Weekly Shonen Roundup pt.2

Sorry guys, this post is NOT about this week’s chapters (the ones released on Wednesday). I am still playing catch up with my Shonen posts I am afraid. Hopefully, things will be back to normal on Friday/Saturday. I am really sorry about that. I could have included this weeks Shonen in here to, but my Shonen reading tradition dictates that Shonen must be read on a Friday or a holiday. Note: This post was completed on midnight Friday, so, it is still not Friday in the sense that I haven’t gone to work and come home yet!

I guess the eighties really were as cool as everyone claims.

Reborn 378-384

I am glad that Reborn! (both the manga and the hitman) is still awesome.

Man, that’s just harsh

Exciting was the thought running through my head as I marathoned through Reborn.The fights were fun, the few twists were enjoyable, but the best parts were the further emphasis on the Reborn x Tsuna relationship, Tsuna and Mukorou’s relationship and Chrome’s development as a stand alone warrior.
Quick bad parts:

  1. Cheesy at times
  2. The dad got knocked out
  3. Stupid repetition and explanations designed for 8 year olds…

Okay, enough about the bad parts, let us move on to the good parts.

Reborn and Tsuna

I have already talked about how important and great the Reborn and Tsuna relationship is, but it cannot be emphasized enough. This mentor-student relationship started the manga and most likely, it will end the manga as well. It’s not just Tsuna’s feelings towards Reborn that are special, it is Reborn’s dedication to training Tsuna.

When the arc first started, we got the impression that for once, Reborn was being selfish. We got the impression that he actually placed his own desires over the well being of his student, but this impression was wrong.

Man, I was clapping my hands at this page. Reborn is just too cool.

The one time, the one time we expect Reborn to be selfish, he isn’t. He always places Tsuna first. This is why he is the best tutor and one of my favourite manga characters.

Tsuna and Mukorou’s relationship

Man, there was something special about seeing these two get together and attempt to fight together. I love Mukorou. He is an awesome, enigmatic character and when he actually gets along with Tsuna and the others, he becomes even better.

…and, fujoshi world wide cried in silent joy….

Mukorou’s crow technique is pretty interesting, but at the same time, it kind of kills some of the brain work that was implied by using regular illusions. The other combinations of team members were also kind of interesting, but nothing special.

Chrome’s development as a stand alone warrior

It was kind of annoying to see Tsuna sprout those goody tusho lines, but boy am I glad for this change. I was never against the unholy union between Chrome and Mukorou (though I am more of a Chrome x Tsuna kinda guy), but Chrome is a Vongola Guardian, so, it was great seeing her finally stand up on her own. Now, the guardians are complete and hopefully, we can see them do badass stuff together! I am also glad that Mukorou didn’t abandon her( I knew he wouldn’t!), but was just waiting on her triumphant rise to soldier-hood.

Combo move activate!

Between Reborn x Tsuna, Mukorou x Chrome, Mukorou x Flan, Lal Mirch x Colonello, this series really has nice mentor student relationships, eh?

Quick note on Vindice

Vindice is a strange bunch. They carry around those rock pacifiers and their head baby (Bermuda) is kind of strange to. I think Bermuda is like clown face. I think he can grant people arcobaleno-ish powers, but for some reason, clown face turned him into a baby as well. That’s just my weird conjecture, but the two are clearly linked and Bermuda doesn’t seem to like clown face very much.

One Piece 662-666

I enjoyed rushing through Bleach, Naruto, Reborn and Fairy Tail, but not One Piece. Once more, I have learnt that it is a bad idea to rush through One Piece. There is simply too much stuff happening to be absorbed in a quick rush through. Heck, even for weekly readings, you should probably take your time when it comes to One Piece. Anyway, these 5 chapters were great. Here are some points:

  1. Law and Smoker had a bitching awesome fight
  2. Law and Luffy met up. Luffy still feels indebted to Law
  3. Samurai-San has a devil fruit ability(some disguising ability)
  4. Sanji is super happy
  5. Oda always pays such attention to detail. The board Usopp used in chapter 663 was made with plants.
  6. Samurai-San’s legs could talk using farts….
  7. Smoker and Tashigi can live even if Smoker’s body doesn’t have a heart…
  8. Smoker in Tashigi’s body is both hilarious and incredibly hot.
  9. The “main villain” or bad experiment person is revealed to be Dr.Vegapunk’s former colleague: Ceasar Clown
  10. Ceasar Clown has the gas gas fruit, or something like that anyway.
  11. Ceasar has a spy in G5 who goes by the name, “Joker”
  12. Luffy’s generation (the Supernovas) are now known as the troublesome generation.
  13. There is a sad backstory involving prisoners and poisonous gas
  14. The dragon was made by Vegapunk…it was given a mysterious name to
  15. Magellan has no been demoted to a Vice-Warden. How very saddening for him.
  16. The kids were being fed drugs in the form of candy
  17. Luffy trusts in Chopper even if he has no idea of what’s going on
  18. Zoro, Sanji (in Nami’s body) and Brook got knocked out by the mountain brothers who also killed Brownbeard
  19. Mr.2 is alive and well in Newkamaland
  20. Nami does not like Franky’s BEEEAAAM
  21. Nami got captured…but for a reason that is totally not related to her being Nami.
  22. Law does not like Ceasar one bit. Law is after something…

Damn….20 semi-specific points. Like I said, a lot happens in One Piece. There is no way in hell, I have the time or energy to talk about all of the above, so, let us cover a simple few:

1. The fight between Law and Smoker

Law seems to be able to sense sea stone. I wonder if that’s haki, his particular ability, or just a gut feeling. Hmm.
This fight was great. It was quite intense and fun to watch, but the real highlight of the fight was the ending. Holy smoke balls! Law’s final move was one of the most badass things I have ever seen in manga.
It wasn’t just the fact that Law defeated a Vice Admiral, it was also the manner with which he beat Smoker. I don’t think anyone saw that move coming and more it was so well executed that I could not help but gasp when that scene showed up. Or, well, I gasped when I understood what had just happened. It was a most glorious scene.

4. Sanji is super happy

If I got to live in Nami’s body for a while, I’d be damn happy as well. Heck, I’d have stripped myself completely a long time ago. I was surprised he insisted on smoking though. I thought he’d have been more careful with Nami’s body (maybe cigs are not that harmful in OP, but I doubt it). I guess cigarette addiction really is a mental thing after all.

8. Smoker is awesome

Great quote

It doesn’t matter if he is in his own body, or in the body of Tashigi, he is awesome. Tashigi is so much cooler now with Smoker inside her (hur, hur).

9. The main villain is introduced

A new villain, eh. He seems kind of evil! Well, all One Piece villains are sort of evil. The most interesting thing about this guy though is that he is likely going to see opposition from three different sides. It is obvious that he will have a bad run down with Luffy and Smoker, but Law will likely cause trouble for him as well. This should be interesting.

12. Luffy’s generation (the Supernovas) is famous.

We all saw this coming, but it’s nice to know that the pirates that gathered on Sabaody that faithful day are now making havoc in the New World. Drake and Law in particular seem to have done quite a few eye catching things. My only complaint is that I would not include Blackbeard in this list like the manga did. Yeah, he only recently went on his own adventure, but he has been a pirate for a long, long, long time. He fought against Gold Rodgers crew so, I don’t consider him to be a new pirate whatsoever.

Hoh….this is interesting.

13. Sad back-story involving prisoners

I did not find the disabled, poisoned prisoner back-story to be particularly sad, but it did a decent job of explaining a good deal of things. We now know what happened on the island, and roughly, what is currently happening.
tl:dr: Caesar likes experimentation and shit.

14. The dragon was made by Vegapunk

The fact that Vegapunk made a dragon is not that interesting, but what is interesting is that the dragon was named something by a Tenryubito person. I don’t know the significance of that, but Oda would not have mentioned it without good reason. Hmm…maybe I am just over thinking this?

15. Kids and drugs

For some reason, my cold self did not get angry when I learnt of the child abuse, but I got excited seeing Chopper. The moment candy was mentioned, I knew it would be about addiction and more importantly, I knew Chopper would get mad. I was not disappointed. I think Law got mad to, and that is certainly something worth looking forward to.

17. Zoro, Sanji and Brook got knocked out by the mountain brothers who also killed Brownbeard and kidnapped Nami

Well, I say knocked out because I don’t think they are dead. At least, I hope they aren’t dead…
Brownbeard’s death was kinda sad. I felt sorry for the poor guy, and it was kind of strange to see a character (even a minor, non important one) die like that. Oda must have really wanted to show the harshness of Caesar/the brothers/the New World and/or leaving Brownbeard alive would have compromised something. Maybe, Oda plans on revealing something that would not seem like a realistic surprise if Brownbeard was still alive???? I don’t know, but yeah, that was a sort of messed up death. I wish the panels and the art had been a bit more clear in that scene. I still don’t know exactly what happened (Brownbeard got shot, right?).

Only in One Piece will you find giants who use snipers and move around like assassins.

21. What does Law want?

Law ~What a cool swordsman~

I have no idea, but he is looking for something…and that something is most certainly important. I don’t think law likes Ceasar very much. I’d imagine that as a doctor, Law is quite angry at the clown. I wonder who Ceasar reminds law of.

I think that’s enough commentary for now. Hopefully, on Friday (today?), I will read the new Weekly Shonen after work, and hopefully, I will be able to write up a proper post like usual. I am really sorry about not being consistent with these posts, even more so because everyone else regularly publishes them on Wednesday/Thursday. 😦

Oh and I somehow get the feeling that the Harpy person might end up becoming a Straw Hat. I am not sure, it’s just that both Nami and Robin both worked a similar sort of job for a main arc villain before and given Smoker’s involvement + recent entry in a new sea (or sort of new anyway), this arc reminds me of the Arabasta arc. Having said that, as other people on forums pointed out, Robin pretty much already serves the same purpose, so, it might be redundant if they recruited Monet. Interestingly enough, Monet did not have wings before, but I guess, law added them to her.

You guys have no idea how tempted I am to just read chapter 667 right now, but it must wait until after work. Yes, then I can truly enjoy it….


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