Weekly Shonen: Bleach 482, Naruto 575

Instead of spending my reading week studying for midterms (which, by the way start on Monday), or avoiding studying via fun things like Skyward Sword or my brand new PS Vita, here I am writing another Weekly Shonen post. YAY! This post could have been released much earlier, but I was waiting for One Piece. I did not realize that One Piece is on break this week.

Now, for some sad news. I had not been following the news much lately, but as it turns out, two badass journalists died yesterday in Syria. Random Reddit Link, wiki link taken from random reddit link, one journalists final article taken from random reddit link. Sorry, about the link spam, they are mostly there for my own archival purposes.

Bleach 482

Now, for some slightly bad Bleach news. The Bleach anime is ending on March 27. This does not upset me too much, simply because I have not followed the anime for a long time (not since the bount arc, I think). Also, I am not sure, there seems to be some misinformation around, but apparently, the anime might simply be going on a long break to let the manga get ahead. That is probably a good thing, that way, they don’t have to waste money on fillers, and the money can either be used to make a better anime, or make a different anime.

Will any of us see the Bleach end coming? I hope Kubo does not make it too predictable, or too far fetched either.

So, the dude was a quincy eh. A quincy who gained hollow powers. I guess, unlike Ishida, this guy is LITERALLY HOLLOW! GET IT! Ishida is metaphorically hollow! GET IT! Ok, sorry, it’s almost 3 AM, so my head is perhaps not working at optimum efficiency.

"Oh my, Mr.Ivan, what a big uhh, bow you have..."

So, people are disappearing from Soul Society, how strange. But really, the highlight of this chapter(like most Bleach chapters) was that ending. That was quite a breach in security.

Quite the pest problem you got there commander.

Things have really started moving, and well, that is all I can really say about this show. I wonder if this is going to be a cut throat good vs bad arc, to be honest, I doubt it. It looks more like a good vs “not-so evil, different perspective” arc. Which, when translated into the Bleach universe turns into a “morally good main character & friends vs bad guys” arc. I still don’t know if Ivan is an antagonist or not, he probably is. Actually, he might have been trying to deliver a message to Ishida. Maybe the evil Quincy want Ishida to join them, or something. I predict much melo-drama and fake betrayals ahead, or you know, Ishida can be a badass, and be all “NO, I REFUSE! I WANT TO STAY HERE WITH KUROSAKI!”

"No, Ichigo, get back in here, stop worrying about the hollows and that war, it's nice and cosy in here."


Yes….I was looking up pictures of Ichigo x Ishida on Deviantart after 3AM on a Thursday morning. DON’T JUDGE ME! Oh, and I liked how calm everyone else was, you know, let us finish our bread, then we will go help.

Naruto 575

Madara the dance instructor. When you think about it....he does have people dancing in his hand, so, it sort of makes sense....

I did not dislike this chapter as I was reading it, but the more I look back on it, the more I dislike it. Warning: The following few paragraphs make up a very badly written rant. Be careful.

First, a quick comment about Madara. He is way too strong. I mean, yeah, he is the main bad guy, but he is like 5 times stronger than all the kages put together. Why is this unrealistic? Because apparently the first hokage was legendarily strong. I mean, yeah, that has been sort of implied for a while now, but it is still a bit silly. I mean, all the kages of all time were supposed to have relatively equal amounts of strength, and more importantly, if the 1st was the strongest, it sort of goes against the whole “new generation is better than the old generation” idea. Anyway, this is not that big of a deal, no, my gripe is more so with Oonoki.

The only thing I liked about Oonoki’s flashback sequence was the whole “dance” line Madara said back then, and then changed in the present. It is sort of nice to know that Madara still remembers stuff quite well, and I guess his praises are pretty cool to. But, I disliked pretty much everything else. As for why:

  1. Oonoki is an old hag, why are you giving him character development and making him talk of willpower and stuff?
  2. I could not care less about Oonoki.

Seriously, we already got enough Oonoki development before, but noooo, Kishi instead decided to give us more. I mean, was it not already established that Oonoki had stopped being so cynical, and started believing in good again? Did we really have to waste pages on stating pretty much the exact same thing , but with metaphors about rocks and dancing?

Yes, we know Oonoki is a good guy, but why is Kishi so insistent on  making him  get powerups and stuff? Ok, well, it was not a power up per say, more of a power restoration due to will power, still silly though. If you absolutely insist on developing a Kage, couldn’t you focus on someone else, like maybe the Mizukage. I mean, she is hot, and more importantly, we know very little about her. But NOOOO, Ooonoki is your man. Who knows, maybe Kishi is having a mid-life crisis, and through his manga, he is comforting himself. “It’s okay, Kishi, see if old farts like Oonoki can pull of youthful stuff like that, then so can you!”.

Now, you might see the above and simply accuse me of hating the manga because I don’t get along with one character, or just blatanly call me an ageist r-tard. You might be correct, but my problems with this chapter don’t stop there. Oh no, they go a bit further.

Now, I have been reading Naruto for at least 5 years, if not more. That’s like a quarter of my life, so, I guess, I sort of grew up with Naruto. And do you know what I thought about the kages as I was growing up? I thought of the kages as being badass ideals that every ninja looked up to. Sure, a kage would die here or there (the 3rd, or the Sand’s 4th), but even in death, they were meant to be badass.

So, try and see this chapter from my perspective. Not only do I see the strongest characters that I looked up to for so long get beat and demolished by one rogue zombie, I also see them being forced to rely on trivial Shonen tropes like willpower, inner strength or whatever else you want to call it. It not only upsets me, it disgusts me.

Do you remember the 3rd vs Orochimaru fight? Yeah, I wanted something like that here, except instead of 1 on 1, it would be 5 on 1. I want to see Madara repel high level jutsus from all directions, I want  to see Madara cornered. Ok, so, maybe Madara is meant to be super strong, and the Kages are not meant to stand a chance. What then?

Well, even if Madara is meant to be overpowered, you do not need something like this. Make it so that the Kage’s techniques get outdone my Madara’s, make it so that they get injured, lose an arm or two, BUT make them get up without a hitch. I don’t need no sob story. These guys are the elitest of the elite, they are the top ninjas in the ninja verse. They don’t need a reason to get up. They are professionals. They know what their duty is, they know that even if it means death, they will accomplish it. Go ahead, kill them, one by one if you want, but I want glorious deaths. Deaths like the 3rd Hokage or the 4th Hokage, who died men of action, not thought, or even better, the death of the 2nd Hokage who was all “Bitches, you go flee, I got this!” (Seriously speaking, I love the badassness of the 2nd, he was legit stuff).

Now, this arc has been sort of humanizing the kages, which I can sort of understand, especially considering that Naruto will likely be a hokage someday, but they did not have to push it this far. Call me childish if you will ( I actually want to be called a child, heh), but I wanted to see something epic. I did not want to see the kages being brought down so low, sure, it might have been necessary for Naruto to reach their level, but couldn’t you have just you know, made Naruto more badass and less human instead? I would have preferred that.

The only good thing from this chapter: Sasuke's surprised face, and Itachi's coolness. RAPE SASUKE, ITACHI! I look forward to seeing them meet.



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  1. #1 by Mushyrulez on March 4, 2012 - 2:05 pm

    Oh no, no One Piece?!

    How can the Bleach anime be ending when it hasn’t even caught up to the manga? If they really do make it end, they’ll probably definitely create a spinoff ‘Bleach: The Final War’ anime to continue after the manga ends anyways…

    P.S. WE KNOW that the end is coming, and we’re not nobody………………………………….

    p.p.s. literally hollow. ha ha hollow.

    • #2 by Reiseng on March 4, 2012 - 3:00 pm

      It’s ending for now, so, yeah, they will probably bring it back when their is more source material. I think it will at the end of the FullBring arc, that way, they won’t have to resort to fillers nor will they have to start a new arc and blatantly end it.

      Are you sure you are somebody?! Maybe you really are a nobody!

      I kid…probably anyway.

      • #3 by Mushyrulez on March 4, 2012 - 3:17 pm


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