Some notes on Jojo episode 9


Jojo’s episode 9 was a good episode. Nothing in the episode was particularly shocking or grabbing but I want to quickly talk about two little things.

First, a moment of silence

Johnathan Joestar's has moved on.

Jonathan Joestar has moved on. May his soul rest in peace.

The Wine Glass

Towards the beginning of the episode, JoJo is having a drink with his lovely (in other words, boring) wife. Then JoJo, ever vigilant of his surroundings, sights Wang Chung. “Wang Chung is a zombie made by Dio. He should not exist anymore. ” is the thought that is likely running through JoJo’s head at that point. Shocked that his step-brother might still be alive, JoJo drops his wine glass and begins his pursuit. Upon hitting the floor, the wine glass naturally shatters.

RIP Wine Glass. Jonahan will join you soon.

RIP Wine Glass. Jonathan will join you soon.

Now, all of the above seems rather routine. “JoJo was drinking and when he was shocked he dropped his glass. It broke and this demonstrated his shock and surprise. ” It doesn’t seem like it has a deeper meaning because it seems like such a common way to display shock, but I would argue that it does have a bit more meaning to it.

Do you folk remember episode 4?

[gg] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - 04-00_19_1100001

No, I am not talking about JoJo’s snazzy attire, though it really is quite an awesome getup.

In episode 4, JoJo was given a cup of red wine (the same color as the wine in episode 9) to hold while fighting Jack the Ripper. The wine would serve as a ripple detector. It detected the enemy and helped JoJo in defeating him. I am stretching it a bit, but I’d argue that the cup also forced JoJo to take things slowly and be calm.

In episode 9, JoJo did not detect the zombie (hence the shock) and more importantly, he did not detect Dio or his intentions. JoJo forgot the core lessons his master had thought him right before handing him that glass of wine. He forgot to think about what Dio would be doing at that time. He forgot to conquer his fears, breathe and gather his ripple. He panicked and therefore he died.

The shattering of the cup basically symbolized how JoJo for that instant left behind all that his master had thought him and rushed headfirst into death. Dio, being the sly villain that he is, was obviously expecting that and took advantage of it.

But even though he panicked and got himself killed, JoJo was still able to use the last of his courage and willpower to pull of one final ripple that put a small dent in Dio’s plans.

Jonathan's final ripple.

Jonathan’s final ripple.

Heck, he was even able to attack Dio with a wooden stake thing after he was already out of breath/life force. It was pretty impressive if I do say so. But if only JoJo had been more aware, he could still be alive.

JoJo also made his wife drink a little bit of wine. I like to think that by doing so, he passed on a little bit of his spirit to his unborn son just as his master had passed on his spirit to him.

Brotherly Love

It’s kind of interesting, but even though Jonathan and Dio grew up together, the two didn’t really see each other as brothers until they were mortal enemies. I mean, sure, they had their issues growing up, but you’d think that those issues would be trivial compared to the all out death battle they had in recent episodes.

It’s hard to say what brought about this change, but in JoJo’s case, he likely always loved Dio to some extent (JoJo is a very loving person, I am sure he could like Dio even if Dio killed his dog), but only when he was forced to confront Dio in such a vile manner did the true extent of his feelings come bursting out.

[gg] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - 09-00_19_2500005

Dio’s respect for JoJo is a more bizarre case. I am pretty sure that growing up, Dio had no love for JoJo whatsoever. Dio was and still is ruthless. If anything, young Dio found JoJo’s happy go lucky attitude to be very annoying.

(It’s kind of funny, but you’d think that a crafty guy like Dio would have tried harder to mask his intentions when he was really young, but he never hid his hatred for JoJo until after their fight in the sitting room.)

Yet, despite clearly hating him in the past, Dio came to respect JoJo. He might never have been as fond of JoJo as a brother should be, but there was still some fondness (it mostly manifested in a desire to take over JoJo’s body).

Dio’s respect for JoJo might have been forced respect. Dio considered himself to be a god, so if he, a god, was defeated by JoJo, then surely JoJo is deserving of some respect. A lack of respect for JoJo would mean that Dio never really considered himself to be a god and I don’t think Dio ever wanted to be convinced of something like that. So, he respected JoJo because not doing so would remove his title as god as in his own eyes.

JoJo Dio Respect

Having said that, I’d like to think that Dio’s feelings for JoJo are just a bit more concrete than that. I can’t say they are much more concrete given that Dio is rather self-absorbed, but I think a part of him genuinely respects JoJo. I have nothing to back me up on that claim, but my heart says it is s, so it must be so.

Oh and I also enjoyed Dio’s final attempt at bargaining with JoJo. His offer to think things through together was hilarious. His desperation (and the fact that he was just a head being hugged by JoJo) made him very cute and moe.

JoJo moe Dio

[Minor Spoiler]

I know for a fact (since I have looked at spoilers and people have told me) that Dio is still alive and that he plays a big role in the upcoming arcs as well. I hope that at some point, someone insults Jonathan and Dio slaps that person and demands respect for Jonathan. I think that would be a lovely scene.

[/Minor Spoiler]

Anyway, I am really looking forward to the next arc. This anime has been a lot of fun so far and hopefully it will only get better from here on in.

Thanks for reading.


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