Weekly Shonen: Bleach 503, Naruto 597, One Piece 677

I actually read these chapters last Sunday and had most of this post up by Monday. Given how the Mangastream scans came out just a day or two, this post should still feel like it is own time for most people. I hope.


I hope this asshole gets creamed in the creamiest way possible.

Not a horrible chapter but it was mostly a transition chapter. Ichigo the fool is still locked up. We still don’t know who the mystery dude is. Kenpachi is badass; nothing new here.
I wasn’t expecting the captain commander to interfere and to be honest, I was not expecting to see that lieutenant’s bankai so soon.

I guess it will be interesting to see the Captain Commander face of against his closest subordinates bankai. I hope he destroys the Quincy guy in a fit of calm, controlled rage.


At least it had a nice cover.

Boring. Kishi should have just taken my illustration from last week and used that. The long winded explanation was not quite necessary and if anything, it only served to further confuse me. On the bright side, we learned that Toby is definitely using Obito’s eye, as for why and for who is, well, we still don’t know that.

The speech about heroes was boring, the flashbacks;unnecessary, Toby’s motivation; incomprehensible and the fox’s intervention;stupid . Naruto’s charge was also silly, but at least he looked cool and it was the kind of think he’d do, so, I will let that slide.

Oh and I find the whole “Naruto has infinite energy” thing rather stupid. Well, the manga never claimed he did, but he was exceptionally tired at one point and now he looks just fine. There is a difference between standing up despite your wounds and standing up because of plot-no-jutsu. This was clearly the later.

Naruto is preparing his lips for that eventual kiss with Sasuke.

One Piece 677

Shit is about to hit the fan.

This chapter was incredible. One Piece delivers once more.  Seriously, One Piece delivers 100%, 97% of the time.

Let’s make the usual list of what happened:

  • Kid is attempting to make an alliance with the On Air Pirates (Scratchman Apu) and the Hawkins Pirates (Basil Hawkins).
  • Law had their escape all planned out down to the fake shackles.
  • Smoker and Tashigi have an argument and Tashigi wins.
  • Tashigi is cute when she is angry.
  • Sanji gropes himself to power up.
  • Usopp, Nami, Zoro and the others meet up with Luffy.
  • All hell is about to break loose.

The most interesting development this chapter was the alliance Kid is making. We know Kid is after Big Mom for some reason and this alliance was likely forged with the intention of pursuing that goal. Kid, Apu and Hawkins make a formidable team. It is also possible that Law is in cahoots with them as well, or he is not in cahoots with them. Either way, we are up for some very interesting developments in the One Piece world.


Given that Law was not actually shacked by SeaStone, it is possible that he was the one that contacted Chopper and not Monet, though we will likely see confirmation of that soon enough.

I am glad everyone (except for Chopper) is reunited again and with the addition of Smoker and Law, the OP pirates are bound to make a mess of things. 😛

There is nothing more for me to say. This chapter was great.

Ride the Brownbeard train.


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  1. #1 by azulazure on September 11, 2012 - 10:35 pm

    Finally reading it!!

    OP: that wasn’t Drake, he was S Apoo, as you write before. I think it would be interesting if 5 pirates make alliance, such a mess!

    • #2 by Reiseng on September 18, 2012 - 12:27 am

      Sorry for the late response, I have been a bit occupied as of late.

      Thanks for the correction; I appreciate it. 😛

      And yeah, it really is a mess, an incredibly enjoyable mess. 😀

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