Weekly Shonen: Bleach 485 Naruto 579 One Piece 661

NOTE: Sorry, this post is more than a week late. I had finished on Sunday the 25th of March, I promise. But, the pictures were not being uploaded correctly, and I was tired, so, I went to sleep. The week following that weekend was incredibly busy. No, really. On Monday and Tuesday, I came home at around 12 AM, on Wednesday, at like 10+ and Thursday evening was spent doing homework due on Friday. Then this past weekend was spent doing a lot of other stuff that was due on Monday. Now, that I am finally free of all that, I now have to worry about exams. Yeah, I am sorry about this, I know, I should be writing my most interesting blog posts, what with the tourney bracket already released and all. I apologize, I have no idea when I can write the Weekly Shonen for last week’s Shonen. I have not even read them yet…

Bleach 485


I enjoyed this chapter, somewhat anyway. Well, I only enjoyed it because Nel was reintroduced, and it felt like quite a bit happened for a Bleach chapter. So, this bad guy is also using Arrancar, and it looks like after Aizen was defeated, Hanibal took over administration of Hueco Mendo, but clearly this guy beat her up. I do wonder why he just beat her up and did not kill her. Also, what happened to Stark? Did Stark die? Who knows?

This new bad guy, whose name I can not be bothered is made to look evil, cruel and viscous. But, to be honest, the only thing he comes out as is some crazy nutjob who likes killing people because of some weird blood fetish or something. Either way, he does not look like a hollow, is he a Quincy, human, Shinigami? Some people have said he looks like Zangetsu. I hope he does not have any relation to Zangetsu, most likely, any such relationship would feel contrived.

Oh Nel, never change.

I liked how Nell came back. I really like Nell. Her child version is cute and adorable (well, maybe not the drool), and her adult form is hot. Actually, you know, for quite some time, I was shipping Nel x Ichigo! They make such a cute pair.

Oh and I had totally forgotten, but the Vice Captain actually died. Can you believe it? Kubo actually killed someone because of their injuries, off screen! Wow, can’t say I was expecting that. Now, I said I had forgotten, and that was correct, so, I am not feeling really sad or anything, but it is kind of sad you know. I liked his fancy fencing sword, and according the Bleach Wiki(or Kubo by extension), the only thing the Captain and the Vice Captain disagreed on was their food preference. Sniff, sniff, you won’t be missed, but you were somewhat of an iconic character for the 1st squad, so, you will be sort of remembered, I think.

Ishida got friendzoned by Inoue (AGAIN), but he doesn't care because he has ICHIGO!

Naruto 579

Cool Cover Page is cool.

Quite a few people complained that Sasuke charged headfirst into battle like the idiot that he is. Now, I don’t deny him being stupid, but I’d argue that Sasuke was charging in because:

  1. He wanted to get the fight over with so he could talk to his lovely brother.
  2. He had an inkling about what Kabuto was going to do, so, he decided to act before Kabuto got the chance.

Kabuto, the Snakey Dude from Snakedom is using Snake Sage Mode. Orocimaru would be so proud. Sniff, sniff.

The Snake sage mode was interesting I guess. I don’t know how I feel about Snakes also having sage mode (most likely Slugs have it as well), but I don’t seem to care that much. Some people have presumed that Sasuke is going to learn Sage mode thanks to the scroll that other kid found. This whole nature chakra thing like the kid who goes wild is a bit confusing, but I am particularly paying attention to it.

So, Karin is an Uzumaki, eh. I guess some people saw it coming, I for one, did not. I wonder how Naruto will react when he learns of Karin’s heritage. On that same note, I guess it has been pretty much proven that the Uzumaki’s have good regenerative abilities (said in the form of “life force”), but also good chakra sensing abilities. I was under the impression that Naruto was special because he could sense stuff due to his Kyuubi chakra or Toad chakra, but maybe it’s also a clan thing?

On to the topic of Sasuke. Now, for me personally, this chapter was further proof that Sasuke is not totally evil, not yet anyway. I don’t know why I got that impression, but I did. Sasuke just likes to pretend he is evil, but truth be told, he is just an angsty teenager with low, low self esteem.  See, no matter how evil he thinks he is, or how evil everyone else seems to think he is, Sasuke is not really that evil. He just doesn’t have that evil person vibe. Sure, some of those standalone pictures where Kishi emphasized his eyes made him look evil, but other than that, his fights might demonstrate recklessness, but not malice.

I guess this means that as much as we hate to admit it, Sasuke is arguably one of, if not the most complex character in the Naruto universe.  See, even though I end up hating him a lot of the times, I can’t help but enjoy his fights, for no matter how clumsy and overpowering he is now, on occasion– a rare occasion I might add– he shows us glimpses of the Sasuke of many years ago, the Sasuke that little kids all over the country tried to emulate. Please, Kishi, bring that Sasuke back. I know you are trying to build up to a huge fight between Naruto and Sasuke, but sometimes, I feel that is not all that necessary. Sure, it might be anti-climatic to have Sasuke turn around and be his 12 year non-emo self again, but this is a Shonen goddamit, magic happens! Also, it is fine by me if the inevitable fight does happen. I just don’t want him going in as a jerk.

Oh, and the best part of the chapter was “Dr.Snakes”. LOL ITACHI, LOL KABUTO!

One Piece 661

Is he happy because he is the warden now, or because he likes getting whipped by Domino Chan?


We all like warm, clothes, yes?

You know, I throw endless praise on Oda almost every single post, but I cannot help it. How can one mangaka keep drawing such an incredible manga on such a regular basis? I do not know, all I know is that Oda is incredible. I am being totally serious when I say that I do not think there is anyone out there (outside of my family) whom I respect more than Oda.

If there is one thing I can criticize about this chapter, it is that it felt short. One Piece does not normally feel short, but I guess the pace was a bit fast this time, so yeah.

Comments (see how I actually have to somewhat organized for OP, too much stuff happens to just blindly rage through like the other manga):

  • Hannibal is now chief. Where is Magellan? Some people are saying he is ‘M’, which I believe is the floating toxic thing. Others are saying he is an admiral. Who knows where he is, but it is likely relevant to the overall manga. Oda does these things for good reason.
  • Brook was awesome like always.

Okay, uhh, let’s see. I am really beginning to like Brook. It has taken me a while to get warmed up to him, but I am quickly growing favorable towards him. I liked his ” I am not losing crew-mates again” comment. Brook is a lot stronger than we think, and he is now right up there with Sanji and Zoro in the cool pose department.

Poor Tashigi (Captain-Chan)

The only other point really worth elaborating on is the last one. Law is freaking badass. Did you see how easily he handled everything. He clearly has Haki, as he sensed Smoker and dodged accordingly. As for his devil fruit, I guess we finally know quite a bit more about it. He has the Ope Ope no Mi fruit (which basically means operation or something). So, if I understood correctly, Law can make that circle room thing, and within that circle, he can do a whole bunch of stuff like move people and objects, swap people’s hearts (souls, or whatever), and probably some other stuff to. If he uses his sword in the room, he can split up people, so, it is a bit like a doctor’s  . “The surgeon of death”, eh. Not bad, not bad at all. Also, if you are well skilled with Haki, you can counter his attack. I felt sorry for Tashigi, she was brave and noble! Well, I don’t think Law will kill anyone, and in my opinion, he will most likely return the Straw Hats to their original body voluntarily. People were asking if the body switch wears off, well, it could, but given how the Samurai is still split in pieces, I’d wager, no it does not.

Oh and speaking of the samurai, as it turns out, Law was the guy who chopped him up, and Law even seemed to recognize the dude. I wonder what is going to happen next!



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