Quick Impression: Mysterious Girlfriend X

If you came to this post expecting a rant about how anime failed the source material, then you will leave disappointed. No, the anime is brilliant. I don’t remember what happened in the first manga chapter, but it was likely not much better (or better at all) than the anime interpretation.

Seriously, if you are only taking a quick glance and have no time to entertain this post, then go watch it. MGX(Nazo no Kanojo X) is magnificent.

Oh Urabe, how I love thee...

The animation was gorgeous. There were a few minor budget cut resulting hiccups here and there, like this one:

But, this did not happen often, and more importantly, it happened during scenes where I did not really need to focus on anything.

In other words, they picked good scenes to skimp out on stuff on. Continuing on with the previous notion, did anyone notice how Urabe Mikoto and Akira Tsubaki are the characters with the greatest amount of animation and detail?

This really kept my focus on the main characters. Even if it was a budget thing, it was one hell of a classy budget cut, and one I shall gladly support with my illegal downloading.

Notice how our two leads look far better than their classmates?

Same sort of thing here. By the way, that girl in the background is a very important, awesome character~


Now, it is possible that the only the main characters were focused on because of the camera and perception of distance, but even then, the positioning of everything put the spotlight on our main leads. This is a show primarily (or currently anyway) about Urabe and Akira, and I am damn glad the anime is acknowledging that. In line with that, I really like how the characters are shaded.

I love the shading of her hair.

I love the textures on the table as well. Really nice artwork here.

The dream sequences also had some awesome animation.

Really Pretty, this dream is.

The picture in the break was also pretty~

I really liked the show’s attempt at symbolism as well. The whole nectar = drool thing was well cute, and it went along very well with ideas of sexuality (as nectar in flowers is just an incentive for insects that will help them reproduce) and also you know, her drool is sweet like nectar. Ain’t that something.

Sorry for the picture spam, but basically, this anime is well worth watching. You should all watch it, then tell me how awesome I am for telling you to watch it even though you were all going to watch it anyway.

Picture included because of Boobs. Don't worry, she isn't a love rival! (This was the last image to be uploaded, you have no idea how much time I wasted getting this on here).

Now, that the sane paragraphs are out of the way, I am going to go into insane fanboying mode. If you value your opinion of me, I would advise that you stop reading now, leave a comment (or don’t) and vote for me in the tourney on Sunday (or don’t).

Warning: You have been warned.


I fucking love this!

I LOVE URABE, SO DAMN MUCH, it’s not even funny. Okay, well, some people might find it funny. If you find it funny, fuck you.


Seriously, Urabe is so awesome. She is one of my favorite female characters of all time. Let’s go through why, shall we:

  1. She is super cute and not in the typical moe girl kinda way.
  2. She doesn’t judge people. At first, we might have gotten the impression that her drool is special, or that she is used to such weird fetishes, but her drool is not special, nor is she used to fetishes(she is a virgin and all). She just genuinely does not judge people.
  3. She is awesome, okay?

Now, this would be the part where I criticize the main lead for being a wimp and a clueless dolt. But I won’t. Why? Because he is neither a wimp, nor a dolt. Sure, most people will likely be too busy concentrating on Urabe to notice, but the main lead is truly great.

  1. You saw the scene where Urabe walked next to his desk and sat down? You know what Akira did? I will give you a hint or two: He didn’t think perverted things. He didn’t think about how Urabe was “cute”, though she obviously is. He didn’t stutter. No.
    He FUCKING INTRODUCED HIMSELF and confidently to if I might add. That’s what you do when you are not a total dolt and you do your best to get along with people.
  2. He doesn’t have an exagerated reaction to discovering his new fetish for drool. No, he takes it in stride, accepts it as part of himself and does his best to make the most out of it.
  3. He has a fucking spine. He doesn’t back away from his feelings. He doesn’t wait for Urabe to do something first. He does not wait for some unexpected development.

Men take note: When in love (and barring any complicated circumstances), confess! You to can be badass like this dude. Also, the animation is lovely in this scene. I love what they did with the shadows and the sun and stuff. Truly romantic.

Characters like Akira and Urabe are really rare and so is a show like Mysterious Girlfriend X.

A lot of people are talking about how this series is about how it isn’t a bad thing for teenagers to have abnormal romances like this one. Or how, teenagers can have abnormal romances in the first place, and don’t need to listen to soceity’s customs. I like that notion. The notion that we don’t have to listen to societal customs really pleases me.

Take those things that hinder you child, rip them apart, and move on with your life...

See, I hate society sometimes. No, I don’t hate people, and I don’t hate hanging out with groups either. No, I hate conforming to social pressures.

In my opinion, social pressures and stuff make you into a factory product, no different than your billion or so factory produced, formulaic siblings.

And we love you for it...

This right here is pretty much the reason why I watch anime, as it lets me see characters who don’t all act according to some formula written for them by everyone else (or well, in theory anyway, we all know how false this truly is) and it’s also the reason why I don’t feel like growing up just yet!

Anyway, sorry about the tangent, but basically, MGX is awesome because of great animation/shading and two incredibly brilliant characters. Don’t worry, the other side characters that will be introduced soon enough are for the most part, great characters as well.

Thanks for reading.

Obligatory mass drool picture that everyone else also used.


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