Weekly Shonen: Bleach 495-496, Naruto 589, One Piece 670-671

Yalo. This post is late. I had most of it typed up (with the exception of the One Piece parts) by last Sunday, but then I started playing games. These things happen in life.

Bleach 495

Yes. This is what I want. Or at least, it is part of what I want. No, I am not talking about the senseless killing. That is alright, I guess, but no! No, it is the captains being all badass, stoic and shit that I really like.

It was like “GO GO GO POWER-RANGERS”, except with black and white captains and more death.

Okay, that made no sense.

This happens in every arc, doesn’t it? The captains start of being all calm, stoic and shit, but by the end, they have had more emotional outbursts than a soccer mom attending a close game. Well, most of them anyway. Byakuya is forever an exception and forever cool.

I guess this is probably because Kubo just wants to make the characters look cool before things start, but you can also see it in a different light. Maybe I am giving Bleach too much credit, but it’s like Soul Soceity tries its best to stick to old principles and maintain an emotionless farce. It’s a bit like the definition of a ninja from Naruto, except the kids from Soul Soceity actually have a proper job to do and this job can require ruthlessness(e.g. The slaying of those sould in order to maintain balance).

You know what would be funny though? If Soul Soceity lost, the Quincys won and nothing happened. I mean, the worlds did not collapse or anything. That would be funny, and I’d like to see the faces of the Soul Society crew if it did happen, but it won’t happen.

Chapter rating: B++ by Bleach standards, C+ by manga standards.

Bleach 496

This was fun in the typical “oh you silly Bleach” kind of way. I enjoyed the exposition of the captains just standing there, blathering about their master plan, releasing their bankais and then their sudden disappointment with the result. This is Bleach in top form! And, I don’t totally mean that in a sarcastic manner either. It was fun. Too many chapters like this would be very bad, but I liked this chapter. It’s nice to see Bleach try and take itself so seriously in an almost funny way.

Oh and I guess I felt sorry for the Aizen clone who died(?)at the beginning of the chapter. Then again, if he really is an Aizen clone, he is only pretending to be dead. The plot thickens!

Chapter rating: BLEACH++ by Bleach standards, C+ by manga standards.

Naruto 589

People actually liked this chapter. I do not really understand why. I guess it is because they got to see flashes of other characters and what they have been up to. I do not care about most of those characters, so I do not care much about what is going on. I just want it to end for some reason. I guess, I am tired of this war. That’s an interesting thought, isn’t it? You can expect characters to be tired of a war (or well, they should be tired of war, war is never nice), but you don’t normally expect readers to be tired of a war.

If readers like myself do end being tired of the war, then it either means that the war was presented in such a realistic, gritty manner that it wore us down, or it was too long/too boring and simply bored us.

I will leave it up to you to decide why I am tired of this war.

It’s a pity that Sasuke is too caught up in his own teenage revenge to see the error of his ways. I am glad he didn’t have a mad outrage and simply said something along the lines of: “even though we are brothers, we can have differing opinions and still love each other”. That was sort of sweet of him, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is a stubborn fool who thinks he is adult enough to make such drastic decisions. Then again, this is Shonen, and for all sakes and purposes, you “become an adult” at 14 in most Shonen and for some characters in Naruto, that age is even less.

Now, as much as I love Itachi, I don’t really think it was the best of ideas to bring him back to life. I mean, yeah, it’s nice that we learnt a heck of a lot more about him, but you know….I kind of liked the more mysterious Itachi, and if it was up to Itachi, I am sure he’d have rather stayed dead to. Though, I think he is quite happy he was able to do one last good thing. I hope Kishi at least gives Itachi a proper send of. That last page made it look like he was going to do the famous Itachi-poke. I hope he does the poke, says something cool, and disappears with a smile on his face. As one of my favorite characters of all time, I hope he gets at least that much love.

One Piece 670

The entry for this chapter delayed this whole post. Jolly gee, that sucks! It sucks even more because I honestly don’t have much to say.

Luffy’s interaction with Smoker and Tashigi was quite amusing. Smoker is pretty strong, even in Tashigi’s body, eh.

I did not expect the slime to throw itself over the lake like that. I figured it would fight Zoro and the others first. A few people on the Mangastream forums were confused about how the slime is able to propel itself through the super hot climate without blowing up. I am not sure how that works to be honest.

I wonder if Zoro and the others are actually going to tackle Mr.Slime and if they do defeat him, would the mini slimes on the other side die out to? Probably not. We shall see.

I love how Luffy gave no warning whatsoever and just charged straight at Caesar.

That is all I have to say. Sorry.

One Piece 671


It has been a while since I so badly wanted just one more page…just one more damn page!

Sanji is really serious about saving the samurai guy, eh. Even going so far as to place Nami’s body at risk. Is it just because Sanji is a man who follows through on his promises and responsibilities or does he actually really like the samurai guy? I am not sure, but I do know that Oda is trying quite hard to build a relationship here. It feels like a set up for something big later on. Hmm.

Mone is a semi-interesting person. I love her glasses and I sort of like her light teasing attitude. Was Law referring to a devil fruit ability of Moni’s or just her ability to fly? I am guessing he was just talking about the flying bit.

Was that smoker calling those guys small fries? I honestly can’t tell.

The fight between Luffy and Caesar was great. I am normally not to keen on fights in black and white paper form, but this was excellent. I loved how Luffy was (for some time anyway) overpowering Caesar. Then, Caesar turned everything around. I do wonder how he did that. My guess is that Luffy got exposed to so much poison (or a very potent poison), even his “immunity (or rather resistance in this case)” was of little use. It is also possible that Caesar used some other ability along the way, though I doubt that’s true.

I like the small inclusion of humour.

A few people said that it was the guy at the end who knocked Luffy out. I don’t think this is true. Caesar made it sound like it was his own doing and not someone else’s.

Another thing I liked about the fight was the concern that Franky and Robin showed. Franky’s surprise at Luffy’s proficiency with Haki was a bit over the top, but I guess, this is sort of the first real demonstration against a logia, so, it made sense to include it. As for Robin’s concern. Well…..I am a Robin x Luffy shpper, so, yeah…I REALLY LIKED THAT.

And, now, we come to the mystery figure shown at the end. Who is he? And, how is he related to Law? These are big questions and currently, there are no answers.

The most common theories on the internet (from what little I have seen) is that he is either Kaidou (the emperor), Vegapunk or Aokiji. I am 99% sure it is not Aokiji because this kind of entrance and demeaning manner of conversation is not his style. It could be Vegapunk, but then it would likely mean that Moni is working for him as a spy or she finds it amusing that her boss’es rival just showed up out of nowhere.

Speaking of moni, I am unsure about whether this was something she helped set up. I doubt it for some reason, but it is possible that she helped this mysterious guy meet up with Law. Maybe she helped him sneak in or something.

So, for now, it is either Kaidou, some member of his/fat mom’s crew or an un-introduced character. That’s my theory anyway and we all know that my theories often (almost always) end up wrong.

As for this guys relationship with Law, I am guessing he is an old enemy that Law could never match up to or something. I wonder if Law got knocked down because stranger-san knows some weakness of his or because of stranger-san’s ability. I sort of wish that Luffy also got knocked out by this guy(it would be more interesting that way), but I doubt that is true.

Law’s butt is in the air….that’s a funny pose.

Why is there no One Piece next week! 😦 This is chapter had such an awesome cliff hanger; I need it resolved right away!


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