Weekly Shonen: Bleach 494, Naruto 588, One Piece 669

Sorry I am so late with this. As of late, I had been spending time working my Anime North post. No, that post is not very long or anything, nor does it involve tedius image sorting, it is just really, really boring. So, I have been procrastinating on that, and since that was priority 1 for a while, nothing else got published. So, I said “screw it, I have more important things to blog about”. So, here we go, another weekly Shonen.

The chapters this week all felt really short and in general, nothing much happened. This is fortunate for me because I don’t have to write as much, and fortunate for you because you don’t have to read as much. It is a win win situation, except of course for people who actually try and hope for plot development. Plot development in Shonen??? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?

Say what you will about Bleach, this cover page is extremely badass.

Bleach 494

Is it just me, or did you lose weight?

This was much better than last week and the few weeks that came before that. This was probably because you know, stuff actually happened for once. We didn’t see the boring cycle of Fabulous-Captain tan getting beat up followed by Fabulous-Captain tan getting random powerups. No, we saw people die. And, in this manga, that is normally a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong. This chapter was not marvelous by any means, but it was all right! I don’t care about the fodder 3rd squad Shinigami that got killed. I did not even find it that surprising, well, when you think about it, it is sort of surprising. Kubo does not normally kill named folk and if he does kill them, it is not so sudden. I did find Kira’s injury (or death) rather upsetting though.

He did not get much attention and he wasn’t that well developed, but in my opinion, he was probably one of the cooler Lieutenants. Ruthless when necessary and a good team leader otherwise, Kira was/is pretty cool. So, I hope he does not die, not yet anyway. I mean, in any other story, a hole that large would mean death, but this is Bleach and we have the plot hole device that is Inoue Orihime.

That last panel with Ichigo was kind of unnecessary, but whatever. I hope the story does not shift back to Hueco Mendo next time. Kubo has already proven himself to be be bad at the timing of space switches, let us hope he doesn’t try to switch at all.

Oh and the whole “sorry, we are killing you thing”, yeah, I am not buying it. You are going to have to do a better job than that if you want to make “dynamic, interesting” villains, Kubo. The character designs are all right, I guess.

Chapter rating by Bleach standards: B

Chapter rating by manga standards: C-

Naruto 588

Here is another powerup, I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed the last one.

This chapter was boring. Sure, it was cool to see the Hokage’s fight, but since I already knew that Itachi was about to end the Edo-Tensei, I did not care one bit. The only reason, Kishi even showed this fight instead of ending it straight away (I am guessing he will end it next chapter) is because he wanted Madara to acknowledge the Hokages. You know, he wanted to keep in line with the whole “new generation inherits/is superior to older generation thing”, and despite this, he still make Oonoko, the old geezer, play the central role.

Why the hell would they bring up Naruto. Yeah, Naruto has become a big player, but so what. Instead of trying to beat Madara because Naruto asked them to, they should be trying to beat him because LIKE THE GOOD HOKAGES BEFORE THEM, THEY HAVE TO DEFEND THEIR FUCKING VILLAGES. This was shitty. This was the worst kind of cheesy; the unnecessary, convoluted kind that is.

As for Madara’s last powerup, I could not care less.

Oh and Itachi is being silly with the whole shove everything on Naruto thing. I will be sort of sad when Itachi finally dissatisfy, but at the same time, he should go now and finally get the rest he deserves.  I guess it is sort of fitting he has no attachments to this world, or something.

One Piece 669

I know that it is probably silly of me to make my infamous One Piece list given how little happened in this chapter (compared to other OP chapters), but it helps me keep organized!

Stuff that happened:

  1. Zoro, Sanji and Brook wandered off on their quest for romance.
  2. Zoro is badass. Even when exposed to super quick sleeping gas, he stays awake (massive alcohol endurance and all) and is able to slice up spiky things.
  3. The Samurai’s body is likely under the lake.
  4. Samurai guy finally shows some gratitude and Sanji has an awesome quote.
  5. Zoro and the others encounter slime monster (but at a distance).
  6. Law can warp.
  7. Law cannot capture Ceasar for some reason.
  8. The marines are engaged in combat.
  9. Luffy is going straight through the front door and has no intention of hiding his plans.


I found it quite funny how the trio decided to wander off of their mission in the seek of “romance”. It was very amusing and I guess in a way, it is rather indicative of the crews “experience all the cool things you can” policy.

I love this line by Sanji. Also, I guess this was slightly touching, though I didn’t really notice.

I wonder if the three will end up fighting Mr.SlimeBall, or will they just run away? I guess one or two of them will distract the slime while someone else dives into the lake.

Law has a warp ability. This must be quite convenient for him, eh.  I wonder why Law can’t fight Caesar. I guess his ability does have a weakness after all.

Did Robin just fly and drop 2 people?  That was a pretty cool form of transportation. Luffy inflated himself, Franky stood on Luffy and Robin flew them away! Nice chapter should be fun. It looks like Luffy is going to cause a bit of a mess. I doubt Smoker will go after him though.


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