it on their site. I might write a full post sometime talking about my past(not much of a past though) with MangaStream/MangaShare/Blud Scans.


Bleach 480 –The beginning of the end (Blatantly ripping of Proof’s title).

Some shadowy figures look on as Ichigo models. Next up: Ichigo doing nude modelling.

So, Bleach is finally going into its final arc, eh. It is kind of sad actually, there is a lot of stuff that is left unexplored in the Bleach universe, not because Kubo lacked time, but because he was not very good at using his time. Hopefully, this last arc will clear up any questions we have left, and be a most epic arc that will finally bring Bleach back to the glory days of its first true arc: the legendary Soul Society arc.

As for this chapter itself, well, I did not hate it. It was pretty decent for an introductory chapter. Sure, there was very little action, and sure the main focus of the chapter was on two new weak characters, but it was not bad. Like a good deal of other people, I do, somewhat think that it might have been better to use old characters instead of introducing new ones, but maybe Kubo has something important in mind, so, I will let him go.

It is not confirmed who the new enemies are, but it really looks like it is going to the be Quincies. I thought that with the exception of Ishida and his dad, they were all dead; I guess I was wrong. It kind of feels iffy to make the last arc about the Quincy, but whatever, if it is good, it is good.

Lastly, Ichigo looked pretty cool at the end there, though he always looks good at the beginning of the arc, best at the end and horrible in the middle. Such is the life of Kurosaki Ichigo.

Ichigo was not ready for the nude modelling, he will get there eventually....


Naruto 572

Poor Mizukage....he never got a taste of Sasuke...

This chapter  was not quite as epic as the previous chapter, but it was still pretty cool. Naruto’s nine-tail transformation really is quite strong, eh. I actually really liked the comedy this chapter. There were some very funny moments like the conversation between Naruto,the Mizukage and the Nine-Tails. I am happy to see that Naruto did not like the taste of Sasuke’s mouth whatsoever. I mean, it’s perfectly cool to kiss guys and all, but definitely not Sasuke, though, I guess the Sasuke back then was legitimetely cool, so, maybe his mouth tasted better? I don’t know where I am going with this. Also, in case anyone forgot the magic kiss, here it is.

One of the slightly confusing things about this chapter was whether Naruto was a prophesied successor to the Sage of 6 Paths, or if the Sage was making a generic statement, that he would get a successor someday. In other words, did the Sage know that Naruto was going to be his successor, or just that he would have a sucessor. There is a bit of difference, namely, the second does not imply to as great of a degree that Naruto’s fate was decided, which is what I prefer, simply because to me, Naruto is a manga about a kid overcoming hardships through his own will powerr and not because of destiny and stuff. The manga already botched that up before (with the Toad peace prophecy); I hope it does not botch it up some more.

Other than that, it was a fun chapter. I hope that some other time, after we have dealt with the Bijou’s, we get some nice exposition of Naruto taking out fodder. I want to see Naruto use his new form when he is not tired and not up against challenging enemies.

Sniff, Sniff

Oh, and the moment with the 4th was very touching, it would be sort of interesting to have a life-long friend inside of you. In general, the Kyuubi past was sort of touching. Also, the Chibi Tailed-Beasts were cute. Also, I suck at learning names. I could never learn all of the tailed-beast names.

Chibi Tailed-Beasts were kinda cute.

Naruto 573

NARUTO X HINATA ALL THE WAY, anyone that thinks differently should not think differently.....

For a chapter that did not have much fighting, I did not mind this chapter. Looks like Tobi/Fake Madara is getting a bit nervous but he still thinks lowly of Naruto. I did not like the cheesy sticking together bits too much, but I did not mind them, either. It was all done to show that Naruto has people who are willing to back him up. I particularly liked Hinata’s declaration that she would hold Naruto’s hand. NARUTOXHINATA ALL THE WAY!

Gorgeous imagery

Great contrast, here!

Something I really liked though was the foot marks left in the ground. That was some fantastic imagery, again, it all tied into the idea that Naruto has people behind him, while Sasuke has none. As for Sasuke’s appearance, the dude looks EMO, like seriously EMO! Everyone online is asking for him to be obliterated, but you know, I don’t want that. I want Sasuke to be a good guy again, and I want him to become a good guy without killing anyone else. Why? I don’t know, I guess, I am a sucker for happier things. But, if the word “carnage” is any indication, then well, Sasuke will be causing some major harm sometime soon.

How long must I wait before Sasuke is cool again...he looks batshit ugly here....

One Piece

One Piece 655

Oh Luffy

WHY IS ONE PIECE SO GOOD! LIKE SERIOUSLY! After this chapter, I had so much suspense built up in my belly! Let us think about what happened.

  • The Straw Hats receive an ominous message from people who were cold/attacked by Samurais on the island “Punk Hazard”.
  • There is an independent country called Wa-no-kuni that has some seriously powerful samurais. Some people are wondering whether Mihawk is still the strongest if the Samurai are thrown in. Note: There was that dude with Brook’s shadow who was inhabiting a legendary Samurai’s body.
  • The island has no magnetic field, or for some other reason, the log pose does not point to it.
  • The Straw Hats land on an island that is burning hot even though it should be cold.
  • The weather above the island is strange.
  • The World Government abandoned the island because of something that happened 4 years ago.
  • Smoker looks like a badass

    Vice Admiral Smoker, Badass level: Smoky


  • Smoker understands Luffy.
  • Smoker and his crew are going to meet up with the Straw Hats.
  • Nami can make cloud roads/maybe other stuff.
  • Robin fed Luffy.
  • The island gate had three factions place their symbols upon it; The World Government, The Marines, and a third mysterious faction. Wa-no-kuni maybe? I doubt it, but you never know.
  • Robin provided fanservice.
  • The island is all burnt and even has giant remains.
And, despite all of that,


Darn it, Oda, we are just getting started with the New World, and it is already so damn awesome.
A few people pointed out some interesting things about Usopp. He did not eat his lunch during the boat ride because there was still some hope they would go back.
However, once on the island, he made himself eat because he knew it could not be helped, and that he would need his energy. Zoro noticed that, and was sort of impressed. I really like how Oda takes care of these minute details, they might seem small, but they add so much authenticity and awesomeness to the story.
Note: Some people think that because it’s part warm, part cold that this island was where Akainu and Aokiji fought, but I highly doubt that. I doubt they would have fought on an island that no one has approached for 4 years.

One Piece 656


Not as much to say about this chapter. My biggest disappointment was that Zoro cut a dragon 😦 I mean , dragons are rare! Oh well! I guess, the dragon was really more of a nod to Oda’s first piece (Wanted), which by the way, I have not read. In terms of other stuff shown, we encountered someone who appears to be just the bottom half of a samurai that just happened to be stuck to a dragon…..a bit weird, but not too weird by One Piece standards.

Poor Dragon

In other news, the rest of the crew seems to have been kidnapped, or well most of them anyway. Judging from the dialogue between the scuba dudes, they did not take Brook. I doubt it was a translation error, but it could be an error on Oda’s part, but given his track record, that seems really unlikely. So, most likely, Brook will tell Luffy and the others about what happened when he wakes. As for why, the kidnappers left Brook behind, well, it is most likely because they thought he was already dead.

Who is this Master/M person...

Lufy went ahead and asked the torso-less man to be his nakama. Most interesting, I wonder if he will join, most of the time, they do. As for why, he is topless, well, there are quite a few theories from Buggy or Law floating around. People are suggesting that Law became a Schibukai and did something to this guy, but that does not feel right. Law is not the type of guy who would become a Schibukai, and I don’t think Buggy could have the ability to use his devil fruit on other people. Oh well, we will likely find out soon enough.

One thing I really liked about this chapter though, was the teamwork. I really enjoyed watching Luff, Usupp and Zoro work together to defeat the dragon.

I hope I have not suggested that this was a bad chapter or anything, but for some reason, I felt out of it while reading it, so, it’s probably just me. Also, as others have pointed out, this chapter most certainly had the One Piece vibe to it.

I just realized that Oda does not do things like include dragons just for the heck of it. I have a feeling that there was either more to that dragon then what we thought at first, OR, there are many more dragons out there.  Oh, and I just realized but I might not want this guy in the crew. I really wanted a female character…. 😦

Great Introduction to possible future crew member: Almost Panty Shot


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