Weekly Shonen: Bleach 491, Naruto 585

Instead of covering One Piece in this post, I am going to cover the last couple of chapters together in another round up post. Not much to talk about in these two chapters, so, please forgive me if I am too brief.

Bleach 491

I’d rather not

Meh. I didn’t really like this chapter. On the one hand, I liked how Ichigo was able to stand most of the enemies attacks without resorting to his bankai, but yeah, that’s about it. I could not care less about fabulous captain-tan. He is boring as hell. All he does is yell and what’s worse is that all he yells are narcissistic cult follower wannabe lines. Yeah, you heard me. He isn’t even in a proper “holy” cult, but he likes to pretend that he is. Note that normally, I like narcissists, but that’s really only the case if they are actually amusing and not boring like this noob.

So, Ishida’s grandfather or w/e did not like this “evolution”, eh. How convoluted and silly. Why the hell do Shonen authors throw around words like evolution anyway? “Oh, you know those random powerups we introduce to keep the manga running? Yeah, they aren’t random at all! In fact, they are EVOLUTION!”

That old monster thingy showing up was a bit of a surprise. I guess Kubo doesn’t want to reveal all of Ichigo’s cards just yet. I guess that makes sense. Hopefully, the battles in Soul Society will be a bit more interesting, but as it stands, I don’t really care about the villains whatsoever. Heck, today, I am feeling very unsympathetic towards Bleach in general. If you read Bleach, then you will understand. All Bleach readers on occasion get that “I wish it would just end already” feeling now and then.

Obligatory monster thingy picture

Naruto 585

Itachi is wise.

I was surprised. In my last post I ranted about how much I liked Kabuto’s past, but as it turns out, most people did not actually enjoy the flashbacks. I suppose, this is another one of those “better to marathon and read in one go” kind of things. Anyway, I do sort of feel bad for Kabuto.

I would argue that his refusal to listen to Itachi does not only stem from his stubbornness and jealousy, but also from his inability to trust others. Poor guy has been betrayed so many times, that the only person he ever really trusted was Orochimaru and that to because Oro despite being devious and cruel, he really laid everything out for others to see. Orochimaru was an interesting character like that.

Other people were happy to see the Sound ninja reappear, but I wasn’t. Or rather, I didn’t really pay much attention. I was just like, meh, Kabuto likes eating people and then spewing them out. It’s a bit of a mystery as to why Kabuto did not use a Sasuke clone thing. He had access to Sasuke’s blood. Just as bizzare is the notion that he could have taken in the cells of the first hokage, but he didn’t. Or, perhaps he did, but choose not to use them in this fight. Anyway, all of these theories are just paraphrased from the mangashare forums, so, go there if you wish to see more of a discussion on them.

Now, what about that ending?! Well, I don’t know what’s going to happen. On the one hand, the Uchiha are notoriously well known for pulling a genjutsu out of their asses last second, but at the same time, Kishi might have just pulled out a major twist. Maybe, Itachi will never get to use Izanami (the blackened eye might have been a result of the edo tensei or something) and Kabuto will win this little fight. Should this happen, Sasuke would most likely, either be forced to kill Kabuto or flee. In a way, it kind of makes sense that this would happen. I mean, what if Itachi’s last words changed Sasuke and Sasuke no longer wished to fight Naruto? I would be totally okay with that, but a lot of fans would find that extremely anti-climatic and upsetting.

But…if Itachi does not use Izanami, then no one will. Sasuke is really the only guy left ( I doubt Madara or fake Madara would resort to it), but Izanami does not really seem like a technique Sasuke would use.

Poor Itachi. This scene is so sad, even Kabuto had to cry… Sasuke is the heartless bitch here.

Oh and Kabuto’s final attack was kind of cool and totally unexpected (though confusing to understand). I still don’t get the point of the tears, but it is probably just Kabuto releasing his pent up emotions. I wish he went back to his old bishie self. I liked that look more! One last thing to ponder: Will we be saying goodbye to Itachi soon? (Again) Well, yeah, but how soon is the question!

Note: Darwin picture taken from Wiki


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