Toxic Potential: Joou no Hana

This is a quick little post analyzing the potential of a manga. In other words, whether I think a manga worth following or not.

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A Young princess is mistreated by everyone other than her mother and her slave. (Minor Spoiler) Then one day, her already very sick mother is killed via poison and the princess is sent to her mother`s homeland as a hostage. This is the story of her quest to find a way back and overthrow the corrupt Queen who caused all of her problems.


I got a bad first impression of the art because of bad scans. Fortunately, chapter 2a had better scans, so the art style shone a bit more. It is nothing that special, but I think it is good.

Like I said, not bad.

Dawww factor (how cute is the damn thing):

Moderate. The Princess and her servant have a cute relationship, but nothing about it really elicits cuteness.

Likelihood of badly executed cliches:

Moderate. On the the one hand, we did not see many badly implemented cliches in the first couple of chapters, but there are hints that they will come about. In particular, the servant dude thought about how she doesn’t see him as a man. It was a very quick comment, but I can an upcoming story arc involving his unrequited feelings and her total obliviousness to aforementioned feelings.

Possibility of Romance:


Predicted quality of Romance:

Moderate to High. Master servant relationships are nothing new, but this one is a little different in that the two parties seems a lot like each other. It isn’t like Hayate and Nagi or other such romances where the characters are practically foils of each other.

Possibility of nosebleed due to Bishie overload:

Low. I don’t think the art style (despite constantly talking about the dudes golden hair and blue eyes) lends itself well to bishie fan service.

I don’t feel the bishie yet…maybe when he is older?



The MC is strong and relatively intelligent. She isn’t Kyoko or Misaki, but as far as Shoujo leads go, she is pretty good. I like how she doesn’t really care much about what others want and is strong spirited enough to follow her own path. She also has her breakdowns and father issues which help solidify her as a character.


Hakusei (the MC’s servant) is a decent, but pretty common place character. He obviously cares about her and will go out of his way to protect her, but that is really no different from other Shoujo leads. I really liked how he looks down on himself because he has been a slave his entire life. That kind of mentality, while certainly upsetting from the characters perspective, adds a level of realism and character structure that would be expected from one in his position.

There is a scene that involves him getting mistreated because people are scared they will catch his hair color, and for a panel or two, he to is scared about accidentally passing on his hair color to the Princess. That kind of thought process might seem bizarre to some readers, but it is exactly what you’d expect from a young man in his position. Fortunately, the manga does not dawdle long on this and deals with it quickly in a surprisingly interesting way (the princess does something cool).

To follow or not to follow:

I don’t think I will follow this manga’s releases religiously, but if I see a new chapter mentioned in the updates section of a site and I recognize the name, I will probably read the chapter. It isn’t terrible special, but it is definitely not bad. It also got pretty high ratings on Baka Updates, so I think it is worth keeping an eye on.


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  1. #1 by John Sato on October 7, 2012 - 9:37 am

    Nice review, Reiseng! Might have to check this out!

    • #2 by Reiseng on October 7, 2012 - 12:00 pm

      Well, there are only like 1.3 chapters out (1a, 1b, 1c and 2a) out, so it is probably worth checking it out if only because it won’t take you long to do so.

      The manga is not thaaat memorable though, but I think it will get a bit better soon enough.

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