Weekly Shonen: Bleach 504-505, Naruto 598-599, One Piece 678-679


Sorry, I was too busy playing Guild Wars and I want to go back, so, I am going to make this short. I am a horrible blogger.

Bleach 404-405

Poor Kenpachi. 😦 Well, his defeat wasn’t unexpected.

I liked these two chapters. The Genryu back story was not badly done. It wasn’t overly cheezy and it kind of made sense. By making sense, I mean that Yamamoto looked like a badass.

I was going to complain about how someone as strong as Chōjirō Sasakibe lost his bankai to such a weak foe, but then I realized that he was likely attacked by several of the Quincy at the same time, so, his defeat is sort of understandable.

I also liked how Yamamoto just fried that dude after the flashback. It was quite awesome. Speaking of awesome, you know what else was awesome? Yamamoto inspiring all of Soul Society with his sheer badassery.

I sort of like this Quincy.

Soul Society was looking pitiful. They kept loosing and it was quite obvious everyone felt that they were doomed. Then, the Captain Commander put his foot down. “Get your asses up and quite whining. Beat these shitheads or I’ll beat you.” It was glorious.

I don’t know if I would call Soul Society’s new found spirit a power-up or not, and I don’t know if it is realistic to expect a commander to inspire his troops so much, but I honestly don’t care. It was cool to see and exactly the kind of thing I expect from large Shonen battles.

Oh and Bleach has been running for 11 years, that is pretty cool!

Naruto 598-599

Kishi is a meanie. For so long, I had strongly advocated that Obito was dead and had zero connection to Toby. Now….I have been proven wrong. Kishi you are a horrible person. Well, we still don’t know if he actually is Obito or just someone inhabiting Obito’s body. At this point in time, I just don’t care. All of you TOBY=OBITO people were right. I hate you all.

A good number of people were complaining about the flashbacks in chapter 599. I think more so than just finding the flashbacks boring, some people were angry that Kishi tried to hard. They didn’t like the silent back story turned into non silent surprise technique.

I did not mind the flashbacks, nor did I mind Kishi`s use of no text panels. Yeah, it is cliche, but I thought it kind of worked well and to be honest, I kind of liked seeing a young Kakashi, a young Gai and everyone. Young Gai was especially awesome. 😛

Oh and Naruto is one chapter away from 600, that is pretty cool!

One Piece 678-679

These two chapters were not as good as other recent One Piece chapters. Oh well, sometimes, even One Piece has slow weeks.

I did however really like the endings of both chapters.

Towards the end of chapter 678, we got to see Zoro get serious and I love it when he gets serious and acts like the First Mate. He got serious enough to make Luffy serious….for 5 seconds. Luffy`s UFO move was really funny and a joy to read.

The ending of chapter 679 was sad. It really was kind of touching to see the G-5 men throw Tashigi and then give her a thumbs five at the end.

The only other interesting thing of note is that Monet noticed Chopper leaving the room. This probably means that Monet was the one that threw the paper at Chopper after all, but it is my no means a confirmation of that.

I wonder what she is going to do now.

Have I ever mentioned that I find Monet to be hot and attractive? Well, now you know.


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