Quick Impression: Medaka Box

I really should be studying hard. Exams start on Monday, and I have done almost no studying whatsoever. So, instead of wasting time procrastinating on studying, I have decided to quickly write this quick impressions post.

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Quick Summary:

Dude with rad hair had a childhood friend. The childhood friend was perfect, and this perfection manifested itself in the size of her boobs. Using the power of boob bounce, and a few other martial art techniques like boob zoom in, Medaka seeks to solve all problems presented to her. She feels that as a bearer of large boobs (and the title of student council president), this is her sworn duty. Her friend, Zenkichi does not like being around her because he gets jealous; jealous because his boobs aren’t as big as hers and therefore, he is nowhere near as perfect.

After seeing Medaka put her boobs to good use to take care of trouble, Zenkichi decides that he just can’t be happy, unless he is near Medaka’s boobs. So, in a desperate bid, he appeals to her all welcoming bossom, and Medaka’s boobs allow him to join her student council.

The Animation

I normally don’t notice animation unless it is truly horrible, or absolutely incredible. I didn’t mind the animation in Medaka Box that much, but it was not well liked by some people. I suppose the characters were not that well drawn, but I liked the backgrounds, which I guess were an attempt at copying Shaft.

I like the polka-dots in the shadow region.


In general, I like the character designs, I especially like the black shadow below the hair of Zenkichi and Shiranui.

Cool Shadow, bro~


Damn, Medaka is really pretty.

I really like Medaka’s design. She is very pretty. Granted, her boobs are really big, but that is well, just who she is! It’s not like the other characters have massive boobs, it’s a strictly Medaka thing. Well, if I recall, one of the other student council members has a pretty big rack, but nothing on Medaka’s level. The boobs are just Medaka! Though, I do suppose she would be a bit prettier if they were a bit smaller. Oh well. No major complaints here.

I know other people don’t like how Medaka is “too perfect”, but I honestly don’t mind. There is a difference between having a perfect character whose perfection is not being acknowledged and a character shoe perfection is being acknowledged. Medaka is obviously the latter.

Her perfection is of the endearing sort. I don’t think Medaka comes of as being arrogant or “too good for you” either, which is good. She feels like a goddess implanted in a girl’s body (most likely in the boobs) who is perfect in every way and yet her actions are still those of a human. Urr, I think there were probably some paradoxes hidden in there, but either way, I like Medaka.

Even kid Medaka was pretty.


I really like Zenkichi because he is the dude whose sole purpose in life (for me anyway) is to provide a backup for Medaka. While Medaka charges ahead and does what a president needs to do, Zenkichi takes care of the shadowy details like her left hand man. Unfortunately, my vision for Zenkichi never really did come into fruition, but I still like him and I like how he tries his best for Medaka.


8bmp's new Twitter DP. Pretty awesome choice if I say so.

Shiranui is awesome. I don’t think there is any doubt about that. She has secret sources of information and is incredibly perceptive. I don’t remember much from the manga, but a quick look at wikipedia reminded me of the dislike Shiranui holds for Medaka. Yeah, the two don’t get along that well. Isn’t that an interesting character dynamic?



Manga vs Anime

The above parts were probably not really important. Sorry, for wasting your time. I hope you aren’t running on a finite amount of time.

Okay, let’s go. Begin MANGA-FAG RANT PROCEDURE.

Load, the character portrayal cartridge!


Character Portrayal

I had minor issues with how both Medaka and Zenkichi were portrayed. Medaka’s voice actress was slightly wrong. I expect Medaka to sound stronger and louder (if that makes any sense). Medaka is not a girly girl, she is meant to be fierce. As Draggle put it, she should be yelling a heck of a lot more. The voice actor for Zenkichi was also no where near deep enough.

I can probably get used to the voice actors, but it doesn’t end there. Even the closeups of Medaka’s face showed her smiling with glee, when it should have been a fierce look of determination. For some reason, I felt that Zenkichi was not as stoic or as badass as he was in the manga, but upon reading the manga, I realized that he was not actually as stoic as I remember.

Still, the manga Zenkichi is slightly(just a bit) less embarrassed by Medaka’s actions and a bit more determined, I think.

While checking out the first chapter again, I found an interesting example of something that was different in the anime. This will likely be seen as being nit-picky, but hey, it’s why I am here.

Here, take a look at this scene:

In the anime, Zenkichi turns around, and simply finds Medaka standing there, mostly undressed. In the manga on the other hand:

We see Medaka undress. This might not be of great importance, but in my opinion, it downplays two minor quirks found in Medaka’s character. Those quirks being her fascination with herself and her desire to make poses. Medaka does not only like other people, but she sort of likes herself as well. In the anime, we see Zenkichi turn around, and there is Medaka all undressed and looking just prime. But, why did she undress? Yeah, there is a mirror there, but unless you had read the manga, you might not have interpreted the mirror as being important. And, even then, we did not get to see the poses, and Medaka loves her poses.

The anime did quite a bit of work with her poses, but here:

The manga has a freaking arrow pointing to her!

The last little bit I’d like to talk about came at the very end of the episode, when Madoka hugged Zenkichi.

No, I am not upset that Zenkichi’s face is facing the wrong way. It’s the little bit of information about Medaka that we got that is slightly, ever so slightly upsetting. In the manga, it is suggested that Medaka has two different sides. She has the strict/disciplinary side she uses when dealing with troublemakers, and this super cute side she goes into when it comes to people she likes (like her student council members). Of course, the anime sort of implied this with the opening:

Notice how Shiranui is not covered by Medaka's arms? I most certainly hope there was a bit of intentional thinking that went into this scene.

but I wanted Zenkichi to explicitly mention it. In this episode, the Medaka we got was a muddled combination of strict and cute, but strictly speaking, the cute and strict should be discrete, separate states of mind. Before you get at me, with a “humans are meant to be muddled”, yeah, maybe, but this is Medaka. End of discussion.

Also, I did not like how Zenkichi referred to himself as a tsundere. It was funny when I first saw it, but I prefer the manga version. A comment about Medaka’s nature is a bit more stoic, and cooler than a comment about one’s own embarrassment. Yeah, actually, when I think about it. Why the hell was Zenkichi so shocked in the anime when Medaka hugged him? I am not talking about the embarassment of being hugged by a hot girl, nor the surprise of the hug itself, but just the notion that Medaka would hug him. If he had really known her for so many years, would he really be surprised?

Also, even though the first chapter had like one panel with boob jiggle, the anime had way too much boob jiggle.

Okay, load up the next cartridge, let’s use another angle! What? We are out, there is nothing else to say? Oh well!


Going by what everyone else seems to have said, and my own impressions, the Medaka Box manga starts of alright, sucks, and then turns good. When I was reading the manga, I pretty much stopped when it started to transition into a pure Shonen fighting manga, which happened to have been the sucky part. So, yeah, I gave up too soon on the manga. I will need to go back and get to the good parts sometime. As for the anime, it’s not that bad actually. I liked it more when I was skimming through it after the initial watch. As far as adaptations go, it will do, but I don’t think I have time for it, especially if I start reading the manga again. So, yeah. 😦

Oh, and lest my accomplishments go unnoticed, I call hipster status.


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