Question: Is Chitanda Eru an egghead?

The subject of today’s study.


Chitanda Eru is an egghead.

Experiment setup:

We used Media Player Classic-Home Cinema (developed by several authors and hosted at to re watch Hyouka episodes in order to find a suitable image for our purposes. The need for this rewatching came about because our local image repository proved to contain insufficient data and more had to be acquired. During our acquisation process, we encountered the above frame in Hyouka episode 4 released and subbed by Commie fansubs. This image met all the criteria for the experiment and as such, it was chosen.

The next part of the experiment required the acquisition of an image depicting an egg, preferably a chicken egg. We attempted to find a royalty free image for this purpose, but this proved to be too difficult and out of our planned budget, so, we went with google images instead. Once we found a suitable image (taken from, we got to work.

We used an image editing program developed by Rick Brewster, and contributors called Paint.NET in order to remove the white background from the egg image and then layer the now, transparent background egg image, on top of the previously selected Hyouka screen frame. We then saved the file and wrote up this report (note: some of it was written/planned before the experiment even started. We here at Toxic Muffin are biased about research like that).

Experiment results:


By our experiment, we have now shown that our hypothesis is true. Chitanda Eru is in fact and indeed an egghead. This is a startling conclusion. Only our careful analysis and research could have brought out this new discovery. Will this discovery revolutionize the blogoshpere and anime fandom in general? Who knows, the non-scientific community is very fickle in what new things they chose to embrace.
Even though our experiment is complete and our proof, indisputable, it is important to think about why Chitanda Eru is an egghead.  Unfortunately, we lack the resources and the technology required to truly understand this, but we can propose a few theories.

Possible explanations for this phenomenon:

Theory 1: Her brain is yolk

The inside of an egg consists of egg yolk and egg white. The egg yolk is a soft squishy yellow substance, while the egg white is a clear, sticky, thick liquid. Neither yolk nor whites are considered tasty when eaten raw. We are now going to relate the properties of an egg with Chantanda Eru with the following theorem:

TM theorem 7.1: Chintanda Eru is not very smart, nor is she very well developed.

For now, assume the theorem to be true. The proof of this theorem is trivial and best left as an exercise for the reader.

Given the properties described by theorem 7.1, it now becomes quite obvious that Chitanda Eru is like an egg. She is not very smart. She asks the dumbest of questions and does the silliest of things. Her character is also undeveloped and boring to watch. In that regard, she is not very different from a raw egg that is useless unless it is cooked (developed).

Theory 2: Everything revolves around her

It is perhaps possible that Eru is only an egghead because her designers wanted her to represent an elliptical orbit. The designers might have wanted to show how everything in the anime revolves around Chitanda and her whims. This also ties in with eggs because the center of an orbit is a star (that is often yellow) and the center of an egg is yolk (which is also normally yellow).

This theory, while being technically sound, seems unlikely to be true. Why would the creators of this animation want a character as dumb and undeveloped as Chitanda Eru (as proven by theorem 7.1) be the center of the Hyouka universe? It makes no sense to me, but I have no evidence to back up my opinion.

I have no evidence to prove one theory over another, nor do I have any proof that the truth lies in one of these theories. In the end though, one truth will prevail, we just need to wait until the evidence rolls in and we can make our final conclusion accurately and with little to no bias (we here at Toxic Muffin are incredibly unbiased. Our research and experimentation is top of the line and carried out in well controlled laboratories).

We hope you found this paper to be educational. We have proven that Chitanda Eru is an egghead and suggested two possible reasons for this phenomenon. We hope you join us next time as we attempt to experiment with some other currently unproven animation/comic related scientific fact.

Thanks for reading.

p.s. Episode 6 and 7 made me like Chitanda a considerable amount more, but she is still an egghead, just a slightly more likeable egghead. Most of this change came about because she lost some of that annoying bubbly personality of hers. Also, the fanservice helped.

Oh my….

This is some of the best fanservice I have ever seen.


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  1. #1 by Jay on June 10, 2012 - 5:33 am

    Even if I didn’t read the whole post, I can simply say that this is great. Usage of Scientific Method is well-observed.

    Good job.

  2. #3 by Mushyrulez on July 8, 2012 - 11:04 pm

    why would you do this

    (psssssst, you have to reply with ‘FOR SCIENCE’)

    • #4 by Reiseng on July 9, 2012 - 12:32 am


      (psssssst, thanks for telling me the proper response. I likely would have failed if you had not done that).

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