Monthly Shonen: Bleach 515-518, Naruto 608-611, One Piece 688-690

Don’t worry, I am not dead but I am swamped with school stuff, so yeah….sorry this is so late. Knowing all of that, I will hope you will forgive me for trying to keep this post short.

Also, this doesn’t cover the most recent chapters (this weeks chapters), I will hopefully get around to making a post for them as soon as I read them.

Mr. Bald Dude, eh.

Mr. Bald Dude, eh.


I wonder why the captain commander told the fourth division to stay put. Maybe he didn’t want them to get hurt? I’d wager that they’d have been able to at least somewhat handle themselves but I guess not.

Not very good shields, are you?

Not very good shields, are ya?

It was nice seeing Kon again but his new physique is really strange. I wonder if he actually chose to go to the tech society or someone forced/cheated him into going back. Knowing Kubo, he likely won’t touch on this topic again and simply wanted to use Kon as an interesting method of contacting Urahara. It was a pretty interesting method if I do say so.

Squad Zero shocked me a little with their character designs. I was expecting some scary mofos, but I got a bunch of goofs. I guess the old “if they don’t look strong, then they likely are strong” rule still holds. The scariest looking guy (the dude with the funky hair) is a healer….

The guy with the gangster haircut is a healer. That is pretty awesome, though I do wish he had shown Unohana a bit more respect. I guess he used to be her captain once upon a time. Speaking of healers, can’t they just like wait for Orihime to come and heal everyone. I guess not.

Squad Zero

The fat lady from Squad Zero also shocked me. I was expecting Hiyori’s former captain to be a tad cooler but I guess she got really lazy in the King’s Palace and gained weight.

Speaking of the King’s palace, I thought you could only get there if you had the key and stuff. Did Aizen really need to go through all that effort? Well, it is possible that you do need a key and that one of these Zero guys has a key (or the door is open from the other side). I am not really sure what is going on, but as is always the case in Bleach, it is best to forget these minor details.

This guy is fucking hilarious.

This guy is fucking hilarious.

All in all, I like the Squad Zero character designs and what little of their character we have seen so far.

One thing I don’t like ( and many authors do this) is making a character get angry just to be scolded in order for us to get more information. I mean look at Soi-Fon in these past couple of chapters. She gets angry so easily and then she is scolded and in the process the story moves forward. I find that to be a cheap method of plot progression.

I am guessing that voice on the other end with Urahara is Grimjow.  We probably won’t find out exactly who it is and what he is up to for a while though.

This was a nice little, somewhat cheeky exchange. I liked it.

This was a nice little, somewhat cheeky exchange. I liked it.

Kukakku referred to an “uncle”. I wonder he is or rather was.  It also looks like the previous members of Execution have joined up with Kukakku and Ganju. I guess they will be somewhat of a help in the upcoming fight.

Now, a quick word on something I was rather displease with.


I don’t like how Ichigo is getting another “power change”. Come on Kubo. You don’t even develop his powers completely before you send him of and change everything again. Like, seriously, come on. I am tired of this. Can’t Kubo just like add attacks to the base Tensa Zangetsu? Does he have to reforge the whole sword. (Yes, I realize that Ichigo is not reforging it because he wants to be stronger but because it is broken. All I am trying to say is that Kubo shouldn’t have broken it in the first place.)

Oh and what will happen to Zangetsu/Tensa Zangetsu now? Also if they can “repair” Ichigo’s bankai, why aren’t they doing the same with Ikakku and Renji? Jeez.


Bad things are going to happen now, right?

Bad things are going to happen now, right? I like how Madara is all casual, like this is an everyday thing for him.

Sigh. Naruto is kind of boring. Well, reading it chapter by chapter is kind of boring. I am sure someone marathoning through this 5 years from now after his friend told him about Naruto would have a blast.

Kakashi’s constant attempts to understand Obito, while being somewhat understandable, have grown very irksome and annoying. Fortunately, he seems to have found something to focus on and has stopped caring about Obito’s Uchiha syndrome.

I am sorry. I know I should be excited seeing this super exciting, super large scale fight, but I have never been a big fan of large scale fights in ink. That is to say, I am sure this will look incredible in animated form, but the manga version just doesn’t turn me on.

I will note though  that there were some pretty memorable moments. The Ten Tails flick of the large Chakra ball thing was hilarious.



Some of the other humor presented, namely the stuff the 8 Tails and the 9 Tails said was pretty funny.

Stroke each other eh.

Stroke each other eh.

I really like how much of a forward role the 9 tails is playing. It shows that he is now truly considered to be one of the good guys. It is pretty cool, but I do wish this had happened earlier in the series.

A very cool jutsu if I do say so.

A very cool jutsu if I do say so. Obito’s shamed face is priceless.

Not going to lie, I really, really liked the assembly of the entire ninja alliance. That was very cool and exciting.

Oh and

Kiba supports my ship. Therefore we know this is the best ship.

Kiba supports my ship. Therefore we know this is the best ship.

One Piece

one piece moccha

I don’t care much for her, but Moccha’s sacrifice really was quite brave. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to swallow that much candy knowing how bad it was for me, even if it was for the sake of my “friends”.

I guess the main star of these past three One Piece chapters was Luffy. He finally got the spotlight (in this arc) and he is quite shiny this time around.

In 689, Luffy got the whole “you shouldn’t mess with me because I have powerful contacts” speech. This kind of speech seems to have become a running theme in One Piece. There is an underlying theme about going against authority, power and social status. The burning of the government flag in Enes Lobby, the beating of the “Celestial Dragons” in Saboady and now this fight against Caesar, all of these point to that same theme.

one piece power

Heck, the philosophy behind taking up ship and becoming pirates in One Piece (and many other fictional pieces) is about doing what you want and beating down anyone that stands in your way.

It is a lovely (albeit slightly dangerous and reckless) philosophy.

I guess we now know what SMILE is. I wonder how it compares to a regular Zoan in terms of strength. Then again if you can mass produce these, numbers alone will be enough to win most battles.

I guess we now know what SMILE is. I wonder how it compares to a regular Zoan in terms of strength. Then again if you can mass produce these, numbers alone will be enough to win most battles.

I find it funny that SAD is what produces SMILE. It is an interesting touch by Oda.

I know I said Luffy was the main star, but it would be silly to forget about Smoker who worked so hard to pay back his dept. It would be even sillier to forgot about Law.

Wow,he cut Vergo (despite his super haki) in half. Woah!

Wow, he cut Vergo (despite his super haki) in half. Woah! He destroyed the machines along with Vergo. Bye Bye SAD.

Wait, did he just cut a mountain in half to???! HOLY SHIT.

Wait, did he just cut a mountain in half to???! HOLY SHIT. I also love Don Flamingo’s angry face. He has finally been forced to lose that Joker persona of his and is now rather angry.

Given what Law said above, the marines are up to something as well. It looks like something big is going to happen in the recent future. I can’t wait! One Piece is such a cool manga.


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