Weekly Shonen: Bleach 481, Naruto 574, One Piece 657

Yo, I am a keep this short. I have to procrastinate on studying for midterms and play Skyward Sword. Sorry, this post is late by the way.

Bleach 481

They try to be cool, but we all know that aren't really that cool~

Not a bad chapter actually. People are whining a lot about the new characters, but I don’t really hate them. I do get there genders and identities mixed up though. Are them both meant to be girls, one boy, one girl, one girl, one boy???? I don’t care much though.

As for the rest of the chapter, it looks like some funny things are happening around Karakura town, but I don’t feel like devoting my energy to figure it out. No, what made this chapter for me, was the entrance of the hollow dude and Ichigo’s subsequent reaction. I have a feeling that this hollow fellow is not a bad guy, but rather, he wants to ally with the good guys against the true bad guy. Also, Ishida is hanging out with the crew, so, if the Quincies are involved, he knows nothing about it, or is at least pretending to not know anything.

This was a great introduction to a villain, if he was a villain that is.

See, this here is badass.

Naruto 474

Oh Sasuke, you could be so cool if you know, you didn't try so hard at being cool.


Not a very good chapter in my opinion. I mean, sure, we got to see Sasuke do his little dance, but meh. It’s just Sasuke, everyone’s least favourite emo-kid. I guess Sasuke’s susano thingy is quite overpowered, but hey, so is everyone else in this manga. Thanks to Sasuke, we will get no more Zetsu clones or at least, that is what was suggested. I was expecting to see Sasuke go all out and kill some good guys, but it looks like he won’t do that until he has defeated Naruto. At least we got to see what Karin and the other two whose names I no longer recall are up to. Karin has actually got quite the act going on; I found it impressive. I could not care less about Orochimaru’s secret, it’s probably just something like how to turn the Sharingan into the Rinnegan. Or something else that could grant Sasuke uber powers.

Lastly, it looks like Itachi is going to meet Sasuke. I am looking forward to this meeting (though it is possible that Kishi is just trolling us with the possibility of one), but I know that nothing too important will come out of this meeting. Sasuke will not become a good guy until Naruto pounds some sense in him, so, Itachi’s advise(if he gives it) will likely be ignored.

Knock some sense into Sasuke, Itachi. Please!

One Piece 657

How √~!

A fun chapter, this was!

So, they actually ate the dragon… I really should have been expecting that, but it made me chuckle anyway. When I first saw the chapter title, I thought it was about the dragon’s head. I was not really expecting it to be about a severed human head. First we get a pair of legs that are no longer connected to their upper torso, and now a head that is not only disconnected from the chest, but in pieces to. Oh, and top it all off, we get giant babies. You know, One Piece is kind of strange, isn’t it? Just a bit though.

So, it is as we suspected all along. Half the island is cold, the other half is hot. Also, it has been confirmed that Brook was not captured, but I have no idea what he is going to do now. I mean, Luffy and the others are heading towards Nami and the rest anyway, so, Brook does not need to inform them or anything. Hmm, will Brook face of the entire navy by himself? It would probably be best if he just plays dead…hur hur hur.

It is unclear whether those legs belong to the samurai head or not. The legs can speak, but they speak differently than the head does. So, they could belong to two different people, or heck, the legs could be an entity on their own.

Source: Cow and Chicken, found on some random site via Google Images.

I don’t really know what else I can talk about. It was nice to see Sanji acting compassionate when he discovered the true  goal of the samurai, and given his occupation as father, I doubt the head will join the Straw Hats. As for the babies, yeah, I have no idea what’s going on. But, I love it. I am expecting even more strange things to pop up all over the place, how fun! People are suspecting Vegapunk was involved somehow, and that seems possible, likely even, but this is Oda we are talking about. So, hold your cards close to your chest because this arc has a lot in store for us, and I for one am looking forward to it!

Awww, cute giant babies.


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