Monthly Shonen: Bleach 498-501, Naruto 591-594, One Piece 672-673

Sometimes unfortunate things happen in life, and there is nothing we can do about it. Fortunately, nothing bad has happened to me, but unfortunately, I am a lazy person. That is my excuse for this late, middle of the week post. Oh and you thought it couldn’t get worse. Yeah, well, I haven’t read the latest One Piece chapter yet. Yeah, I made it worse. Sorry.

Bleach 498

That was smooth. I liked it.

That was a very smooth transition. We all knew that they were going to switch to Ichigo’s fight, but I don’t think most people were expecting such a nice, smooth transition. Or at least, I wasn’t. Normally when Kubo switches scenes, he just does it. That wasn’t the case this time, the phone call to Urahara did not come out of nowhere, there was a lead up to it.

What’s even better is that they ended Ichigo’s fight. Finally, it took them too long to do that. My only surprise is that the Shinigami did not know that the Quincies were hiding in Hueco Mendo. I expected them to know more.

Bleach 499

Useful image for reference….or something.

Okay, I was not expecting that Quincy bastard to stand back up. I would be angry that his fight has ended yet, but he isn’t fighting Ichigo anymore, just delaying him. I found the explanation of Quincy powers to be relatively interesting. So, the Shinigami are going to have to time their attacks to hit the Quincy’s when they Quincy’s are attacking them? I guess that makes sense. Speaking of Quincy’s, where is Ishida? Is he willing to fight against his own kind? He probably is, but someone needs to tell him first.

I still don’t understand how the Quncy’s are so willing to just destroy balance and everything. I know it is about different perspective and all that, but still….

Oh and it will be interesting to see how Ichigo escapes from his cage. I would personally like to see him gain hollow powers and open a portal out…but that likely won’t happen. 😛


Bleach 500

After the good chapter that was chapter 498, this one was frankly quite disappointing. This was the 500th chapter and in all honesty for a milestone like this, we really should have gotten something more.

All I saw happening this chapter was a bunch of Shinigami dying and Ichigo screaming his ass off. We also saw a bunch of Shinigami turn rogue (some form of mind control) and kill each other. How very saddening.

I guess I liked the chaos and stuff, but at the same time, I had a huge problem with Ichigo’s attitude. Yeah, he needs to rush, but why is he panicking so much. Out of all of my problems with Bleach, this is probably my most hated one. Why oh why does Ichigo constantly have these cycles of badass->panicky teenager->badass. Yeah, he is a teenager, but he has been in this whole fight bad guys business for a while. He should know better.

I wonder who that mysterious sword owner guy is.

Bleach 501

Like chapter 500, this chapter was disappointing as well.  Heck, if anything, it was even more disappointing. I suppose it was interesting seeing Captain Kuchiki Byakuya try to retain his calm despite being so scared. Had it been anyone else, they’d have shit their pants. If it had been Ichigo, he’d have done something far worse than pooping in his pants. What exactly this worse thing would have been I do not know, all I know is that he would have done it.

The whole talk of fear was just nonsense really. It was just Kubo trying to make Bleach smart, which is something he tries on a frequent basis, but doesn’t really succeed at. Still, I do admire that side of Kubo. Like a thirteen year old boy high on his own observations of the universe, Kubo tries to share as much of his core philosophy to life and things as possible. Of course, there is absolutely nothing deep about said philosophy, nor is it well shared (a simple conversation is not the best way Kubo!) but it is kind of cute regardless.

The only good scene this chapter.

I hope Byakuya is not dead, but regardless of whether he is dead or not, Kubo messed up. If Byakuya isn’t dead, the manga will look bad because it almost made it seem like he is (the side text was translated as RIP in one translation and Farewell in another). If Byakuya is dead, I will hate Kubo so damn much. Captain Kuchiki Byakuya deserves an honorable, badass death. Being killed by his own sword by an ugly human does not fit my definition of awesome.


I really liked Naruto chapters 591 and 592.

Chapter 591

Scratch that. On second thought and a quick re-read, I did not really like this chapter that much. It was alright, but nothing much happened. The thing that did happen (Madara did not disappear) was boring and not to my liking. WHY CAN’T HE JUST GO AWAY ALREADY! I guess the Tsunade x Dan reunion was kind of touching and in theory the final demise of Itachi to, but meh.

Chapter 592

Don’t worry, he was talking about the previous chapter.

I liked this chapter quite a bit more than the previous one, but only because of the scenes that featured Sasuke at the end. This got me excited and it got me excited real good.

I mean, the return of Orochimaru, some mystery man who knows everything, Sasuke’s possible redemption? Badassery all around??? YES PLEASE. This was good, exciting stuff.

How Exciting!

Chapter 593

This was great. It continued the awesome of the previous chapter.Where is Orochimaru taking Sasuke? Who is this person that will grant Sasuke knowledge? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. ZOMG, this is awesome suspense!

I really like Orochimaru. I know a good deal of people like him because he seemed to have been genuinely evil (a rarity among villains these days). I would argue that there is more to the guy than pure evil. In fact, I don’t think he is evil whatsoever. If anything, he is just selfish. Why? Why is he so selfish? Well, the truth will likely never be revealed, but we got a bit of info on that when we had flashbacks to his youth. Everything seems to come back to the death of his parents, but in a manga that is filled with the deaths of parents, what made his special. Hang on, hold on to that thought. That is a great post idea. Maybe someday, I will talk about it!

Anyway, I really like Orochimaru, and is it just me or did he show some level of affection for Sasuke? Maybe, Orochimaru is finally feeling a bit sensei-like because you know he is Sasuke’s teacher after all.

Great chapter, I am really looking forward to seeing where Sasuke, Orochimaru and the rest go.

Oh and poor Kabuto. I hope he eventually gets out of that sorry state, opens an orphanage somewhere and lives the rest of his life in peace. Well, if he is still alive, that is.

Naruto 594

Someone get the Pepto-Bismol, we have a constipated 10 tails over here.

This chapter was not as great as the previous one. It was still a good chapter though. Yeah, we got to see Naruto again, but really, the plot isn’t happening here. It’s not even character development. Well, I guess, the revival of the 10 tails is kind of a major plot point, but despite the buildup, it felt like just another day in the Ninja World.

The first thing I want to make note of is Toby’s little speech to Kakashi and Gai. I have never been a Toby = Obito believer, but man, Kishi sure likes trolling us, eh?

The description of the 10 tails was boring. Yeah, we already knew it would be strong, and more importantly, we already knew about the tentacle/jars and their respective contents. I guess, I can’t complain too much though because Kakashi and Gai needed to be briefed and some people needed a memory refresher.

The most interesting part of the chapter was likely the end. Yeah, it was a cheesy, dreams can come true, we can all be heroes kind of thing, but that is a core pillar of what makes Shonen, Shonen, so, I liked it.  I especially liked how Bee revealed his fetish. 😛

I look forward to the conclusion of this little fight and hopefully, we will learn a bit more about why Tobi is who is and exactly who he is. <-What a funny sentence. 😛

One Piece

Sorry, I did not read One Piece chapter 674 yet, so, naturally I can not discuss it. I apologize. I will hopefully include in the next installment of Weekly Shonen whenever it might be.

Chapter 672

I love this cover page.

Great chapter.

Hoh, Monet was a spy after all! I guess I was wrong in assuming that my assumption of her being a spy was wrong! Lesson learnt: I am never wrong.

Welgo seems like an interesting chap as well. The best part of the chapter though was when the samurai guy cut the explosion. I was quite scared about what would happen when that explosion happened, and I was genuinely surprised to see them get out of it unscathed. Well, part of the surprise for me was that this chapter actually included the resolution of the explosion. If it had been some other manga, it would have ended on that explosion as a cliffhanger.

I am looking forward to Zoro and maybe Brook learning a trick or two from the samurai guy, but I still don`t want him to join the Straw Hats.

The rest of the chapter was great to, but there is not much for me to talk about, not at this late stage anyway.

Chapter 673

Raise your hand if you knew or had suspected that Donquixote Doflamingo was Joker. I absolutely did not see that coming and from I can recall of my quick forum runs at the time, most people did not see that coming. That was a great twist.

So, Verge used to be a gentle marine. Well, I guess he was good at pretending to be a gentle marine. I am glad the villagers were trying to contact Tashigi, at the very least it proves that they know the person they should ask for.

I hope Nami(Sanji`s body) and Usopp somehow escape Caesar. I don`t want everyone to be kidnapped. It would be interesting if they somehow escape with the kids, but that won`t happen.

The Slime ate a devil fruit….wow….I actually had no idea what an axolotl was. Apparently, according to wikipedia, it is a special type of salamander (known as a neotenic salamander). In other words, it is a salamander that never grows up.

Oh, wait a second! I guess that`s why the slime thing did not like the lake which was likely made from sea water! It has a devil fruit, so dislike of water is only natural! That took me way too long to figure out.

Vergo is interesting. He is kind of serious, but at the same time, he is funny with his burger antics. I mean, who gets a full bun stuck on their face like that?
Oda makes the most interesting characters, eh?

I liked Robin’s comment about nostalgia and I love Luffy’s happy attitude. Well, I have always loved his attitude and likely always will.

I look forward to reading the next two One Piece chapters this weekend!


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