Bi-Weekly Shonen Bleach 513-514, Naruto 607, One Piece 685-687

Hi. This post is mostly pictures. Well, One Piece pictures anyway.


I swear we have seen this before.


I am getting really tired of everything Ichigo is. I don’t mind powerups, but Kubo keeps adding to Ichigo’s arsenal without ever having developed everything that came before. Sigh, I am not going to say anything more about that because I actually want to write a complete standalone post on it, so keep in tune for that some time.

It might seem redundant to keep showing Byakuya, but I honestly don’t mind. I like him a lot so I am happy. I also kind of like the way his sword shattered and dropped out of his hand.

Captain Kuchiki Byakuya. He died the way he lived: with his sword in his hand.

As for chapter 514…

I don’t know how or why Ichigo is related to Quincy boss kun, but Kishi really had to make sure that Ichigo was related to every faction in some way. How nauseating. The Reatsu explanation thing was quite half assed and silly, but w/e.

I liked two things from this chapter. I liked how Ichigo got owned by that white haired dude, well, kind of. I am honestly very tired of Ichigo being such a weakling. You’d think that by this point he’d at least be sort of strong.

I also liked how Aizen played tricks on the bad guy. Even in prison, Aizen is the best troll. (I am surprised Aizen can still use his Shikai abilities in that state.)


Even the few shots of the 4th Hokage could not really salvage anything for me. I honestly don’t care about Obito one bit now. Good job, Kishi. You took a naive, but slightly likable dead character and turned him into a living cesspool of annoyance and typical Uchiha angst. Yeah, Obito is now like Sasuke and Madara, i.e. just another Uchiha. How boring.

One Piece

People in forums (well at least one forum) were fussing over why Zoro was holding back. A common line of thought was thought Zoro goes easy on girls and a slightly modified version of that was Zoro goes easy on swordswomen. Both of those theories stemmed from his hesitance in past fights against Tashigi. What people forgot was that he only held back against Tashigi because she reminded Zoro of his childhood friend and most certainly not because she was a girl.

I was actually a bit annoyed that people could think like that. That really shows a total misunderstanding of: a) Zoro’s character and b) His past relationship with Kuina and c) Kuina’s struggle to be a swordsman despite her gender.

He was probably holding back because he didn’t want to break the walls and let in the toxic gas or because he wanted to make sure the others could go ahead.

I don’t like the amount of emphasis Oda is placing on the children and their plight. Those kids, big or small, bore me.

FROST”BITE” GET IT LOL LOL LOL LOL (I can’t take credit for that one, sorry).

The comedy with Sanji in 685 was hilarious. I love the interactions between Zoro and Sanji, the two always crack me up.

Having read 686, I might have to change my opinion a little bit. Yeah, Zoro might have a small soft spot for female swordsmen, but STILL! He still cut her down…he just did not kill her. I like the theory one person proposed in that he doesn’t want to crush their dreams. ….. I really should edit that section right above, but meh.

Having said all of that, chapter 687 was absolutely incredible. It was the best One Piece chapter in a while. The fight between Tashigi and Monet was pretty cool, but then Zoro. Oh man, Zoro was such a badass. I can’t even truly fathom that level of badassery.

So fucking cool.

I am not even going to try and talk about how cool Zoro was. B.A.D.A.S.S

On top of that, there were a few other great moments this chapter. This was a very good chapter.

Wow, Sanji said something nice about Zoro….

What a burn.

I ship these two.

(Dec 6th,12 EDIT: I seemed to have originally mixed up 686 with 687. I think I covered 3 chapters here.)


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