Weekly Shonen: Bleach 506, Naruto 600, One Piece 680

I should have been earlier with this post, especially since I read the chapters on Wednesday and not the usual Friday. I am not sure if I will be able to put up a post next week or the weeks after. I will write a status update when I get the chance.

Bleach 506

I didn’t like how the guy who beat Byakuya along with 2 other guys was beaten so easily by Yamajii. I guess if you were to assume well though out power levels (a horrible assumption when it comes to Bleach), then it means that Yamaji is more than three times as strong as Byakuya. I guess that is believable. I still don’t like it. Nonetheless, Yamajiii was quite badass once more.

Some people are confused because a lot of these so called Quincies use melee weapons when Quincies traditionally use ranged weapons. This is because these guys are no longer Quincy and have broken themselves away from the Quincy or something. Or so folk on forums say anyway.

Some people are speculating about the relationship between the evil boss and Yamajiii. They definitely knew each other. I wonder if they were just friends, rivals? Some folk have even suggested siblings. Oh well, we will see the truth eventually. I hope Yamajiii beats this guy and we don’t have to worry about Ichigo. I don’t think Ichigo is strong enough to take this guy on (he had issues with fabulous captain-tan, remember?).

So, I have clearly been avoiding the elephant in the room. Yamajiii has used his bankai. I hope he actually puts it to use and it doesn’t get captured. I wonder if that is why he waited until the enemy had withdrawn his sword or perhaps, his bankai is like Ichigo’s in that it can’t be stolen. It certainly looks a lot like Ichigo’s bankai. So much for Byakuya’s “Bankai’s are meant to be massive, small things aren’t bankais speech back in the soul society arc”.

I really like his bankai. It looks nice and just as importantly, the activation was incredible. It was so low key, no big explosions, nothing. The flames just disappeared, and bam!

Naruto 600


There was some totally unnecessary flashback stuff, then we learned that Kakashi might have let Rin die (I think most people had already assumed that she was dead). I still don’t get why Obito has turned psycho. I guess Madara did something, but he was supposed to be dead. It is all very confusing. I also don’t really care anymore.

I wasn’t expecting Madara to show up out of the blue. I doubt the Kages are dead, he is just a prick.

Oh and this was the 600th chapter, but it did not feel special enough to be special.

One Piece 680

The beginning with the laziness was really funny. Poor Brownbeard.

The Dragon ran away because it got scared of Vergo. Animals in One Piece always seem to be very sensitive to Haki and it looks like Vergo’s presence or whatever was enough to scare the dragon away.

Poor Tashigi, she never gets a proper fight. I would like to see her have a proper swordsmans duel someday. I don’t really know why Oda insists on her being beaten so often.

I was not expecting Sanji to fight Vergo, but since both of them rely on their body to attack, this seems like a good match. I don’t know if Sanji is good enough to take on Vergo. If he isn’t, then this fight will likely get interrupted somehow. The interruption might come in the form of the gas leaking or maybe Vergo will get dragged into a fight with someone else.

I guess Sanji’s observational Haki must be pretty good if he sense a lady in tears. Well, it is Sanji. He might have sensed that even without Haki.

I love the interaction between Luffy and Smoker. They are enemies, but of the adorable kind.

It looks like Luffy found Caesar. I wonder if Smoker is going to help him or double back and find Vergo. Well, Smoker probably won’t help him since Luffy asked him not to. So, what will Smoker do??!


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