Weekly Shonen: Bleach 493, Naruto 587, One Piece 668

I am going to make this really quick because I need to prepare for Anime North…..I did not keep it that short….now I am not going to get enough sleep…..damn

Bleach 493

So, basically fabulous captain-tan can absorb spirit particles. This ability let him beat ugly monster-kun. Then the hollow folk grabbed Inoue and hid. Their cover was broken and a lame excuse was given (I ARE TOO STRONG FOR YOU NOOBS). Then Ichigo comes back even though he technically never left. Captain-tan’s circle thing is his weak spot.Then we have a silly space shift to Soul Society. Evil king person has already inflitrated Soul Society but the experienced Shinigami, despite their years of training, are too shitty to make this observation. No, it’s the inexperienced rookies that point this out to everyone else.

I don’t care about the Quincy powerups and the appearance of the king did nothing for me. Yeah, he can say he hates war all he wants, but I have seen nothing to suggest that is actually how he believes, nor have I seen anything that suggests an interesting hypocritical character. If he is hypocritical, he is a boring one. All in all, the king is just a shitty character with no proper character development.

Oh and Ichigo used his bankai, but I don’t care.

Naruto 587


For most of the manga, we were told that the Uchiha were a cursed clan. The Uchiha always strived for more power and control. Why the hell would they give a rats ass about things like “finding your own identity and shit”. Oh, did the 6th sage guy give these techniques to the Uchiha? Oh wow, that is not silly at all! Jutsu’s are meant to be tools and expressions of the ninjas themselves. Izanami and to an extent, a good deal of the Sharingan techniques feel like shallow, contrived, generic Shonen techniques created to either advance the plot or to simply just look cool (looking cool is sort of okay I guess).

I also did not care much for the explanation either. Maybe if I had actually tried, I could have understood how it worked, but I could not bother to invest myself and just figured it was about infinite loops and stuff that only breaks when you “figure out who you really are”. For someone so smart, Kabuto is really dumb to have not figured it out by now.

Fuck you Kishi.

You have been teasing this Itachi & Sasuke conversation for quite some time, but every time, it got close to happening, you interrupted it. But when it does happen, it is boring and the important details are once more not shown on page as in they are talked about between the characters but Kubo hides it from us. He will likely reveal it via Flashback sometime later on….
On the bright side, hopefully once Itachi ends Edo Tensei, things will get better. So, this suckage should be over soon…I hope.

Oh and I guess it was kind of cute how Sasuke thought Itachi was perfect.

Izanami in code:

while true{
if iFoundMyOwnIdentity()

One Piece 668

First, a quick note.

The last One Piece chapter arc focused on cycling through old characters and showing what they are up to. It ended this week, but boy, did it end beautifully.

Fucking beautiful. Oda really knows how to touch his readers, eh.

I wonder if that newspaper like thing in front of Ace’s grave is related to the Straw Hats. If it is, then well, that’s just another great touch on Oda’s part. Ace would be proud of Luffy. The side blurb almost made me think that the Emperor talked about last time was going to be Big Mom after all.

Well, well, well. Luffy did end up accepting Law’s offer after all and he dis so in his usual non-chalant and confident manner. Luffy also accepted the offer after hearing which emperor Law wants to take down, so, there should be no “I HAD NO IDEA YOU MEANT THAT EMPEROR” drama. I still think it’s not Shanks, though Oda could pull a “I want to fight Shanks card” on us, but I still don’t think that will be the case. Luffy does want to fight Shanks but he probably wants it to be a bit more fair than relying on a secret weapon of some sorts. So, what is this secret weapon? Who knows? For the time being, they need to find a cure for the kids, rescue the samurai and then capture Caesar.

We got a good deal of information this chapter. The most important of said information was the revelation that Zoro and Sanji do in fact and indeed use haki. The fact that Luffy knew Law could use haki is kind of interesting in itself. Law might have told him, or Luffy somehow (using his own haki maybe) just figured it out. In other news, Caesar has a slime ball pet who seems pretty dangerous. I wonder how the crew is going to deal with that. This arc is really getting exciting, eh?! We have Law (who is super badass) and Luffy in an alliance. We have Smoker and we have the clown guy. Pretty cool!

Law said something about going step by step. To me, that means that this alliance is going to last a long time and Law (hopefully with his own crew) will be going on a few adventures with the Straw hats. This is an exciting and fun prospect. I totally agree with Luffy’s enthusiasm.

The best part of the chapter though had to be the comedy. Law’s reactions to the Straw Hats various antics and the antics by themselves were hilarious.

OH my god. The comedy in this page…..this is so funny….CHOPPER LOL LOL LOL LOL

LOL LOL LOL LOL For a plush doll attached to a sword, Chopper looks so badass and stoic. LOL LOL LOL LOL

One more because it is sort of funny and because we get some important info in this one.

Obligatory Slime Thing’s picture

tl;dr: One Piece is awesome. Naruto and Bleach were shitty this week. If you can, try and meetup with me in Anime North.



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