Weekly Shonen: Bleach 483-484, Naruto 576-577, One Piece 658-659

Sasuke or not, for some reason, I really like this panel.

I am a bit late in mentioning this, but a few days back, a cool dude retired. Now, I personally did not know this chap, but I know Red Hawk Scans, and as someone who has been reading their stuff for a long time, I salute this brave scanlator for the work he has done.

In other news, I apologize for posting this post so late. I did not even read Shonen last weekend, so yeah!

Note: The memes at the end of the first Bleach, Naruto and One Piece chapters were taken from the scanlations.


Say what you will about Bleach, but Kubo has some mad style. He actually picks some interesting clothes for his characters at times. I love Ichigo's hoody. I WANT IT!

Bleach 483



Luckily, as it turns out, Kubo was just expert trolling. To me, it looks like these  Vandenreich fellows have some form of sealing ability that takes away a Soul Reapers bankai. Or, maybe it was just that dude.

What a badass!

Poor guy

I was quite sad at the sad demise of poor Sasakibe…if he is truly dead, then it truly is sad. He had a cool character design, and some awesome whiskers. I don’t think he is dead, or well, he might be. At the very least, he is badly injured. It is kind of funny, eh? The strongest Lieutenant is the first to fall. It was a similar thing back in the Arancar arc, well, if you discount Renji anyway. For future reference, here’s the dude’s wiki page.


Bleach 484

Those eyes, Genryusai really is cool, is he not?!

I knew Sasakibe would not die, or well, let’s say I did.

Other than that, yeah, it looks like I was right. These guys can most likely use some sort of ability to absorb Shinigami bankai’s and then use them themselves. I guess this is what happens when Kubo runs out of original ideas.

Bleach Architecture, it's pretty interesting actually.

One thing I think that many fans have been disappointed with is the lack of ambiguity. Since the end of the Soul Society arc, the bad guys have been very close to true evil. Sure, there were some exceptions, a few hollows who turned to the good side, but nothing like Soul Society. In Soul Soceity, all of the readers knew that the Soul Socity people were not necessarily evil, heck, they were given so much development, we could not have possibly seen them as evil. Except for perhaps a few characters like Gin, or maybe Kenpachi, it was really hard to think of the Shinigami as evil. The Arrancar arc, and to some confused extent, the Execution arc went against that notion. This new arc seems to be just like the Arrancar arc. Heck, back when the arrancar arc started, I bet everyone took an immediate interest in Ulquiorra. The dude was freaking cool afterall. I don’t think anyone gives a rats ass about Ivan or any of the other characters shown so far. The most interesting new characters are the new child Shinigami, but they aren’t that interesting.  Hopefully, this will change as more characters are revealed, but to be honest, it does not look like we will have many interesting characters this time around.

Ignore that line, this guy is most likely pure evil. His face tells me that much at least. Well, at least he seems strong and he is an emperor to, how interesting.

Oh and, most likely Ichigo’s bankai was safe because he is part hollow or something like that.


Naruto 575

For the first half of the chapter, all I can say is that Sasuke is an emo-angsty-bitch. I did not care much for Itachi’s talk about paths and stuff, but whatever, that’s the way Itachi has always been, crypt and mysterious.

Damn, the first was quite the man, not that we did not know this or anything.

The second half was a bit more interesting. Although I did not like how Tsunade sort of admitted women are weak, I liked how as a hokage she was not too upset by Madara’s bullying. So, the First could heal his wounds without forming seals, eh? The First Hokage really was quite something. Also, is Madara an idiot, healing your own wounds is a bit different from healing the wounds of others. Well, it is possible that the First could heal the wounds of others, maybe by sticking his wooden stick  in the bums of injured ninjas (SEE WHAT I DID THERE), but nothing has been suggested that he could do that, or that he even had a stick long enough to use for that purpose(SEE WHAT I DID THERE).

Cheesy, but hey, it makes sense.


Naruto 577

Tsunade is quite the boss, eh. Too bad she got hurt real bad. I don’t really want her to die right now. I want her to die an epic death befitting of one a Sanin and a Hokage. Nonetheless, I was quite touched by what other people thought of her, her four rules and her desire to charge head first into battle.

If Tsunade dies in this fight, after this fight, or some other time, then well, the legacy of the Sanin will finally be over.

On that same note, the fight in this chapter was far better. Last post(so, chapter 575), I was complaining about how the fight did not feel epic enough, and to an extent, it still does feel that epic, but it was MUCH better this time.

This guy had a mancrush on Hashirama, and he is not scared to admit it. If someone went up to Madara and said "YOU ARE GAAAAAY!", he would just kill them and no one could do anything about it.

Madara is really obsessed with the First, isn’t he? He reminds me of Sasuke’s obsession with Itachi at first, and now, to a lesser extent, Naruto. If anything, Madara is even more obsessed than Sasuke. I suppose making the First and Madara so strong ties in with the whole “new generation is better than old” theme Naruto has going on. Once these guys (the Kages, Naruto or Itachi) beat up the old dead people,  we the readers will know once and for all that the new>old. Unless of course, Madara wins and takes over everything. Wouldn’t that be a cool twist or what?

SO, what was the best part of this chapter?

Itachi's face is priceless. It's like a facepalm without the palm.

I’d like to think Itachi was upset because Sasuke is about to throw another wrench into his plans and not because of what Kabuto said about the jutsu not going away. What will Sasuke do now?!

One Piece 658

I am happy to see them reunited.

So many of my theories got disapproved this chapter. I was wrong about the kids. I thought they were permanent residents of the island, and were not being held against their will. Turns out, I was wrong. They were being held against their will.

I was also wrong about the whole half island is cold and other half is hot thing. I honestly thought that it was too ridiculous to have been caused by Akainu and Aokiji and that since the incident happened 4 years ago, there was no way the two of them had their fight on this island. Oh boy was I wrong. I still don’t know how a fight between two people can permanently change the weather, but hey, if Whitebeard had wanted he could have destroyed entire islands, so, nothing is implausible in this manga.

Just add a "YEAAAAAH" in the second panel, and Smoker becomes reverse Horatio. His punchline still comes at the end though.

I was also iffy about Vegapunk’s involvement. I think I knew he would be involved, but I was not too confident in my prediction. I also did not think Vegapunk was an old man. So, to sum it up, basically 4 years ago, the old geezer Vegapunk had an experiment go wrong that flooded the entire island with poison gas and made it into a barren wasteland. Then 2 years later, the poison had mostly gone away, and Aokiji and Akainu had their weather changing fight here, which changed the weather. And, sometime either after 2 years, or perhaps before, these gas mask totting fellows and their slimy liquid thingy of a leader moved into this island and began carrying out their own experiments. It looks like most of the experiments involve chimeras (combining animals together).  They also seem to have control over these chimera. The Harpy and the pseudo centaurs are reporting back to the lab using those den-den mushi after all.

An interesting thing to note is that while Vegapunk built robotic animals, these guys seem to be making organic lifeforms. Apparently, only Vegapunk could make strong lasers, which is why the lab people mentioned Vegapunk when Franky burst open the door using laser tech he copied/stole from Vegapunk.

As it turns out, the samurai was beaten by a woman. It looks like there is some woman in the upper ranks here. Will Zoro have to face her? Wait, there is also a female swordsman on G5, oh this has SOO MUCH POTENTIAL. I don’t know how Oda will play this out, but it is going to be good! Actually I wonder if the Harpy is the woman the Samurai was referring to.

In other news, Nami is as soft hearted as always (what, you did not think she was actually cruel, did you?) and Sanji is as much of a ladies man as always. I loved how the kids loved Franky, heck, I would go all sparkly eyed if I ever met Franky or any of the other Straw Hats for that matter.

I got super excited when Sanji jumped into action. He is still as cool as always~ Chopper and Franky, Luffy and Robin were awesome to, but in all honesty, the real star of this chapter was Brook.

Brook: No fight shown, still a badass.

One Piece Architecture

Lol, because of his “hind legs”, the centaur thought Luffy was one of them and they became friends until the centaur realized something was wrong and attacked Luffy. It looks like the lab guys are known as CC.

It looks leaking poisonous gases was a bad idea for the lab guys! Smoker is onto them, and uhh, I hope the Straw Hats don’t get affected by the poisonous gases. As in, hopefully, the gases are only at the peripheral of the island. This arc looks like it will be really interesting, and it might reveal quite a bit about Vegapunk’s past. A perfect arc for the beginning of the New World if I do say so.

Sniff, sniff, so true! Note: I don't think this comic is implying that girls don't care about OP, but just in case you got that impression, it's not true. A lot of girls like OP.

One Piece 659

Lol, Brook.


Kudos to the people who said Law was somehow involved on this island. I refused to believe them, but they were right.

Things are beginning to come together. The theory on forums (and some of my own) is that, the samurai guy came to this island looking for his kid (who was probably kidnapped by the lab guys). He then encountered the centaur fellows with their “boss” and then ran to the other side of the island where he encountered law who chopped him up into pieces and imprisoned his head. He said something about being beaten by a woman, so, it is possible the Harpy dealt with him, or forced him to flee. Regardless, he encountered both a woman and Law.

The master that the lab guys are referring to  is most likely different from Law since he/she/it said that he/she/it would hide. The two are likely in cohoots. Law is a doctor and he has shown an interest in animals (like his old First Mate), so, it is possible that they are doing research together. I have no fucking idea what’s really going on here, but it is freaking cool.


I did not think Law would become a Shichibukai as he seemed like too much of a good pirate to follow that path. Law and Luffy also have a sort of friendly relationship, so, I don’t know what is going to happen in between them. The question remains: Does this island(excluding the intruders) have 1, 2 or 3 factions. Are the lab guys and law one group, and the centaurs another, are them all separate, are the lab guys and centaurs one group and law separate, WHAT IS IT! It is also possible that the centaurs are separate from the lab group but were initially made by them.

We also found out that the samurai guy is really strong, and the torso belongs to him, so, most likely the legs belong to him to. Though, why the legs can talk and the torso can’t, I do not know. I want to see the samurai dude fight Zoro. And, has anyone noticed, but often when fights get rough, Brook flees? I don’t think he is a coward per say, but it is interesting to note it. It’s almost like Brook is pretty cautious and either never wants to reveal his full strength or he wants to leave stronger enemies for Luffy/Zoro/Sanji especially Zoro. That’s just the feeling I get. I have no evidence to back it up whatsoever.

Oh and the lab guys are chimera like themselves. Most strange, most strange indeed. I wonder what happened to Law’s crew, the guy seems to have become really cruel. Handing over 100 pirates to get his title, that seems a bit excessive. He did not just hand over Pirates though, he sent 100 pirate hearts, that is obscenely cruel, something is up with Law. He is up to something. He needs that title for some reason.

People are speculating that Law will be to Luffy what Whitebeard was to Roger. If that is that true, I can’t really complain.

Lol Robin. I really like this cute side of Robin.

Note: The front cover of 659 featured Disco. I thank aggeroff on this thread for pointing it out. I thought it was Rayleigh for a while, but I was confused about why he was stabbing those bounty posters.


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    That’s a LOT of mspainages you have there. You personally did not this chap?!?

    P.S. I didn’t read any manga either, so I can’t comment about the manga in this post! 😡

    • #2 by Reiseng on March 15, 2012 - 5:23 am

      “mspainages”? Well, I only personally did the Itachi Y u no one (that to in QUICKMEME NOT MSPAINT), the rest were all taken from the scanlators.

      Also, you should switch to Paint.Net. It is better than MS PAINT!

      oh and thanks for pointing out the missing word.

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