Happy Mother’s Day


Hello, given that yesterday was mother’s day in Canada (the only country that really matters), I decided to publish a post about mothers.
Sorry, I do not have the patience to go and do a detailed analysis of mothers as they are presented in Japanese media, but I can give you a list of motherly characters I consider to be awesome.

Note that this list does not only include good mothers, but also awesome characters who just happen to be mothers. In other words, you may not want to be the child of some of these.

Sanae Furukawa (Clannad/Clannad After Story)

Sanae started her awesome career as awesome mother in Clannad by sacrificing her career and dreams to raise her daughter. She then continued giving useful advice and encouragement to both Nagisa and Tomoyo. When Nagisa was feeling down or feeling lonely, Sanae was there to help her get back up. She was even there for Tomoya as well. She replaced the mother he had lost many years ago. That alone would be enough to earn her a place on this list, but the following scene cemented her awesomeness:

For five years, Sanae blocked off her feelings. For five years, she held back the tears she should have shed for her daughters death. She put aside her own feelings and did what she felt was necessary to raise her granddaughter. I have no problem with people who cry after sad things happen, but I have a massive amount of respect for those who cry only after their job is done.

Weda (Hare+Guu)

Weda is one of those mothers you might not necessarily want as a mother. She is loud, brash, noisy and drinks alcohol in plain sight of her eleven year old son, but truly does love him and in her own twisted, irresponsible way, she really does want the best for Hare. More importantly, she is hilarious. Her antics, failures and trouble causing efforts make her a joy to watch and earned her a place on this list.

Kyoko Honda (Fruits Basket)

Kyoko died before the manga started. So, we never really get to see much of her, but everything Tohru did was a result of the life policies pounded into her head by Kyoko. I know it is sort of expected that children end up being similar to what their parents what, but Tohru was sort of an extreme case. And, what’s even more interesting is that it wasn’t because of brainwashing or anything else, but because Kyoko was someone everyone looked up to. Even Tohru’s friends Arisa and Saki looked up to Kyoko.

The interesting thing is, Kyoko was not always a good mother. At one point in her life, she extremely negligent of Tohru (depression and all that), but then she realized that she had a job to do, so, she grew up and did her very best to carry out her duty. Judging by how helpful and well admired of a person, Tohru ended up being, Kyoko definitely succeeded.

Mari Katsuragi (The World God only Knows)

Mari is the mother of Kemia: the conquering god. Being the mother of a conquering god is no easy task. Not only does she still need to take care of all the regular motherly tasks, but she has Keima’s social anxiety and game obsession to worry about as well.

The coolest thing about Mari though is that she is a motorbike gang leader and still has a Ducati that she drives around now and then. In short, she is not only a caring mom, but a badass one too.

Hibari Imamoto (Onidere)

Hibari is Tadashi’s mother. She is absolutely hilarious. You need to read onidere to understand what I am talking about, but just know every scene with her is absolutely hilarious.

Hibari is one of the funniest if not the funniest mother in manga.

Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto)

This entry is self explanatory. Kushina was an attractive, badass, red haired ninja. She was also a badass ninja. Is that not enough to be considered a great mom? No? What if I tell you that she was the jinchurikyou of the nine-tails and mother of Uzumaki Naruto? What if I tell you that she sacrificed herself for the betterment of her son and her village(well, it was more of a forced sacrifice)?

Oh and the Kushina image stored in Naruto helped him conquer the nine tails and shit.

Ren Seto (Seto no Hanayome)

Ren is the real boss of the Seto Yakuza group. She is rational enough to come up with the idea of the arranged marriage, wise enough to give advice to those that need it and fun enough to tease pro-tag kun when required. She is awesome.

Satsuki Matsumae (Hanasaku Iroha)

Satsuki is an irresponsible, workaholic. That almost sounds like a paradox, but it isn’t. She also frequently neglected her daughter in favour of her boyfriends. But, deep down, she still loves Ohana. Her carefree, brash, free spirited attitude makes her a terrible mother, but a great character to watch and as such, it earns her a place on this list.

Yukari Nitani (Usagi Drop)

Out of all the characters in this list, Yukari is probably the most natural. Her feelings towards her son Kouki are as motherly as can be. Most of what she says and does is done with Kouki in mind. Such selflessness might seem unrealistic, but I am 75% sure that most mothers with young children operate this way. On another note, I was lucky enough to be raised by both parents, but seeing Yukari was slightly nostalgic and reminded me of my own childhood. I can only imagine how nostalgic it must have been to see her for children of single mothers.

Minako Ayuzawa (Kaichou wa Maid Sama)

Even though she confessed to lying about Misaki’s father in the latest chapter, Minako is still a great mother. She is weak and sickly, but she still tries her best to look after her family. Despite going through harsh circumstances and financial problems, she is always smiling. She works shifts at a hospital and she does other work to just to make ends meet. Oh and she even tries to stop Misaki from overworking despite their need for money as she wants Misaki to concentrate on school.

Minako is also really calm and serene. Heck, Usui even described her as Spring or something once. Oh and that lie I mentioned earlier was said for the greater good of both daughters and her husband had wanted her to lie anyway.

Kate (Tsuritama)

Kate may be a grandmother to Yuki, but that does not disqualify her from this list (all grandmas are mothers too). At first people liked Kate because she was hip and cool looking, but that’s not really the case any more. Kate is now well liked by Tsuritama fans because she is calm and really wise. The advice she gave Haru greatly helped him forge a bond with Yuki and that in turn helped Yuki find his voice and gain confidence.

It’s easy to give all the credit for Yuki’s growth to Haru (or Natsuki), but Kate was the one working behind the scenes. Not only that, but before the anime started, she took care of Yuki, raised him and for a long time, she was his only friend.

Unfortunately, the anime has shown death flags for Kate. If she does die though, she can die happy knowing that she has done her job and that her grandson will be fine from her onwards.

Mito Freecss (Hunter x Hunter)

She is technically not Gon’s mother, but she is his adopted mother and he considers her to be his real mother, so, she makes this list. She looked after Gon for twelve years even though he wasn’t her son by blood. And, when the time came, she let him go on his own path. A personal favorite scene of mine is when Gon is listening to the recording left behind by his dad and the tape comes to the part about his mother. At that point, Gon pauses the tape because to him, Mito is his mother. If Gon’s love and respect for Mito isn’t a good indication of how good a mother she is, then well, nothing is.

Izumi Curtis (Full metal Alchemist)


Another mother not related to her children by blood. Izumi is awesome. I do not think I need to talk about how awesome she is simply because everyone should already know that. Just a quick reminder if I may:

  1. One of the top alchemists in the FMA universe.
  2. Badass martial art skills.
  3. Along with her husband, she runs a meat shop.
  4. As strict as she is with the Elrics, she still loves them very much.

My memory is shoddy, but I think in the first season anyway, when the Elrics first tell her that they attempted to bring back their mother, she beats the crap out of them, and then she hugs them both. It was a sweet and touching scene.

Angela (Creepuscule)

Angela is another person who isn’t related to her son, Lark. If you know me on Twitter, you will recognize Angela as my twitter avatar, and she has been my Twitter avatar for a long, long time. (People have actually asked me what character is that, but I ignored them because I thought I’d play a guessing game or something, but I guess, the jig is up!) Anyway, Angela is awesome.

To her, Lark was just a human that was entrusted to her by another young boy and yet she took care of him for many, many years. She raised him to be a find young man and then forced him to move away so he could go to a good high school. Then worried about how he’d do and ho’d he fit in, she followed him and became the school nurse even though that decision was quite risky and detrimental to her research.
She is also the only mother like person Setz knows.

I know I sort of cheated by throwing Angela in here because she is from a Korean webtoon, but she is awesome, so, she had to be included.

Sorry for posting this post so late and sorry for not screen capping some images, but I had my own mother’s day activities to contend with, so, yeah, no time!

Oh, and I also wanted to make muffins for this post and for my mom, but yeah, I didn’t get to make them. 😦

Oh well, happy belated mothers day and I hope you enjoy the following week.



  1. #1 by Mushyrulez on June 8, 2012 - 11:49 pm

    Wow yeah this was better than my Mother’s Day post ;w;

    But MADOKA’S MOTHER isn’t ON THIS LIST even though she appeared for like five minutes in total in the entire show

    • #2 by Reiseng on June 9, 2012 - 2:51 am

      Oh snap! Yeah, I should have included Madoka’s mother, she was pretty cool. 😛

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