Spring 2012 Preview

Spring is coming soon.



Why am I publishing a Spring 2012 anime preview? Who knows. I think most of next seasons anime should have already been decided, but just in case more stuff comes out, I will try and update it here. I just wanted to get this post out of the way as soon as possible…I say that but it still took a hell of a lot of time and effort, so, even if it sucks, SOMEONE BETTER APPRECIATE IT!

Since, I am a really nice guy, and I know that other people will write far better previews than me, here is a handy dandy paste. The text file is nothing but all of the anime (not including OVA or Movies) that are going to be released in Spring. What’s the point? I figured it would save someone time as they would not have to type out ALL 44 ANIME TITLES one by one. Lord Reiseng Incorporated: Making your life easier, one ugly post at a time.

Note that I won’t be summarizing anything. You can find the summaries easily enough yourself.  I will just talk about what looks good and what does not look good.

Even though I have not really blogged a full series episodically, I shall at least try to pick up a series or two when summer rolls around. I hope, I will have enough free time. So, with that said, I am not going to say whether I will blog something or not (simply because I hate commitments), but I will throw in a “would I consider blogging this”.

I am not going to bother talking about OVA’s and movies, there are enough anime as it is.

I do not know much about studios, directors, voice actors and other stuff. So, I cannot judge the expected quality of anime based solely on the studio or the cast that is responsible for it. I apologize, but I am too lazy to bother fixing it.

I tried to find trailers where possible, but I am not very good at searching, and some of the anime probably don’t have trailers yet. If I linked a wrong trailer/pv, or if a trailer/pv exists and I did not link it, then feel free to point that out in the comments. Also, note that I wrote most of this post without watching any trailers, so, after watching a few trailers, I often wrote down some more comments. That is why this post might feel a little fragmented. I tried to avoid it, but I am too tired/concerned about midterms to spend too much time here.

If I do this again for Fall perhaps, then I will do my best to format it a bit better and use fancy things like tables and stuff.

All information taken from this handy dandy chart or some other site like MAL/Anime News Network etc…:

This is a chart. It shows you anime and stuff. BE GRATEFUL SOMEONE MADE IT!

–Source:Neregate (Note1 : The Source Blog is classified as 18+, I did not see anything provocative, but just so you know . Note2: I originally came across the v.2 of the chart thanks to a comment on Commie Subs, ain’t that something?)

Pictures are mostly taken from MAL.

Mandatory Disclaimer: I am not responsible for missing information, fanboyism(by either myself or anyone nice enough to comment) or injuries caused by face palming. Have a good day! Also, this post has a word count of more than 8400 words. So, yeah, don’t lose track of time!

edit made on 4th April 2012 (10:30PM): Added Lupin  III Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna

Anime Preview Starts Here


This was apparently written by the guy behind Galaxy Express 999 and some other famous anime. I never watched Galaxy Express 999. I have been meaning to watch it. It sounds pretty good. Heck, I have a friend who never watches anime and yet he liked Galaxy Express.  My greatest concern with this show is that it might have been a throwaway script. Just because they found a script a few decades later does not mean the guy actually wanted to turn this into an anime, heck, there is a pretty good chance, he wanted to trash it but could not bring himself to do it. It might even be incomplete for all we know. Having said that, I like the promo art. It’s very old like and if the writer did not want to throw this away, then there is a good chance it will be great. Wait a second, the mangaka is still alive. Now, it sounds fishy. I don’t know Ozuma, I will give you a chance, but I just hope you don’t exist solely to lure in old fags with fake promises of the golden era.

Would I blog it? I do want to blog a show about space and stuff, so, perhaps. If it grabs my attention, then I will try to blog it, if only to try and converse with the space opera lovers. Note that it feels a show about space, though there is a good chance it will end up having nothing to do with space.

Saint Seiya Omega

This is a spin-off of Saint Seiya, a very famous anime series from the era of old.

I sort of like the idea of a kid standing up for a kidnapped parent, and I like mythology as well(though I know very little mythology myself). This show also looks like it will throw in some magic, and MAYBE some sci-fi to. All in all, it sounds like a good recipe, but that art style, though not bad, feels  very familiar.

It sort of reminds me of a good deal of retro anime like Slayers, and I guess that could be a good thing.

I kind of want to see a modern version of a retro anime story line. So, yeah, I will check this out.

Would I blog it? Maybe, if it’s good.

Uchuu Kyoudai

There is a puppy...that changes everything!

You know, at first glance, the description might seem stereotypical to some. “A story about two brothers who want to go to space? That sounds like the plot of a movie from the 80’s or the 90’s. Oh wait, it sounds like the plot of a typical American Dream movie….wait…this is anime….this does not happen often in anime….” So, yeah, I don’t know if this is going to be good or not, to be honest, it looks like it will be boring or simply too mature for my tastes, but I will give this anime credit for trying to be somewhat original.

This looks like an anime about following your dreams and it does not look like it involves tsunderes or flat chested loli’s. I like that. I might not like this anime, we will see, but it has earned some of my respect for at least trying to be original.

Would I blog it? Probably not. It does not seem like my type of show, and even if I do like it, it does not seem bloggable.

Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden

I love the manga. This is a legitimately funny spin-off. My only concern is that the manga is really short so far. I don’t know how they are going to have enough material for an entire season. Maybe, they will use 15 minute episodes, but even then, the source material is really small. I guess, they might try and flesh out some of the source material, otherwise, this series would probably not last more than 2 or 3 episodes.

Would I blog it: No, if I wanted to, I would have blogged the manga instead.


Taken from their official site (trailer link below)

Other than a really short trailer, I don’t have much information about this. It looks like a gag manga, and it looks like the main female lead is a teacher. It could be funny, if anything, at least the art style is interesting and humorous.

Would I blog it: If it’s funny, I might consider it.

Ginga e Kickoff!!

I am not into sports. I don’t watch, play or read about them. So, yeah. I also don’t like soccer very much for some reason, too popular, I guess. Well, there was one soccer manga, I sort of liked, but no one seems to have liked the anime. Oh, I was talking about Knight in the Area, I liked the first 10 or so chapters.

Would I blog it: No

Arashi no Yoru ni. Himitsu no Tomodachi

I don’t think anyone is going to bother translating this. I probably won’t care about this much, either, but then again, I am a softie for a good story about friendship. So, if this gets translated, I might give it a shot.

Would I blog it: No

Sengoku Collection

I have not seen anything from the franchise. So, yeah, sorry, but I shall pass on this.

Would I blog it? How can I if I am not even watching it?

Kuroko no Basuke

This image actually looks kind of cool, but unfortunately, I don't normally like sports anime.


Unless the plot/characters are truly fantastic, I will probably pass on this, because you know, sports manga and all that. I really should read Slam Dunk someday. So far, my favorite basketball manga has to be Real, which by the way, is absolutely fantastic. I really should go back and catch up to it someday.

Would I blog it: Nope

Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future

It’s a sequel. I have not seen the prequel, need I say much more?

Would I blog it? No

Jewelpet Kira ☆ Deko

^You like the star, don’t you? I never even played with Neopets, let alone Jewelpets. So, yeah, I shall pass.

Would I blog it? No


Writer 1: Hey dude, for our next anime, we should totally make one about cute girls!
Writer 2: Sounds good, but I wanted to try something different, you know, reach for a difference audience.
Writer 1: I like that, but in doing so, we would lose our core audience.
Writer 2: Yeah, you are right, forget I ever brought it up. Cute girls sounds good.
Writer 1: What audience did you want to reach for anyway?
Writer 2: I wanted to target gun fans, but no one likes military based anime any more anyway, so it’s out of the question.
Writer 1:…Dude…
Writer 2:Yeah?
Writer 1: I just had the most rad idea!
Writer 2: What is it?
Writer 1: Hang on, just a second, I need to write this down before I forget it, such brilliant ideas don’t come often.
Writer 2: Have you written it down yet? What is this great idea of yours?
Writer 1: Yeah, come here, and listen closely?
Writer 2: Just tell me already!
Writer 1: Get this, let’s do an anime with cute girls WHO…
Writer 2: Who?
Writer 2: WHO?!
Writer 1: cute girls who USE WEAPONS!
Writer 2: GASP!
Writer 2: It..it, oh my god, it’s too good! Will we ever be able to pull it off?
Writer 1: We can!
Writer 1: GO GO GO!
Writer 2: What if we…
Writer 1: What if?!
Writer 2: What if we made GIRLS TURN INTO GUNS!
Writer 1: GASP!
Writer 1: Literally, or Metaphorically?
Writer 2: Eh, metaphorically makes us look smarter, so definitely metaphorical, BUT THESE GIRLS WILL TRULY BELIEVE THEY ARE WEAPONS!
Writer 1: Sounds great!
Writer 2: Now, all we need is a framing character…
Writer 1: Hmm… I KNOW, I KNOW! How about — get this! — a totally ORDINARY teacher!
Writer 2: BRILLIANT! And, we can make the teacher a transfer teacher so he does not understand anything, and ends up in all sorts of strange situations!
Writer 1: Great!
Writer 2: Oh, the teacher has to be a guy, right?
Writer 1: Yeah, no one ships female students and female teachers, so, definitely male. Also, I hear most gun-nuts have conservative values.
Writer 2: No, that is only in the U.S. Here in Japan, gun nuts have class.
Writer 1: Class…yeah, you are right. So, be sure to throw in M16’s. The classy gun-nuts love it when we use real weapons that no one has heard of.
Writer 2: Classic idea, chap! Throw in pistols as well, and we are set.
Writer 1: Do pistols have names as well?
Writer 2: No, they don’t have names. Just call them pistols.
Writer 1: Sounds great, let’s get to work. We should like totally win the Pulitzer for this!
Writer 2: Totally, dude, totally!

Little did they know, the Pulitzer Prize is not awarded to Anime.

Would I blog it? Did you read the above? Just in case it wasn’t clear: No.

Fushigi no Umi no Nadia Remastered

Note: Image from non-remastered series.

Instead of a trailer, I found the original anime’s opening theme. Other than perhaps animation quality, I’d image both anime to be quite similar.

This is a remastered version of Fushigi no Umi no Nadia. I never saw the original series, so, I went ahead and did what any sensible person would do. I wikied it. This looks GOOD. Just the genre’s Adventure, Historical, Romance, Science Fiction turn me on. I really liked the plot description as well. I will most certainly be giving this a shot, and if people start complaining that this new one sucks compared to the original, I shall look at the original as well.

Would I blog this? I very well might.

Kikansha Thomas


I am sure the American Thomas does not mind if I use him instead of his cousin.


I watched a bit of Thomas the Tank Engine when I was young, but not enough to warrant watching an anime of it. Especially if the anime won’t even be getting translated. So,I shall pass.

Would I blog this? Nope.

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle S2

I did not see season 1, so, I am not going to bother with season 2. Some people really liked season 1, so, if I get the chance, I might try and watch that. If I like season 1, then I might try my hand at season 2, but otherwise, yeah. Also, as an aside, I kind of suck at puzzles. Unless, it’s a jigsaw puzzle, in which case, I am sort of okay. I am also sort of okay at puzzle video games, but only sort of!

Would I blog this: Unlikely, I have yet to see season 1, and if I do watch season 1, it will be too late to blog season 2 episodically.

Cardfight!! Vanguard S2

Never watched the first season, and I am not into card game based anime anyway. My brother might like this though, the kid has seen a good deal of game based anime.

Would I blog this? No

Eureka Seven Ao

–Very nice PV

Pretty much everyone in the blogosphere is super ramped for this sequel. I guess that makes sense. Eureka 7 ended on the 2nd of April, 2006. The sequel will start around the 6 year anniversary of the finale. Most people like Eureka 7, and if you combine their love for the show with nostalgia goggles(6 years is quite some time), you get some pretty hyped fans. What about me? I don’t like Eureka 7 thaaat much. Sure, it was one of my earlier anime, sure, I was sort of too young and too new to the anime verse to appreciate it, sure I liked it, but you know what, I think Eureka 7 is overrated. The series had many good points, but for me, it just did not feel fun.

There was something not quite right with it. I am still not sure what it was. Maybe I did not like Renton’s character, or a different character, or maybe I just did not enjoy the somber-ish tone of the anime. Anyway, regardless, I feel that Eureka 7, though great, is liked too much. As such, I was happy to find out, that I am not the only one who feels this way. 😛

As for this series itself, the trailer looks pretty good. The kid also sports a cool look (I think he is Renton and Eureka’s son). I wonder what happened to their other “children”.

Would I blog it? Even if I end up liking Ao a lot, I doubt I will blog it. I will leave that kind of thing to professional mecha bloggers. Blogging mecha is a whole different ball game, and not an easy one for an amateur like me to play.

Fate/Zero S2


I wrote this highly fanboyistic post, do I really need to say anymore? OFCOURSE I AM GOING TO BE WATCHING THIS.

Would I blog this? Sure, why the hell not.


The description was not very clear, so, here is a description copy pasted from MAL. If anything, it at least provides more context.

Oreki Hotaro is a high school boy, who always acts passively. One day, he enters “Koten Bu (Classic Literature Club)” as recommended by his elder sister.

There he meets Chitanda Eru, Fukube Satoshi, and Ibara Mayaka. Chitanda is a calm beautiful girl but she turns into an embodiment of curiosity once she says, “I’m interested in it (Watashi, Kininarimasu)”. Fukube is a smiling boy who excels in memory, but he never constructs his own deduction. Ibara is a short girl and is strict with others and herself. She loves Fukube, but he always dodges her approach.

They begin to investigate a case that occurred 33 years ago. Hints of the mystery is buried in an old collection of works of the former members of Koten Club. The collection is titled “Hyouka”.


There, that is a bit more clear.
Now, I was already psyched for this anime, but reading that description has me super psyched. Why? Because it gets a super high score on the Lord Reiseng potentialometer. I am not interested in this anime because of the mystery plot line (though it does sound sort of fascinating), but because of the romance!

Well, hopefully there will be romance. See, there are two guys, and two girls. One of the girls already likes one of the guys, therefore, this set up consists of two 1 on 1 relationships. NO LOVE TRIANGLES, NO SILLY HAREM SHENANIGANS! IS THIS THE ROMANCE I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR? PLEASE, LET THIS BE WHAT I HOPE IT IS! PLEASE LET THE ROMANCE BE REAL! I NEED THIS!


Acchi Kocchi(Place to Place)



I looked up the manga, and the description turned out to be quite enticing. So, I started reading the manga. It has great potential for humour and many hnnggg worthy moments, but unfortunately, I don’t like 4-Koma mangas very much. So, I am looking forward to seeing this in anime form. The characters are cute, and even though one of them is a super tsundere, it is sort of a parody because the manga acknowledges her tsundereness. So, yeah, hopefully, the anime will be funny and cute, but don’t expect anything too meaningful.

Would I blog it? No, unless I felt like sharing my HNNGGGG over certain scenes, there is not much to talk about.

Accel World

The main character (the chubby kid) is actually kind of cute.


–Some trailer, I think it’s an official trailer, but this particular video has the trailer repeated.

Contradictory to the promo image in the chart, there is probably more to this show than a loli in revealing clothes. What if I told you that the main character was fat? Would that get your attention? Yeah, that’s right, he is not a regular, generic supposedly normal guy who gets thrown into some contrived plot, nor is he a shy, skinny kid that gets thrown into the some contrived plot, but rather a shy, fat (or chubby) kid that gets thrown into some contrived plot. That is a good thing, it shows a certain degree of authenticity. I normally hate whiny kids (even though I am one), and the main character seems quite whiny, but I think he will be fine. The manga seems to suggest that he will go throw character development and all that shnaz and basically become likeable by the end.

As an aside, I liked some of the technological details discussed in chapter 2. The little talk about the neuron link thingy, bus speeds and stuff was quite interesting. Though, I will say that claiming that the human heart is a clock generator sounds slightly far fetched, it might not be that far fetched. I am not a biology major, so, I don’t know if you can use a heart the way the manga claims you can. Regardless, for at least trying to sound realistic with its technical details, this manga earns a lot of credibility in my eyes.

The sped up reality concept behind the manga is really interesting, and the manga itself is well written, though it seems to be quite reliant on cliff hangers from what I have seen. Well, it would have be pretty good, it has an 8.5 on Baka Updates. So, yeah, you should watch this anime or read the manga. Good Stuff.

Note: Some people might be tempted to compare this with C-Soul and Money or whatever it was called. I guess that is a fair comparison, though this feels less convoluted, and more straight up action, which in my books is a good thing.

Would I blog it? Maybe if I watch the anime frequently, I just started the manga, so, I might stick with it, but it would be kind of cool to see this in colour and with audio to.

Note: I caught up to all the scanlated chapters of the manga. THIS MANGA IS REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOOOOD! Oh, but wait, the manga is actually based on the novel, and the anime will most likely be based on the novel as well. Do you know what that means? It means that I will most likely stop reading the manga, and just watch the anime instead! I normally prefer to read the source material, but I make exceptions for non-manga source material like this one. In case of an exception, I jump to the anime, if only because I can actually expect it to be translated.



This anime is based on a long running Seinen series. It has been running for 10 years (still on going), so, it’s quite the hotshot. I, unfortunately have not read this manga and am in no real mood to do so at the moment. I will, however mention that the manga has gotten pretty good reviews (well, it had to since it’s been running for so long in an ADULT magazine), so, it’s probably pretty good, and as such, the anime will also most likely be good.  It does seem a bit confusing though, and apparently, things don’t become clear until later on, so, yeah, this is one of those “IT GET’S BETTER I SWEAR!” manga.

I will watch the anime, and if it whets my appetite a lot, I might just jump ship and steam roll through the manga (because that’s the way I roll~).

Would I blog this? Unlikely, even if I really like it, it seems mature, serious and too complicated for me to talk about easily.

Kimi to Boku. S2

I did not finish the first season(I think I watched like 2 or 3 episodes), so, no point in me watching the second. I might try and catch up on the first someday, but yeah…

Would I blog this: No, I would have to catch season 1 first, and by then it would be too late for any episodic blogging.

Tasogare OtomexAmnesia

–I think this is an official pv…

This is a really highly rated manga. I have not read much of it, only a bit of the first chapter, so, I cannot give an accurate impression, but it seemed pretty good. The main character is not a total wuss, and I quite like Yuuko’s personality as well. Also, even though she is a ghost, Yuuko is hot man, like hot. Again, I have not read the manga, but there are only two ways this could end. Either we could have a Yuuko and Niiya Teiichi walk into the sunset together ending, or a Yuuko moves on to the afterlife or whatever ending. If it is the latter ending, which is well, the more realistic ending, then yeah, this will be a sad, tear-jerking story. I mean, I only just started, but to me it seems pretty obvious the two will fall head over heels for one another. Oh god, I am almost getting teary eyed thinking about a potential ending. Sniff, Sniff.

So, yeah, you all should check it out, hopefully the anime won’t be a let down.

Would I blog this? Maybe, probably not, but maybe.

Hiiro no Kakera


Oh my, a bishie fest! Now, I like bishies, so, I might give this an episode or two, but unless the plot/characters are really interesting, it probably won’t hold my attention for long. So, yeah,   I guess this is basically Brave 10 with less ninjas and more shrine guardians and stuff. Oh, and if was not already obvious, Hiiro no Kakera is based on an Otome Game.

Would I blog this? No, I like bishies, but bishiness alone is not enough to earn a Lord Reiseng post.



This looks GOOD. No, seriously, I actually really like the concept. This anime might be indicative that more and more anime are going away from the “girls doing nice,cute things with other girls” to a “guys doing guy things with other guys”, which is not really bad at all, but there seems to be more than just that to this anime. I mean, one of the guys is an alien for pete’s sake. I hope that fishing is less of a sport and more of an excuse for these friends to spend time together. These guys go on adventures and stuff, oh my, that is even better! I WANT SOME BROMANCE and ADVENTURE, BRO!

Would I blog this?I don’t know a thing about fishing and know very little about aliens, but I would so blog this.

Shining Hearts ~Shiawase no Pan~

The promo picture might make it look like a harem, but the plot description of the original game suggests otherwise. I am not even sure if romance will play out, though it might. So, uhh, this could be interesting, but it probably won’t be. I love fantasies, but most of the time, when you have shows like this, someone, somewhere decides to butcher everything and make it focus on boobs and boob related mishaps. Which, I can sort of understand, I mean, everyone likes boobs, but, you know, I kind of don’t want that. Overuse of fanservice is generally not very engrossing.

Would I blog this? Unlikely, but who knows, it might have some heart and authenticity to it like Mashiro Symphony did (I really need to finish that show, I only watched like 2 or 3 episodes).


The colors are pretty vibrant here. Hopefully, the colors in the anime will be just as vibrant.

I believe they sort of showcased the PV, but it was more like manga pages one after another. You can watch it here, if you really want.

Sankarea is another show that quite a few people are hyped about. The manga has received some pretty good ratings, not as high as Tasogare OtomeXAmnesia, but much higher than stuff like Medaka Box. Once again, I have only read a little bit of the manga, so, my grasp of this series is not as complete as it could be, but I know the general gist of it. It has a lot of ecchi, and some people might be put off by the semi-realistic gritty art style. Even though there is a lot of ecchi, and the concept is just plain bizarre, this manga is not as shallow as one might think at first glance. Firstly, I like the main male lead. He looks like a cute, little creepy thing, which is quite the interesting look to be honest, and more importantly, he is weird. I mean, the kid likes dead things, zombies and other stuff. You don’t see many characters like that.

Secondly, and lastly, there are some sad, sad things in this manga. This series might seem like LOLZ at first, what with a zombie girl going around seducing the main character, but that’s a very shallow assessment in this case. Maybe it was just me, but I got the feeling that the manga started touching on some pretty serious stuff behind the ecchi fan-service. For one thing, (MINOR SPOILER) the zombie girl was abused by her father and overprotected as well. She wanted to die because she wanted to get away from all of that. Other things like necrophilia and themes revolving around death might come up later on as well. There is also the ending to consider. Like Tasogare Otome, a sad ending with a good bye is quite likely in this case.

I also like how the manga actually talked about a few of the technicalities of death. Zombie girl did not just become Zombie girl, she went through the whole various stages of death, including decomposition. I stopped reading around the decomposition part, so, I don’t know how they stopped it, but I can totally appreciate them actually trying to make the death part more realistic, and it sort of added to the development of the main character because it showed off his dead things trivia.

So, yeah go into this anime expecting fan service, but keep your eyes open for there is quite a bit more(as in more than just fan-service) to be found here.

Aside: Earlier on Twitter Scamp was laughing at the childhood friend’s name. “Wanko”, pretty funny if I do say so myself.

Oh, and the zombie is hot, which should give you more incentive to read this.:P

p.s. The grandfather is also pretty funny.

Would I blog this? Probably not, for some reason, it does not seem like something I’d want to blog.

Natsuiro Kiseki

I have no information on this other than the fact that a group of VA’s are going to be featured in it. I don’t know many(read:any) voice actors, so, I can’t say I am excited to see a group of them featured or anything. To be honest, the promotion picture looks kind of boring. The character in the back looks like Ohana Matsumae though, and that is probably a good thing. Well, I guess, we can at least expect good voice acting, but if they fail on that part, then yeah, this anime will be truly silly then.

No trailer, but here is the promo site, in case you are interested in knowing who the VA’s are stuff.

Would I blog this? I probably won’t even watch it unless people really like it, so yeah, probably not.


I am already falling for the female lead. Something is probably wrong with me.

AWESOME PV, I like the music…

This looks really, really good. The manga ran from 2006 to 2012, and it received some great rankings on Baka Updates. I actually did not even know about the manga until a minute ago, but just looking at the description alone has me super pumped. Badass looking female anti-hero + gun fights + arms dealing= ME STOKED.  Since the manga has ended, we don’t have to worry about fillers or bad endings. Well, if it only runs for one cour, or even two cour, they might chose to animate just part of the manga, which is fine as long as it’s the good part! This looks really good, even if the anime flops, I will probably just end up reading the manga anyway.

Random cool wiki link about the name (Basically, Jormangundr refers to a Norse sea serpent and the son of Loki and some giant called Angrboða, so Jormangund is obviously a reference to that).

Would I blog it? Possibly, but I’d probably just end up raving about how hot/badass the female lead is.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

I am tempted to immediately shove this in the cliche and mundane cabinet, but I like the idea of aliens chasing the guy, and I like the promo pic of him on a bat. I mean, even Batman does not get to ride on a bat! I have not read any of the novels, nor watched the anime series that I think this is a spin-off of. I got confused, is this the original novel, and the two old series was taken from short stories included in the novel, or are all 3 anime taken from short stories included in the novel. I don’t know, both of the two previous series, were made with flash animation released on the net (with I think  one OVA in the second  series or something). So, I think this series given that it is not flash animated, is probably based on the full novels. If you want to try and make heads and tails of this, you are welcome to check out wikipedia.

Would I blog this? If it ends up being legitimately funny/cute, then maybe, otherwise probably not.


For some reason, this reminds me of Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime), which I never finished. To be honest, as much as I liked the first few episodes of Kuragehime, it began to grate me and get on my nerves. I am not sure why, I stopped watching it before people started complaining about suckiness. I guess, I just did not like the characters, maybe NEET’s rub me the wrong way? Anyway, this seems a bit different in a good way. I am hoping for some nice, relaxing slice of life stuff. I don’t particularly need any moral lessons about society stuffed down my throat.

There have already been two OVA’s released that were based on the Yurumates manga. Going by MAL’s ratings, the OVA’s did not seem to be that well received( OVA 1 and OVA 2). As for the manga, I obviously did not read it, and it would seem that not that many people outside of Japan have read it. The manga currently has an 8.1 on Baka-Updates, but with only 11 voters, the rating should not be taken too seriously.

Note: I do like the chibi art style though.

Would I blog this? Even if this ends up being great, I think I will leave something like this to AjtheFourth at Altair and Vega or Hana at That.

Beyblade Zero-G

I could not find a promo pic, so, I just took the image from the Beyblade wiki entry for the main character.


I was never a Beyblade fan growing up (POKEMON/DIGIMON/YU-GI-OH >> BEYBLADE), so uhh, yeah, not watching this.Note that part of the reason why I was not a fan was because it did not air in my country of residence. So, I missed it. Herp Derp.

Would I blog it? Not watching it, so, not blogging it.

Sakamichi no Apollon


The description in the chart is nice, but a little scarce on details. So, if you need more info, just click this link. Just in case, Baka Updates changes it(which, they do on occasion), here it is:

Nishimi Kaoru has moved from city to city and school to school because of his father’s job. So the first day at his new school was just routine for him. Being intellectual and the new transfer student, he has always been seen as an outcast and all Kaoru had to do was bare it until the next time he moved. But things were slightly different this time. First, he started to get close to the class president, Mukae Ritsuko, and, secondly, unlikely as it seemed, grew closer to Kawabuchi Sentaro. Sentaro was infamous for getting into fights, skipping class and was an overall bad boy. Strangely enough, the three of them find common ground in music, namely jazz, and Kaoru finds himself actually enjoying the new town.

Another anime that everyone is hyped about. This time, however, the hype is not because of the source material, but because of the crew working on this. The folk who brought you Cowboy Bepop and Samurai Champloo are the ones that worked on this anime. Now, I don’t even know the names of the people/studios that people are jumping over right now (apparently, Noitamina is a big deal), but I do know that Cowboy Bepop and Samurai Champloo (which I really should finish someday) were magnificent. So, yes, people have a right to be hyped, and if the trailer is any indication, this will be a great show.

Now, let me make a quick point: Even if this show ends up being incredible, I don’t think people should blog it super seriously. It might just be me, but somehow I get the impression that because of the hype, people are going to take this show and try to rip it apart. You know, expose all the themes, the ideas, the symbols and all that stuff. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, but I don’t think that is a good idea in this case. This show is no Penguindrum, the trailer feels more like a soothing story that pulls you in and gently guides you down a wonderful story about college youth. A bit like Honey and Clover if you will (another show I need to watch). So, yeah, I hope this show is magnificent, and I hope people try to actually enjoy it, and not just dissect it endlessly.

As for the original source manga, not enough people read it to give it an accurate rating, but the 11 or so people that rated the manga, gave it a 9.

Would I blog this? Unlikely, most likely no. As I alluded earlier, I do not want to try and criticize this show, I just want to enjoy it. Basically, I want another Mahoraba.

Nazo no Kanojo X (Mysterious Girlfriend X)

I love this manga. I have not read it for a long time, but when I used to read it, I really liked it. So, why did I drop it? I don’t remember. I might have hit a dry patch, or I got occupied with other stuff, anyway, trust me, it’s a good manga.

Basically, this manga is just a sweet, occasionally ecchi romance between a boy and a girl, but with an interesting fetish added in. Sure, it might seem weird and some people might get put off by the art work, but everyone should at least try it. Beneath the slightly strange fetish, and the occasional fan-service lies some very cute romance.

Also, Mitoko Urabe is awesome. You see those scissors in hear hand? Yeah, I bet you can’t guess where she stores them, nor could you guess just how proficient she is with them. I want to see Hitagi Senjōgahara and Urabe go head to head in a fight. Senjōgahara’s staplers vs Urabe’s scissors.

Would I blog this? No, I don’t feel like blogging a series that I have already read a good deal of. I would probably watch at least a few episodes of the anime though, and then when I get the time, jump ship and catch up on the manga.

Irrelevant: I don’t normally go to TvTropes, but the site has an entry for Mysterious Girlfriend X. Ain’t that cool!?

Shirokuma Cafe

Dear Lord, please let this be funny.

I could not find reviews for the manga. I doubt it’s even been translated. Anyway, gag series are really hit or miss with me. Some I like, most I don’t. This one features animals and polar bears, so, it might end up being a fun watch.  The promo picture (the one I used) also looks quite funny, so, hopefully I will find this amusing. Unless it is super funny, this seems like something I will watch now and then and not consistently every week.

Would I blog this? No, unless it is super amusing and provides the opportunity for super amusing blog posts.

Medaka Box

Zenkichi is the dude behind the blue haired loli. The other guy (the fabulous one) is also quite interesting if I recall correctly.

–A not very exciting nor very revealing PV

Oh Medaka, I used to hold you in such high regard once upon a time. I started reading this manga shortly after it began and I liked it quite a bit for sometime, but then, I stopped reading it. It got boring. So, yeah, this is one of those, starts of good, but goes bad manga. Now, I might be wrong, the manga might be awesome now, but from what I heard, due to bad ratings it was headed towards a full on battle manga. I do no like the notion of something like Medaka being turned into a battle manga. Current reviews seem to suggest that is now quite boring, and that Medaka is way too perfect. Well, people always complained about Medaka being too perfect.

In a way, she is like Haruhi, except far more perfect. But, here’s the thing, I never liked the manga because of Medaka anyway, no, it was always about Zenkichi, the male lead. I used to really like Zenkichi. If Medaka was the saint/queen who did nice things and helped everyone out, then Zenkichi was her knight in the shadows. He was the guy that made sure Medaka did not come to harm, and in theory, if it ever came to it, he would have likely done some bad things to keep her safe. That was my initial impression of the manga, that is what I wanted from the manga, and I got some of that, but then it stopped giving it to me, and judging from reviews, it hardly ever focuses on Zenkichi. A real shame, this is, Zenkichi had so much potential.

Would I blog this? No, I probably won’t even watch it, though I might watch the first few episodes, maybe I will get some nice nostalgia out of it.

Train Hero


The description in the chart did not mention this little bit:

“The Japanese broadcaster TV Tokyo announced on Thursday that it is working with the Canadian artist Pat Lee (Transformers, Darkminds) and the Chinese studio Carloon Animation on a full-CG television series called Train Hero.” –Anime News Network

I find it interesting that this anime is being made by a Chinese studio. I don’t care per say, but I guess it is a bit different than the other anime in this list. On a similar note, this Pat Lee fellow worked on Transformers and stuff. Just the fact that this anime has a Canadian artist working on it would normally be enough to get my green light, but….this Pat Lee fellow seems to have caused a bit of a ruck-ass in the past. Granted, his personality/business practices are not really indicative of his skill as an artist/whatever he is doing here, but it does sort of cast a negative light on Train Hero.

We also know very little about the anime itself, which could mean something or nothing.

The anime might still be good, it might even be brilliant, so yeah, don’t raise your pitchforks (at me or Mr.Lee).

Oh, and this line cracks me up every time I see it:

The team undergoes transformation sequences to respond in times of crisis.

LOL, I don’t have a trailer showcasing this most impressive feat, but this is arguably the next best thing.

Would I blog this? No

Queen’s Blade: Rebellion

At least the girls are sort of hot....right?...Their faces look horribly drawn though, especially the silver haired one.

So, does anyone here like boobs? I am sure the plot will be awesome to.

Sigh, the description actually does not seem to bad. That is until you glance at the promotion picture and research the franchise a bit. Queen’s Blade: Rebellion is a sequel to Queen’s Blade. In Queen’s Blade, there is some tournament thingy that only BEAUTIFUL women can participate in, and they basically fight each other and stuff. Both series were originally light novels, and both series have had OVA’s, mangas and now anime based on them. So, yeah, it’s a full blown franchise. In the first series, some girl goes, wins the tournament, becomes the Queen, and then gives up her title in order to continue wandering the world. The title of Queen goes to her older sister who, in Queen’s Blade: Rebellion, becomes a tyrant and now needs to be overthrown by our new, shiny female lead.

I guess the story is simple enough, but this franchise looks to be blatant fan service. I mean, the first anime based on Queen’s Blade was called Queen’s Blade: The Exiled Virgin. Who knows, maybe the exiled individuals virginity had some super important meaning, but to me, it just sounds like a lure for the lonely forever alones.

Would I blog this? You would have to get quite a few respectable bloggers to shower praise on this before I even consider watching it, so, no.


For once, a file name that looks arbitrary actually makes sense. Ain't that something?

This looks a bit like idolM@ster, and if the characters are as awesome as the ones in idolM@ster, then I am going to like this show, but I am not that interested in the idols though. No, it’s the idea of guerilla idol groups that really entices me. Historically, underground music and stuff has sparked a lot of change, and it would be nice to see this happen in an anime, even more so in a Sci-fi setting where the norm is just guerilla warfare. I also like the idea of their songs being covers of songs that spoke of the Earth’s destruction. It feels melancholic and sad. The good kind of sad, mind you (NOTE: I DO NOT WANT THE EARTH TO BE DESTROYED!). I really hope this anime talks about stuff like censorship and war, please, please, I know the promo picture speaks otherwise, but please be great. I want a nice melancholic but still hopeful anime.

It’s probably a good thing I could not find the trailor/PV for this. Wouldn’t want to dash my hopes now, would I?

Would I blog this? If it meets my expectations, then yes.

Saki: Achiga-hen episode of side-A

–PV with shiny things on peoples heads, also lolies.

My dad always used to say: “Son, there is nothing cuter than a loli that plays Mahjong”.

This is a spin-off to Saki. I have not read this story, nor have I read Saki, and quite frankly, I have not read anything Mahjong related. The only Mahjong related anime I watched was that one with the world leaders and stuff, and only a few episodes of that to.

I wan to read Kaiji someday, but for now anyway, this does not interest me. To be honest, I think the only people interested in this are going to be fans of the manga and/or fans of Saki or super Mahjong fans (who read anything Mahjong related). This manga and Saki both seem to have received mediocre ratings (7.57.8). Surprisingly enough though, the Saki anime (according to MAL anyway) was quite well received, so who knows, maybe this will be liked as well.

Would I blog this? No

p.s. My dad never said that. I doubt he even knows what a loli or mahjong is.

Koi-ken!~Watashi-tachi Anime ni Nacchatta!~

7 girls? What an amateur. I once got 8 girls to fall for me, and 6 of them shared my bed. CAN YOU ACCOMPLISH THAT MR.GENERIC-PROTAG-KUN?

I never played the game, but to be honest, given the number of girls on the promotion picture, this looks even worse than your generic harem. I will however mention that making the female lead a transfer student from abroad is an interesting touch and a bit different than the more commonplace random ditzy girl, some godess person or old childhood friend character. I just hope that spiky haired kid in the back is not the male lead, but given the “extremely ordinary life” phrase in the description, he most likely is the male lead, and I hate him already. Why do Harems have to insist on having such boring leads who lead such boring lives? I mean, there is no way in hell, 5+ girls would fall for an ordinary guy. He’d have to be super special and stuff, like at least make him an anime/manga blogger.

p.s. I did not actually get 8 girls to fall for me, or well, I might have, but I just did not notice. Yes…., that’s right…., I am sure I got at least 8 girls to fall for me. Jeez, to not notice dozens of maidens in love with me, I am denser than most generic harem leads.

Would I blog this? If I get the time, I might try out the first episode or two. Who knows, maybe it will be a sleeper hit. If it ends up being good, I might consider.

Lupin III – The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

I like the babe.

–Source –Anime News Info

Sorry, I have entered this one a bit late. The first episode is already out, and everyone has either seen it or is waiting for the subs. After a conversation with Prederva a while back, I came to the conclusion that I must see Lupin III (season 2 or perhaps one of the other seasons).

So, yeah, I will be watching this one, most likely anyway. I have heard that there are a lot of tits in the first episode, I look forward to it! Hurr, hurr!

A quick note about the OVA’s. The only one that I am interested in right off the bat is Un-Go, and even that will likely have to wait until I have seen the movie. If I watch Kore wa Zombie Desu ka, then I guess I will look into the OVA as well. Same sort of schneel with Amagami SS+, though there is a good chance I will watch Amagami SS+ someday( I have seen most of the first season). I really should watch Mirai-Niki, or just finish the manga.I should also go back and read Kobato properly and finish it.

As for the movies, nothing interests me. If some of them get well received, and if I have time, then I might watch something.

Edit 1: For some reason, it says published on 21st February 2012, but that is strange. I finished this post and theoretically published it on 25th Feb 2012 (a bit before 8 PM). Hmm, very strange.

Edit 2: I changed the date, but I don’t recall the exact time I published this post. So, I sort of ball parked the time using my Tweets as a reference. Hopefully, it is at least somewhat accurate.


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  1. #1 by Jesus159159159 on February 25, 2012 - 8:08 pm


    Kimi to Boku. S2


    • #2 by Reiseng on February 25, 2012 - 10:21 pm

      Your comment is so unreadable, my spam filter marked it as spam. ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE NOT A SPAM BOT THAT IS JUST PRETENDING TO SPAM WITH MY BUDDY JS159’s ACCOUNT?!

  2. #3 by Yi on February 29, 2012 - 5:55 am

    This overall looks pretty unexciting of a season to me (but then again, I say that almost every preview season and am always proven wrong). With that said, the series I know I’m watching for sure are Fate/Zero 2 and Queen’s Blade Rebellion…. I know, I have no taste. 😦 But honestly, Queen’s Blade isn’t that bad.

    • #4 by Reiseng on February 29, 2012 - 10:39 pm

      This actually looks like quite an exciting season to me, but then again, I am always optimistic when it comes to anime.

      I am so stoked for Fate/Zero 2. I cannot wait. 😛

      Woah, really on Queen’s Blade. I guess the description/promo images probably made it look quite a bit worse than it actually is. I will admit that the story does sound interesting, so, I might give it a shot!

      Thanks for commenting by the way, I appreciate it!

  3. #5 by Emperor J on March 2, 2012 - 12:09 am

    If you are going to write on the Nadia remaster, just remember that there is no 3rd cour (I hate that term so much). It’s sort of like that 2nd season of Darker than Black that doesn’t actually exist.

  4. #6 by Reiseng on March 2, 2012 - 12:39 am

    So, wait, they are remaking only part of the show? In other words, if I want the full Nadia experience, I am going to have to have to switch over to the old version after 2 cours? That sucks. 😦

    Oh, and thanks for the comment. 😛

    • #7 by Emperor J on March 2, 2012 - 12:47 am

      I’m sure they are remaking the whole thing. Let’s just say the quality drops off because Gainax didn’t expect to have to make the final third of that initially.

      • #8 by Reiseng on March 2, 2012 - 1:07 am

        Oh, I see! Well, maybe they will do better in the remastered one. Thanks for the heads up though, if it starts sucking in the final third, I will know why. 😛

  5. #9 by Mushyrulez on April 13, 2012 - 9:19 pm

    Hey y’know you wrote about almost every show in the season even though you’re SUPPOSED to be a MANGA BLOG. you should write for O-NEW where you can write with OTHER FELLOW BLOGGERS and not talk about shows you don’t want to talk about because I’ll talk about those shows except not really because when I say ‘talk about a show’ I mean more like ‘talk about irrelevant information that isn’t even information’.

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