Weekly Shonen: Bleach 519, Naruto 612, One Piece 691

Sorry about the weird schedule, but this is final exam week so there is no schedule, only pain and suffering.




This is quite homoerotic

This is quite homoerotic

I am happy that Kubo gave a proper explanation for the whole Soul Society key thing. It is a bit convoluted (what with the whole reiatsu = key thing), but it will do. I am just glad we actually got an explanation.

These squad zero guys are living the life with their own palaces and everything. No wonder that lady got fat.

The hot springs are a tried and true method of healing in manga/anime. I did like the way the dude just grabs a patient and flings them to the other hot spring. This mohawk guy keeps cracking me up with his weird language.

It is kind of interesting but most of the effective healing methods in Bleach involve getting rid of Reiatsu somehow.

Injuries in Bleach are interesting because unlike other manga where a cut is a cut and a poisoned cut is a poisoned cut, in Bleach all cuts are poisonous. That is to say, cuts in Bleach are not only inflicted because the enemies spirit pressure was strong enough to cut yours, but until you can dispel their spirit pressure, your wound won’t heal. If your wound doesn’t heal, then you could die.

Body structure in Bleach is kind of complicated and in my opinion, not all that well explained.

Soul Reapers and Hollows are beings made of spirit particles. Each being can effectively be thought of as a system that manages some number of soul particles. (Human beings and other living beings can effectively be thought of as systems that manage matter.) When another Shinigami’s spirit particles enter the system, they disrupt it and if the system can’t stabilize by either rejecting or integrating said particles, then we have a problem.

That all works nice and dandy on a high level, but it gets a bit more confusing when you look at it on a lower level. These Shinigami/hollows bleed and have multiple tissue types. That is to say, they  have skin, blood vessels, bones (I think???), organs (I think…) and stuff.

I guess the only way you can see this working is if the spirit particles are the Bleach equivalent of atoms. That is to say they can be arranged and joined in different ways to make different stuff. But then why does an enemies reiatsu act like poison?

In real life, external pathogens can harm us for various reasons. It could be something that causes physical harm internally (a splinter in your blood can cut your arteries). It could be something like a poison that inhibits some bodily function or it could be a microbe that kills your cells. But what does an enemies reiatsu do to the folk in Bleach?

Is an enemies reiatsu toxic simply by virtue of its existence? In other words, because your enemy wanted to attack you, he made reiatsu that is harmful to you? Or, is everyone’s reiatsu so different that two reiatsu’s just don’t get along and simply hurt each other?

Do the Shinigami bodies have an autoimmune response of sorts? Can this response be self-harming at times (like an allergic reaction)?

Actually Reiatsi is just spirit pressure, so it might be better if we were talking about Reiryoku instead, but the chapter mentioned Reiatsu, so yeah.

Anyway, maybe if I re-read the manga, scoured the Bleach wiki and thought a bit more, I could come up with a better theory, but I lack the time, so I will leave you with that for now.


This chapter was sort of ok.

We saw the good guys spend some time showing of their cool techniques and next chapter we will see the bad guys powerup and totally suppress the good guys.

And so the cycle of good guy powerup -> bad guy powerup will go on for a bit before the good guys somehow miraculously win.

I want to see what Sasuke is up to.

One Piece

This chapter was not as great as the last one, but it wasn’t bad, just not as great.

It looks like Luffy will take down Caesar for once and for all next chapter.

I am guessing that Usopp is going to manipulate the gates and help everyone out…somehow.

I feel sorry for Vergo. Law really likes playing with him, eh. I am pretty sure Vergo is going to survive and appear on a future cover story arc.

Vergo’s speech about the consequences of dethroning Don Flamingo kind of scared me a bit. Remember back when Whitebeard was killed? Lesser pirates started attacking islands that were previously under Whitebeard’s protection. There is nothing to suggest that the same might not happen again. Maybe Don Flamingo, as sinister as he is, is actually the lesser of two evils. That’s a pretty scary thought.

Ignoring that warning might have been a bad idea. Well, we will see.

Ignoring that warning might have been a bad idea. Well, we will see.

Oh and it looks like their is going to be another One Piece. I really should watch the previous one someday soon. Heck, I should watch all the OP movies since I think I have only seen the Chopper one.


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