Weekly Shonen: Naruto 596, One Piece 676

Kubo got sick this week and won’t be back until the 20th of August. I know I mock him quite a bit, but I do hope he gets better soon. GET BETTER SOON, KUBO!

This is out of the blue, but because of various reasons, I am thinking of retiring from these Weekly Shonen posts. Does anyone object to this? Let me know if you do.

Naruto 596

My coworkers had a discussion on this chapter on Wednesday and in the process, they spoiled a little bit of it for me. I don’t really care though, nothing that happened was particularly stunning and all I learned was that Toby had a weakness (didn’t know what it was though).

So, Toby has a weakness, eh? Well, that was to be expected, though to be honest, I never expected it would be a weakness like this. From what I have gathered using my little brain and reading up a forum, Toby’s ability works a little like this:

Yes, the above illustration has its flaws. For one, Toby would never enter the other dimension when he has no need. Nonetheless, I hope my lovely illustrations have helped explain how I view this technique. I will be quite upset if my interpretation is wrong.

The Toby = Obito theory got another push this chapter, but the fact that Obito (if he was alive) would have no reason whatsoever for revenge is still true. With that in mind, a good deal of people have begun suggesting that Toby is Izuna (Madara’s younger brother), but he implanted Obito’s eyes (hence the fact that he can use Kamui, or something eerily similar). Other versions of this same theory suggest that he is using Obito’s complete body.

I can see the above theory being true, but my only gripe is that Obito’s other eye and his body were supposed to have been crushed. Hmmm, I guess we will see where this goes.

One Piece 676

This is such a nice cover page. It was very cool of Oda to make a cover like this in order to celebrate the Olympics.

Stuff that happened:

  • Smiley ate the candy.
  • Smiley transformed into a gas thing and in the process likely died.
  • Smiley’s devil fruit power was supposedly transferred into the nearest fruit.
  • The new gas thing can freeze targets in place as it kills them.
  • Someone threw a rock with a message at Chopper.
  • Law wants to kick some ass.

The first one is obvious, so, no need to talk about it.

I believe Smiley died because Caesar said good bye. Actually, the entire reason behind Caesar wanting to have a conversation before Smiley ate the “bait” was likely because he knew Smiley would die.

This is an important distinction to make because of the third point. If we assume that Smiley died, then it is only logical to conclude that the devil fruit he had eaten now got transferred over to the nearest fruit. Up until now, the readers were not sure if Devil Fruit powers disappeared forever upon death or reappeared in some way. It is nice to see Oda iron out this little detail. Or well, in theory anyway.

A few people seem to think that Caesar left the apples there on purpose. I disagree with this. The apples were on the sled thing that the goons were going to use to escape. Caesar likely did know that devil fruit powers could transfer to a fruit after death, heck, given his line of research, he likely didn’t care. Vegapunk probably cares though.

I wonder if Vegapunk knows about what happens to Devil Fruits after death. It is a bit strange though. Why don’t most people know of this yet? I mean, surely devil fruit users have died in front of others, and surely they have died near fruit. If people did know of this, then more devil fruit users would have been targeted. Hmmm.

There could be some other condition for the “devil” to inhabit the nearest fruit. I can’t think of what right now. An interesting thing to consider though is whether there is a limit to how far a fruit can be before it turns into a devil fruit. If the nearest fruit was on another island, would it still get the power? If no, then where will the “devil” go? There are still quite a few questions left.

Caesar’s new weapon is quite scary, eh. It can freeze targets in place, and that is how it kills them. It is even worse because the thing is gaseous, so, it can go anywhere. I do wonder if one can actually control this though. Judging from the shutters around the lab, you can’t control this new beast. Still, I am sure Caesar has a plan to transport the little monster to any potential buyer.

Now, on the last major plot point in this chapter.

Someone wants to help the Luffy and the others escape. When I first read the chapter, I thought Law had contacted Chopper. Others, however have suggested this to be the doing of Monet. I like the notion that Monet is a double spy. I will go with this theory. Next chapter will likely showcase Law’s brilliant plan and the prisoners escape. I am looking forward to this.



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  1. #1 by Azure on August 8, 2012 - 12:18 am

    Hey! About your question in the second paragraph, I wanna say: I find this blog thanks to the aniblog tourney and have been visiting it often since then… sometimes I like and agree with your weekly shonen and sometimes not, sometimes I even get a little bored, but I always enjoy it, I think for that reason I don’t have problems with the timing of your releases.

    I enjoy your weekly shonen, I have no idea of why are you thinking in to stop writing it (entirely? are you thinking in write about just some chapters maybe?? 2012? is this because the end of the world?? xP), but I know that if it dissapear I’m gonna miss it… well, of course I’m gonna respect your decision and I like your site with or without it, mmm I like more with it.

    P.S. By the way the post I like the most is “I love manga”.

    • #2 by Reiseng on August 8, 2012 - 8:03 pm

      Aww, thanks a lot for nice the comment!

      When I was thinking about stopping, I was thinking about stopping the weekly coverage and maybe on occasion writing a post or two discussing special stuff that happened.

      So, for example, I wouldn’t write any regular post on Bleach, but if something big happened (like Orihime randomly dying), I’d write a post covering that event.

      I had thought of stopping because I figured that I would spend more time on other, more interesting posts.

      Don’t worry though, partly thanks to your comment, but also because I don’t like quitting, I will continue publishing these Weekly Shonen posts for now. 😛

      By the way the post I like the most is “I love manga”.

      I am happy to know that you liked that post. 😛

      Thanks again!

      • #3 by Azure on August 9, 2012 - 4:14 pm

        I’m happy to know your decision, I think I understand why you wanted to stop… and also hope those interesting posts you mention still appear.

        I like your style, writing what you think is important and when you have the time to do it, so the releases don’t feel like fillers.

        I’ll wait for the next one.

      • #4 by Azure on August 9, 2012 - 4:17 pm

        Erratum: … writing what you think it’s important…

  2. #5 by Azure on August 8, 2012 - 12:22 am


  3. #7 by Reiseng on August 10, 2012 - 8:41 pm

    Thank you for the support! I will do my best to get those interesting posts out. 😛

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