Weekly Shonen: Naruto 578, One Piece 660

A bit late this post is, short it also is.

Naruto 578

Cute cover page is cute.

Meh, not a bad chapter per say, but I did not like it that much.

The best part of the chapter was the slightly wittty(by Naruto standards) back and forth conversation between Madara and the Kages. “It couldn’t be helped, it was 5 to 1”, “It couldn’t be helped, you are Uchiha Madara”, “It can’t be helped, you are the 5 kage after all.”

The other interesting conversation was the one that Sasuke and Itachi had about keeping promises, and how your nature does not change until you die.

So, in other words, the only thing I liked about this chapter were the conversations. At this point in time, I am quite emotionally disconnected from the Kage fight. I am glad that Tsunade is not dead however. Madara is as overpowered as always, even his clones can use Susano. Sheesh, it looks like the Kage won’t win unless Kabuto is stopped.

One Piece 660

Great color cover page is great color page.

This chapter provides further evidence for a truth we all knew; Oda is a great storyteller. See, while other manga are incredibly linear, One Piece is quite parallel. (Note: I understand that the opposite of linear is not parallel per say, but you know what I mean!). Things happen at the same time. Instead of answering each question one by one, Oda answers a few questions at the same time, and in the process, adds a whole bunch more. Don’t you just low how chaotic and unpredictable this makes One Piece? It is not that One Piece by nature throws twists and unpredictable events at us, no, OP is unpredictable because we are bombarded with information and in the process, we miss some stuff that later on comes back and bites us in the rear. I LOVE IT.

If it wasn’t obvious, I LOVED THIS CHAPTER. I don’t have much to talk about, other than you know, Chopper lols, Tanuki martial arts, frozen corpses, tsundere; manipulative samurai heads, robot dances, marine reactions, Law vs Smoker. Yup, not much to talk about at all. So, I won’t say much.


I will however mention that I loved how chaotic this chapter (chaotic even by One Piece standards). IT WAS CRAZY!

Some people suspect that the people frozen were the pirates who had their hearts ripped out. If that is true, then I will go one step further, and claim that Law froze them because he wanted to revive them at some point. Of course, it is more than possible, likely even that they are not the pirates, many seemed giant sized and what not.


Speaking of Law, his intentions are very unclear right now. It looks like those children are not sick anymore, but in that case, why were they captured? Law is a doctor, so, he might have been trying to cure them, but they’d have been released a long time ago if that was the case. Maybe he is trying to research a cure for an illness that devastated his crew? Maybe the frozen folk are remnants of his crew, frozen in a cryogenic sleep so when Law finds a cure, he can cure them.

I don’t know what Law is doing, but I am almost certain, he has his reasons. He seems like too much of  a real pirate to be the governments dog without good reason.

I am looking forward to seeing him demonstrate more of his awesome strength, but from what I have seen, he is really strong now. DID YOU SEE THE SIZE OF HIS ROOM!? It looks like Law vs Smoker is going to be really interesting.

I doubt we will get to see a full fight though, most likely it will get interrupted somehow.

As some people have pointed out, it is a bit strange that the samurai head did not make a comment about Law. Especially since we assumed that Law was the guy who split him apart. Hmm, it is all very strange. Oh, and something interesting to note, is that all three of the Straw Hat groups are in contact with or have contacted some body part of the samurai (if we assume the legs belong to him, that is).

How very badass


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