The Good Muffin, Bad Muffin routine.

Interrogation time

I was tagged in this blogger interrogation game by Fail Kastel. I don’t normally post meta things on this blog, but sometimes a Lord needs to step in and quash the dreams of peasants.

You can find the rules of this particular blog activity here, but basically, you have to answer 5 questions from someone else, make 5 of your own and then tag other people to do the same.

Kastel’s pasty questions answered by my pastry making self:

  1. Sawa’s too fat for her horse. And she needs like OMG TOTALLY diet~~~ How is Tari Tari better than Hanasaku Iroha?

In all honesty, I don’t think Tari Tari is all that better than Hanasaku Iroha. Tari has slightly less drama (and it lasts for a bit less time to) and a slightly better protagonist to. It’s not a big improvement or an improvement worth raving about.

  1. If we pray hard enough, will Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse not be considered part of the Muv-Luv canon?


Source: My camera [Original Non-Cropped Image]

  1. A young eight-year old girl, proclaiming to be a hardcore anime fan just like you, forced you to define ‘anime’ for her book report. She is a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender. How do you explain how Avatar is not an anime to her without making her cry and call the police for sexual harassment?

Technically, the eight-year old is not totally wrong. It all depends on her perspective. I would first ask her if she was referring to the Western definition of anime or the Japanese one. If she said the former, then I would explain to her that anime refers to animations animated by a Japanese studio and that since Avatar was not made by a Japanese studio, she is wrong.

If, however she was using the Japanese definition, then she is right as their definition refers to animation worldwide.

  1. People have called Serial Experiments Lain, Mawaru-Penguindrum, and other similar shows “not anime”. Does this statement make any sense?

They are anime. There is nothing more I can say about that.

  1. Is anyone ready for school?

I have to write a report, make a presentation, buy furniture and do various other things. I am nowhere near ready and time is running out.

Sabishii Miruku tagged me in his interrogation post as well. Since, I am a nice guy, I decided to answer his questions as well.

  1. How did you find out about the anime community on Twitter? What were your initial thoughts on it?

I don’t quite recall how I learned of the anime community on Twitter. I think what likely happened was that I joined Twitter because of the anime community on Twitter. People like Scamp were often on Twitter, so, I figured I’d join them and well, that’s that. The rest is history.

  1. Why did you start blogging in the first place? What were your motives? Do you still remember what your first post was about?

I mentioned this in my 2 year anniversary post, but I started blogging because I tried to copy the folk from THAT Animeblog. The only real motive I had was that I wanted to be cool and popular on the internet. That is probably still my main motive. 😛

My absolute first post was just an introduction on my old, now orphaned, blog. The next couple of posts on that blog were all filler-esque posts as well. Well, one of them was a love poem as well. No need for me link that. I think the only proper post on that damn blog was a Weekly Shonen.

The first “proper” post on this blog was a list of Shoujo manga I liked. I need to go update that post sometime.

  1. What’s your favorite dish from an anime? (inspired by Marina)

I honestly don’t know. I guess it would have to be a pastry or something, since Asian food and my taste buds don’t really get along very well.

My face when I eat anything even remotely exotic.

  1. How would you compare yourself in real life to how you present yourself on the internet?

Good question.

In real life, I can seem to be a bit of a quite person, but that is just an illusion. If people can find a way to tolerate my presence for a short while, then well, I turn into a chatterbox. In other words, I turn into my online self.

If you get really close to me in real life, then, you will find that I turn into a grumpy monster who gets annoyed at every little thing.

Back when I first started Twitter, I wanted to do my best to try and present myself as a classy, nice guy. Now, unfortunately, I have come to realize that that simply takes too much effort and it is easier to say silly things that only make sense half the time.

  1. Do you ever wish your life were an anime?


Sometimes, I want to be in a specific anime, if only to make the main character realize just how much of an idiot he really is.

At other times, I want to be an anime character or something similar just because I’d rather be in an anime than here.

Don’t get me wrong, our world is quite beautiful and full of awesome things, but in anime I am born special. Over here, I am just another guy. I am just one of the 7 billion or so people that inhabit this planet.

I have to work hard and seek greatness through effort while anime characters (no matter how mundane they maybe) have greatness thrust upon them.

Sure, I might end up getting hurt, get an arm chopped of or something, but at least I would be special and more importantly, I would be badass.

With nothing but a flick of the wrist or a swish of a wand, I could move mountains, fight dragons and heal people. I could perform miracles that are as beautiful as they are incomprehensible. That is perhaps my greatest woe with the “real” (as Keima would put it). We don’t have magic here and that kind of makes me sad.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that even if we did have magic, or if our lives were nice and peachy like those of a harem lead that we would lead fun, enjoyable lives. If there is one thing I took away from Mahou Shoujo Madoka, it is that sometimes it is better to live in the here and now and not wish for something better.

With that thought in mind, I will continue leading my day to day life. Hopefully one day, I will find something that will give just a little bit more meaning to my existence and more importantly, propel me towards greatness. After all, a Lord like me is no Lord if he isn’t even great.

[p.s. Sorry, I seem to made the last question less about an animated existence and more about a fictional existence.]

My questions for my lovely tagged victims friends are:

  1. How seriously do you take anime? Is anime something that you watch to learn or, do you just watch anime strictly for entertainment?
  2. Do you prefer romances devoid of love triangles/love polygons/harems or do you want a little competition in your romance?
  3. Do you believe that there are genuinely bad anime/manga out there, or is it all just a matter of taste?
  4. What does it take for a character to be good in your eyes?
  5. Tell me one interesting thing about yourself.

Now, time for me to answer those questions:

  1. How seriously do you take anime? Is anime something that you watch to learn or, do you just watch anime strictly for entertainment?

I take anime very seriously.

As a general rule of thumb, I don’t take anime very seriously. I get very absorbed in some shows, but I don’t scour the show for hidden meanings, nor do I nitpick every little thing and I don’t have high expectations of the messages that they are trying to show us. Not that there is anything wrong with taking anime seriously, I just don’t do it often. 😛

On that note though, sometimes, I do find some greater idea, thought or lesson and when I do, I feel very happy, for those moments are the best. I just don’t go actively looking for those moments though.

  1. Do you prefer romances devoid of love triangles/love polygons/harems or do you want a little competition in your romance?

The nice thing about love triangles/polygons is that you have more characters, so, in theory you have more shipping options. Shipping or not though, I am a stickler for a good old fashioned sweet, cute one on one romance. We don’t get many of those these days, but I really wish that we did.

  1. Do you believe that there are genuinely bad anime/manga out there, or is it all just a matter of taste?

I am not an expert on businesses and stuff, but I believe a core philosophy of business is that products only sell if a market exists for them (no duh). So, even if you don’t like a particular series, the fact that others like it or buy it probably means that it is just a matter of taste.

Bad taste is bad, but even if an anime appeals to bad taste, then it isn’t necessarily a bad anime, just an anime made by people who understand their market. Well…that’s probably true for most series, but there are a few exceptions.

There are a few series out there (probably those terribad things) that are so bad, no one likes them un-ironically. These series don’t really deserve to exist.

  1. What does it take for a character to be good in your eyes?

Characters that I like are normally one or more of the following:

  1. Endearing

If I cheer a character on through his/her troubles and cheer beside them through their triumphs, then the writers have succeeded in creating a great character. You don’t even have to relate to a character for them to be endearing, they just need to demonstrate heart, effort and a likable desire to succeed. I love endearing characters.

  1. Inspirational

If a character can inspire me to try harder, to do something, or just to be cool, then that character is all right in my books.

  1. So fucking cool, I don’t need a reason to like them.

This is the misc category that I have included to justify liking characters that are neither endearing nor inspirational. I need not say anymore.

  1. Tell me one interesting thing about yourself (don’t lie and pretend you are totally ordinary, because that by itself is interesting!).

I am not actually a Lord in real life (GASP), but I am awesome enough to be one. The Queen just hasn’t recognized that yet.

I am going to change the rules just a little. In the original post, the tagged folk had an obligation to answer asked questions (whatever that means). I am going to remove that obligation because I know that my lovely friends are busy people with busy lives. So, answer as many or as few of the questions above.

I, Lord Reiseng, sentence the following to trial by interrogation:

I bet this was your thought process the whole damn time.


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  1. #1 by Naru on August 21, 2012 - 7:02 am

    /sobs I’ve been tagged twice this week… What do you all want from me?!

    – Sincerely, a anonymous fairy from Jinrui.

    • #2 by Reiseng on August 21, 2012 - 6:44 pm

      So, I was tagged twice to! You should definitely do it as soon as possible before someone else tags you and wrecks any future plans for enjoyment.

    • #3 by Justin on August 21, 2012 - 7:53 pm

      I’ve been tagged 6 times. Quit whining!!!

  2. #4 by Kai on August 21, 2012 - 11:56 am

    “Tell me one interesting thing about yourself (don’t like and pretend you are totally ordinary, because that by itself is interesting!).”

    I’m a trap.

    • #5 by Reiseng on August 21, 2012 - 6:42 pm

      Haha, well, that is quite interesting. 😛
      I am glad to see that you are comfortable enough to admit it.

  3. #6 by John Sato on September 4, 2012 - 7:43 pm

    I’ve been wanting to get a better, more expansive comment on here for a while, but for fear that it won’t happen at all, let me just answer question #3 of yours.


    See, we can all disagree on how *good* something is, but the fact remains that there are simply *wrong* ways to do things. I know it’s not anime, but let’s just take Transformers 3 for a second as an example. In my book, that movie is terribad. Others might not think that. They might think it wasn’t that bad, or that it was even worse. But the fact is, it is poorly constructed media. The story, and much, much more importantly the way it’s told, doesn’t really make sense, but the bigger problem is that it’s a movie centered around the idea of robots that transform into vehicles and it spends no time developing those robots characters or having them do anything as cars (except drive. Woo hoo~). But I’m not trying to make a mini review of Transformers 3…okay, yes I actually am. But my point stands. It’s a *bad* movie. It is, simply put, poor. And there’s a Transformers 3 in every other industry. I guess the difference is that I’m viewing it from an art form kind of view, and you’re viewing it from an industry kind of view.

    Basically what I’m trying to say is that you needed to make a joke, and that I don’t believe that you’re not being a lord in real life.

    • #7 by Reiseng on September 8, 2012 - 1:05 am

      Interesting response. Yeah, I was looking at more so from a business perspective. You are right in that sometimes, some things just fail in the artistic sense. They don’t express whatever it was they should have expressed.

      I guess the only minor iffy thing is the whole “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” thing. Then again, I guess almost everyone can agree on how somethings suck.

      Don’t worry if your comment is not expansive, too long, or too short. You are always welcome here.

  4. #8 by Mushyrulez on September 4, 2012 - 8:31 pm

    if I were in an anime I’d be that one fat guy in the background in yuru yuri season one that appears unfocused in episode 7 for a total of three frames. trust me anime characters only seem special because they are

    • #9 by Reiseng on September 8, 2012 - 1:06 am

      You actually make a good point (like always). You are correct in that I was only thinking about the main characters and not the background blobs who do nothing.

      • #10 by Mushyrulez on September 8, 2012 - 2:14 am

        whaddya mean nothing. you just don’t know the stories of how I became fat and the adventures of rolling down hills at the very fat speed of fat

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