Weekly Shonen: Bleach 492, Naruto 586, One Piece 667

With this post, I am finally sort of back to normal with these Weekly Shonen’s. This post is also not suuuuper late, which is always an expected, but good thing! Anyway, fun Shonen this week, especially One Piece! Then again, One Piece is almost always good. 😛

Grab a cup of tea and buckle down.

Bleach 492

Not much happened this time (big surprise, eh), but for one reason or another, the chapter did not feel short or anything. I guess, the best way to describe it is to state it was a “pleasant” chapter that did not offend me in any way, but at the same time, it did not please me much either.

I hope Kubo does not do something silly like turning this 6th seat guy and making him a traitor. This chap really looks like Aizen and I hope that for once, we can get a smart looking guy who does not betray his team and turn into a bad guy.

Anyway, Kajoumaru’s explanation did not really contain any new information, but I did not mind the reminder about the differences between the Quincy and the Shinigami. I guess it was just the way it was presented. The back story was kept relatively brief and the context of senior official + new recruits worked well to tell in this case.

I liked the idea of no “just” side in a war, and the occasional idea like that, as contrived as it might seem, help flesh Bleach out to be a bit more than a generic hack and slash manga. I personally think the Shinigami are in the right. Why would the Quincy wish for everyone to die anyway? I hope Kubo gives us some sort of reason for this behaviour of theirs. Someday, I will do a proper post on meaningful things/themes like this one that are occasionally presented in Bleach, but that day is not today.

As for the fight with Allon, I was hoping fabulous captain-tan would get defeated or even better, killed, but no, he is still alive and strong, somehow. Oh well, I will admit his surprise attack on the brat who runs her mouth was quite surprising.

Naruto 586

Kabuto is a Matryoshka doll.

I liked how Sasuke and Itachi worked together and I am glad that Itachi did not die, but at the same time, I feel really bad for Kabuto.

In the past, Kabuto was always a low-key character. He was a great ninja with some excellent techniques, but he never used flashy techniques and always tried to avoid being in the spotlight. He was exactly what a good spy should have been. Then, he tried to enter the spotlight. He tried to become recognizable and attempted to gain some glory of his own. He started using flashy techniques (like his current sage mode) and dreamed big. I suppose then, it is only ironic that he would be beaten in such a low-key manner.

I mean, yeah, the Izunami is a forbidden technique and it is supposed to be one of the Sharingan’s trump cards, but, it isn’t very flashy. A genjutsu that loops until you give up (or something like that)? Yeah, there is nothing grand about that.

Low-key deaths and low-key defeats seem to be a theme of sorts in Naruto. Remember Jiraiya vs Pain? Jiraiya brought himself back to life just so he could have a “better” death? And even then, his final death was not a significant improvement either. Even the fourth hokage who probably had the most glorious death in the manga did not quite have the death I had foreseen for him. Before we saw the flashbacks, I thought he would have died atop his massive frog, repelling the Nine-Tails’ attacks before finally deciding to use his forbidden seal to save Konoha. But, his actual death was significantly less grand. It was the same sort of thing with the 3rd, who died without even defeating his foe. Haku died with Kakashi’s hand through his chest and Zabuza died fighting thugs. The first Hokage died from the wounds he had earned because of Madara. Yeah, he did not die in a fight, nor at the end of one. He likely died in a hospital somewhere. In short, ninjas in the Naruto-verse do not get the grand deaths expected of heroes, and that’s because, the ninjas have never been regarded as heroes.

Kabuto tried to make himself grand. He wasn’t trying to be a hero, but at least, he wanted to be a large figure, forever remembered for his strength and intelligence, but nope!

That final page is the final nail in this coffin. Kabuto is not injured or anything, his mind is just messed up and temporarily scrambled. How dishonourable and inglorious is that?

Oh and the presentation of the Izunami technique was kind of interesting with the whole repeating pages and all that. The best part was seeing Kabuto come to the realization that he was fucked. I honestly thought Izunami would be a peaceful technique, but I guess that is not the case! Poor Kabuto, that endless loop must be hell. Very reminiscent of Itachi’s old Mangekyou genjutsu, except, it’s sort of worse because your body is moving and you can’t do anything about it.

One Piece 667

What an awesome technique name!

Man, compared to Bleach, Naruto or Reborn!, so much more stuff happens in any given One Piece chapter. Yeah, I have said that before and I will say it again, as many times as I feel like!

Man, Franky is such a riot with his rampaging in Chopper’s body. I loved how he just ate the ball right away and marched after Luffy. I guess this proves that having hearts swapped does not swap DF powers as well. The Yeti brothers put up a decent fight actually. They had traps and everything prepared, but Luffy and his powered up abilities plus a rampaging Franky (Chopper) were enough to stop them. Or, well, slow them down until Law finished them off.

Luffy is punching Franky in Chopper’s body and Nami is commenting in Franky’s body…..only in One Piece would you see something like this.

Luffy’s improved “reflect gun shots” technique is pretty cool actually. A pity he had to knock out Franky, though I guess it had to be done. The most interesting part in the chapter though was obviously Law’s intervention.

Notice how Luffy is biting the chains off….I love little touches like this.

Luffy’s methods for submission seem a lot less painful than Law’s. I felt really sorry for the Yeti bro here. Poor guy even pulled out a knife and continued to fight until the bitter end!


Anyway, I am very interested in knowing what this “secret key” is. I wonder which Emperor Law is aiming to bring down. As a good deal of people pointed out, Luffy will definitely not agree if Law wants to deal with Shanks. If it’s Big Mom or Kaidou, Luffy might agree, but you gotta remember, he has that whole “I do things at my own pace” personality. If Law decides to go after Big Mom(as people in that previous link pointed out, the candy might be a hint to this possibility), then Kid might have to be brought in as well. I am really looking forward to the next chapter. Oh and Law’s little statement about how you either work under an Emperor or against them was interesting. I guess, the Emperors really are important in the New World, eh.


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